A Girl with Many Talents

Did you know that Krista Moser, the designer of the Creative Grids 60 Degree Diamond (CGR60DIA) and Mini Diamond Tools is also an expert in machine quilting. She has been machine quilting for over 20 years! So when Landauer was looking for someone to write the batting book for their popular pocket guide series, they knew who to call!

Know Your Battings: Carry-along Reference Guide for Quilters and Sewers

This pocket guide is available in July and includes everything you need to know about cotton, silk, fusibles – you name it! Since so many customers are finishing projects, now is the perfect time to offer a lecture on how to prep a quilt for machine quilting, how to choose a back and batting, and how to bind the finished project!

In her free time, Krista also designed some new patterns using her diamond rulers:

Two Scoops

Two scoops has yardage requirements for two sizes – baby and throw an is a great class since it showcases several different techniques. This quilt features the Min Diamond but can be made with the original Diamond as well. It is just easier to manipulate the mini!

Biggy The Bee Baby Quilt

Biggie the Bee uses the original diaond ruler and goes together sooooo fast! Need a baby quilt? We’ve got you covered! Both of these patterns are due to arrive next month.

Vintage Pinwheels is in stock now – and is the PERFECT beginner quilt! I did a test block and could not believe how easy it goes together. The pressing instructions are excellent! All of the seams nest and there are no Y-seams.

Vintage Windmill

I am teaching this next month! It is fast, easy and fun!

Hoop Easy Is THAT Easy

I do not have an embroidery machine YET so I have deferred to an expert for this post. Nichole Schneider is a Checker buyer and knows everything there is to know about the subject!

Hoop Easy Cotton Batting from The Gypsy Quilter® Stitcher Series

Do you ever have a need for just a little bit of batting? This easy to use roll of 100% natural cotton batting is perfect for all your quilt-as-you-go or in-the-hoop projects.  I love it for small projects or for use in limited spaces. The convenient roll is super easy to use and space-saving to store.  The 10 or 12-inch roll is a great thing to have on hand for small projects!

When combined with 100% cotton thread and fabric, batting is microwave safe for up to 6 minutes- in 2-minute intervals.

Hoop Easy Cotton Batting 10in x 10yds
Hoop Easy Cotton Batting 12in x 10yds

Pro tip: Hoop your preferred stabilizer and float batting in the hoop.  Use this batting to give a little extra loft to in the hoop projects- especially the arms and legs of stuffed animals.

Hoop Easy Embroidery Batting – Cotton Poly Batting with Scrim from The Gypsy Quilter® Stitcher Series

Finally! Batting that supports your stitches WITHOUT additional stabilizer. Hoop the embroidery batting and off you go! Supports up to 8,000 stitches per layer. 11% Scrim for added strength and stability, this batting will not shift.

Hoop Easy Embroidery Batting 10in x 10yds
Hoop Easy Embroidery Batting 12in x 10yds

I love this batting for fully enclosed in the hoop projects. The batting IS the stabilizer! Nothing to remove. Simply trim when finished. This is a GREAT stabilizer to use for stuffed animals, pouches and more.   Your project is soft after embroidery and has a really nice loft to it as well.

Pro tip: if you need more stitch count support, simply float a piece of tear away under the hooped batting.

Hoop Easy Stick & Wash Away from The Gypsy Quilter® Stitcher Series

Perfect for hard to hoop items -simply hoop with release paper side up. Once hooped, score release paper with a T-pin and gently peel the paper up. Stick your hard to hoop fabric or item to the adhesive side and embroider. When finished, un-hoop and remove the stabilizer with water. Wash Away stabilizer is great for sheer fabrics and those with an open weave, also excellent for applique. Supports 8,000 stitches per layer.

Hoop Easy Stick & Wash Away Stabilizer 10in x 10yds
Hoop Easy Stick & Wash Away Stabilizer 12in x 10yds

Pro tip: For easy removal- spray backside of the project with water from a mist bottle. Then gently peel off the stabilizer. You can also immerse in water, and the stabilizer will dissolve completely.

Hoop Easy Stick and Tear Away from The Gypsy Quilter® Stitcher Series

Perfect for hard to hoop items. Simply hoop with release paper side up. Once hooped, score release paper with a T-pin and gently peel the paper up. Stick your hard to hoop fabric or item to the adhesive side and embroider. When finished, un-hoop and tear away stabilizer from the project. Supports 8,000 stitches per layer.

Hoop Easy Stick & Tear Away Stabilizer 10in x 10yds
Hoop Easy Stick & Tear Away Stabilizer 12in x 10yds

Pro tip: After embroidering, gently tear off the stabilizer.   

Hoop Easy Sew-In Mesh from The Gypsy Quilter® Stitcher Series

Sew-in Mesh adds stability while retaining the softness of the fabric. This product works great with knits, loose weave fabric, and fleece. It supports up to 8,000 stitches per layer.

Hoop Easy Sew-In Mesh Stabilizer 12in x10yds

Hoop Easy Sew-In Mesh Stabilizer 12in x10yds

Pro tip: Leave this stabilizer in after embroidering. If you need more stabilization- float tear away stabilizer under the hoop.

Hoop Easy Tear Away from The Gypsy Quilter® Stitcher Series

This is the cleanest tear away you’ve ever used. The stabilizer is perforated for a precise tear and easy removal. This works best with woven fabrics and other fabrics that do not stretch.  Supports 8,000 stitches per layer.

Hoop Easy Tear Away Stabilizer 10in x 10yds
Hoop Easy Tear Away Stabilizer 12in x 10yds

Pro tip: If you need more stability, layer up the stabilizer.

Hoop Easy Topper from The Gypsy Quilter® Stitcher Series

Use this topper to prevent stitches from sinking into your fabric. After embroidering, tear topper away, then remove any excess with water.

