Spreading Joy

Isolation these days is a fact of life. But how are we to deal with it? In my case, I thought it would be fun to revisit an ancient tradition – May Day. On the first of May, people would anonymously leave flowers or sweets on the doorsteps of friends. For my purposes, I am leaving A Tisket A Tasket – 2 Fat Quarter Basket!

A Tisket A Tasket 2 Fat Quarter Basket

All quilters have a ton of fat quarters – and this cute basket is made from two. One for the ties and one for the body and lining. These are fast, easy projects. You can make a dozen of them in an afternoon!

I am going to make two per person – one to fill and leave for a friend or family member. And one to tuck inside for them to fill and share – my version of pay it forward. My grandchildren are great bakers so they can fill them with sweets.

Why not add a personal letter as well? With social distancing, what a great way to bring a smile to neighbors and friends!

New! Creative Grids® Marking Tools

These marking tools come in two lengths. The nine-inch version is long enough to mark the diagonal of a 6-1/2″ square. The fifteen-inch version will extend across the diagonal of a 10″ square – which makes them the perfect companions to all of the pre-cuts on the market!

Mark through the slotted center with any mechanical pencil and sew 1/4-inch on each side of the tool. Or mark the sewing line by drawing on both outside edges. Our exclusive grip holds the tool in place while marking. The perfect tool when making half-square triangles!

These are sold to shops in packages of six. Share a picture on our Creative Grids® Facebook page showing how you display them in your store.

Quarantine Quilt Along

What does a Creative Grids® designer do when her traveling lectures and classes are cancelled? Offer a virtual quilt along of course! And the response was incredible!

Image may contain: Gudrun Erla Gisladottir

That’s right! 16,000 quilters from all over the world participated. Gudrun and “Mr. Honey” even made up a playlist to listen to while sewing. She offered live feeds throughout the day teaching and encouraging the participants. Visit her website to read all about it and sign up for her newsletter so you hear about all upcoming events!

Moments like these – in uncertain times? Priceless.

Template Plastic

I am hard pressed to make something as common as template plastic exciting – but it kind of is!

Template Plastic 14in x 20in 4ct

This template Plastic comes in packages of four 14 x 20 inch sheets. It is translucent so you can trace the template right onto the sheets and cut them out with scissors or a craft knife. Or, you can skip the tracing step altogether and use a die cut machine! The matte finish prevents skid and as an added bonus? It also reduces glare from overhead lights. This product is due in next week so order it now!

Take a Stand

These new products by Kraft Klub are sure to get your creative juices flowing! For instance, who wouldn’t love one of these banners?

Triangle Garland

This triangle garland is almost 6 foot long – and magnetic – so you can change the message any time you want! I want something for each holiday – and of course, the names of everyone in my family! What a nice birthday touch!

Or, choose circles – or both!

Circle Garland

Both have a chalkboard finish so you can change your message daily!

With this company, you have all kinds of options – trays, cake plates – you name it: Kraft Klub

Scalloped Tray Square White

The quilt blocks or wool projects can be held in place with these cute little magnets:

White Enamel Magnets 12ct

Or choose these decorative stands:

Black Round Stand
Black Heart Stand
Black Star Stand

These “frames” will be available next month! Start thinking about what creative way you can use them!

Chicken Runner

Cotton Ginnys does cute so well – and this has to be the cutest!

Chickens on the Runner

If this place mat or table runner doesn’t make you smile in the morning, nothing will! We even have some chicken wire fabric from Elizabeth Studio to go with it! But checks, stripes and polka dots would be just as charming!

White Chicken Wire

What a great combination! AND, a great choice for a make it/take it class! They could easily finish it in an afternoon! The fabric is in stock now, the pattern is due later this month so order now!

Microwave Bowl Cozy

These bowls are great gifts – and now have never been easier. The Gypsy Quilter™ has chosen 100% cotton batting that is microwave safe – and even cut it to shape. The darts are even cut out!

Bowl Cozy Pre Cut Batting 8ct

Just place pre-cut batting on the wrong side of a 10.5 inch square of cotton fabric. Using 100% cotton thread, fold and stitch darts 1/4 inch away from the batting cut edge. Trim out fabric excess. Repeat with the second square of cotton and pre-cut batting. Put right sides together and stitch around the outer edge. Leave an opening for turning. Turn and stitch the opening closed. That’s all there is to it! OR sew five 2 1/2″ strips together to equal 10 1/2″ and make two bowls from a strip set!

One package is enough to make four bowls.

A Country’s Call

The folks at Country Threads have put together my favorite kind of book. They have combined wonderful reproduction style quilts with stories of unsung heroines of the Civil War.

A Countrys Call

A little eye candy….

A Countrys Call

A Countrys Call
A Countrys Call
A Countrys Call
A Countrys Call
A Countrys Call

These stunning quilts are the icing on the cake of some great stories! Reach back in time and visit 14 heroines of the Civil War. Then, create an array of beautiful quilts inspired by the stories of these courageous women. From a simple string quilt to spectacular scrap quilts bursting with hundreds of fabrics, each project captures the look of antique quilts from the era. Authentic photos and true accounts of Civil War history will draw you right in!

Cork with Sallie Tomato

I just love her stuff – and she is such a great marketer that she makes my life so easy! Her book Create with Cork is a must-have. It includes all of the tips and tricks that make sewing cork a breeze!

Create with Cork Fabric

And now she has packaged the hardware for all of the projects in the book – in five finishes: gold, antique, silver, nickel, and rose gold.

Create with Cork Fabric Kit Antique

That’s right – any of the hardware required to make all projects in the book. What a great series of classes!

The cork is pre-packaged in 15 x 18-inch pieces as well:

Prepacked Cork Blend Fabric, 18in x 15in roll, Natural Pattern
Prepacked Cork Blend Fabric, 18in x 15in roll, Natural Pattern
Prepacked Cork Blend Fabric, 18in x 15in roll, Blue/Silver Metallic
Prepacked Cork Blend Fabric, 18in x 15in roll, Green/Silver Metallic
Prepacked Cork Blend Fabric, 18in x 15in roll, Natural/Gold Metallic
Prepacked Cork Blend Fabric, 18in x 15in roll, Taupe/Silver Metallic

They can mix and match in class and have several gifts on hand! The book and cork are in stock now. The hardware is expected next week.

Aunties Two Katahdin Tote

This newest release by Aunties Two is named after the highest mountain in Main.

Katahdin Tote

The bag is 11 inches tall; 12 inches wide; and 6 inches deep – a perfect size for a travel tote! Make the bag with 28 – 2 1/2″ fabric strips and a yard of fabric for the lining and pockets.

For those – like me – who can’t make just one, the metal stays are available separately as well.

Metal Stays Size D Katahdin Tote

The wide zippers are available in nineteen colors.

24in Aqua Zipper Double Slide

Batting strips make the body of the bag.

Katahdin 100% Cotton Summer 3oz 2-1/2in x 25yds

The base and handles are created with In-R-Form.

In-R-Form Plus Double Sided Fusible Foam Stabilizer 18in x 58in

Everything will be in stock next month!