Hoop Easy Topper 10in x 10yds
Hoop Easy Topper 12in x 10yds

Pro tip:  use topper when embroidering toweling or “furry” fabrics- and the stitching will sit nicely on top!

Microwave Bowl Cozy

These bowls are great gifts – and now have never been easier. The Gypsy Quilter™ has chosen 100% cotton batting that is microwave safe – and even cut it to shape. The darts are even cut out!

Bowl Cozy Pre Cut Batting 8ct

Just place pre-cut batting on the wrong side of a 10.5 inch square of cotton fabric. Using 100% cotton thread, fold and stitch darts 1/4 inch away from the batting cut edge. Trim out fabric excess. Repeat with the second square of cotton and pre-cut batting. Put right sides together and stitch around the outer edge. Leave an opening for turning. Turn and stitch the opening closed. That’s all there is to it! OR sew five 2 1/2″ strips together to equal 10 1/2″ and make two bowls from a strip set!

One package is enough to make four bowls.

Aunties Two Katahdin Tote

This newest release by Aunties Two is named after the highest mountain in Main.

Katahdin Tote

The bag is 11 inches tall; 12 inches wide; and 6 inches deep – a perfect size for a travel tote! Make the bag with 28 – 2 1/2″ fabric strips and a yard of fabric for the lining and pockets.

For those – like me – who can’t make just one, the metal stays are available separately as well.

Metal Stays Size D Katahdin Tote

The wide zippers are available in nineteen colors.

24in Aqua Zipper Double Slide

Batting strips make the body of the bag.

Katahdin 100% Cotton Summer 3oz 2-1/2in x 25yds

The base and handles are created with In-R-Form.

In-R-Form Plus Double Sided Fusible Foam Stabilizer 18in x 58in

Everything will be in stock next month!

Guide to Interfacings

Kristine Poor has written the absolute BEST pocket Guide to Interfacings! This is a must have for every shop; sales rep; and sewing enthusiast! And, should be a must read for every shop employee…

Let’s face it – the world of interfacings has gotten a lot more complicated over the years. And, to add to the confusion, each manufacturer calls similar products by different names!

In the beginning she explains the difference between wovens; non-wovens; and knits – and the advantages of each.Should you use a fusible or sew-in variety? Kristine will help you choose!

This 64 page pocket guide retails for just $8.50 and lists the type of interfacings, common uses, and the popular name brands of each. Over twenty categories are represented in an easy to follow format.

I love these pocket guides by Landauer – and this is an excellent addition!

Get Organized with Poorhouse Designs

Kristine Poor is one of my favorite designers. She knows how to use all of those specialty interfacings, etc. that tend to intimidate me. But her instructions are so well done that she eliminates the intimidation factor so truly anyone can do it!

Her Scalloped Baskets pattern is made with pre-cut Bosal. The pattern includes instructions to make three different scalloped bins using Bosal’s pre-cut Scalloped Placemats or Scalloped Squares. They are reversible, can be pieced or made from a solid piece of fabric, and can even be quilted!

What a great shower gift – filled with everything the new mother will need, of course! They are due to arrive this month so don’t forget to order the foundations as well.

Mary Poppins Playmates

The new Little Poppins bag is due to arrive next month. It is doubly cute because you can make it in two sizes: 13 x 9 x 6 or 13 x 12 x 6. Who doesn’t love the proportions and style with a classic touch? The pattern includes high quality stays. (Additional stays can be purchased separately).

Achieve professional quality by using a great stabilizer for the sides and bottom.

Now, don’t you want a set of all three???

Poppins Bag could hold Mary!

I have seen the actual bag – and couldn’t believe how big it is. It literally will hold a queen size quilt AFTER quilting! It is a great weekender bag, a retreat bag, a beach bag (with enough room for towels, sunscreen, and books for the entire family) or anything you want!

The pattern comes with structural stays so the top pops open – and stays open until you want to close it!

The sides of the bag are stabilized with In-R-Form so it will maintain its shape. It uses a 30″ zipper By Annie which comes in a multitude of colors and has two zipper pulls.

Carol uses a placemat to stabilize the base – which is 12″ x 18″.




Start with quilted fabric or quilt your own – which is another great class. This was quilted in straight lines – a great use for the Creative Grids Slim quilting tool designed by Angela Walters.

I talked to several people who have made the bag and many said that it went together so easy that they were making more! Now that is a testament to a great bag!

Scallops aren’t just for the Beach

I am in Portland and the excitement started right when I landed. I ran into Christine Poor of Poorhouse Designs at the airport. If her luggage arrived safely, I will actually get to see the originals tomorrow.









She uses a no binding technique that sounds appealing. I can’t wait to stop by her booth and see how it is done. The purse and clutch are made with one package of Bosal pre-cuts. Buy two because you are going to want to make the placemats as well!









They come in In-R-Form or Craft-Tex. Choose your favorite product or make samples in both so customers can feel the difference!

We have a new baby at our house so I want to make a set as changing pads! Wouldn’t that be adorable??

Everything should be in stock by the end of the month so order them now!

Shop Hops and Shows – Part Two

We can’t keep these Hello Pouches in stock! A bargain since the pattern has instructions for four sizes.







Once again, a sample is worth a thousand words – or in this case – patterns! But don’t make your customers search for what they need! Have the Soft and Stable; vinyl and zippers as a part of the display. Include fun fabrics.

















One half yard pack of Soft and Stable is enough to make an entire set of four pouches – and it comes prepackaged!

The vinyl comes in a roll – and should be arriving soon. Cut that into 1/3 yard cuts – after all, who wants to stand in line for something so basic?

Two of By Annie’s 30″ zippers will make a complete set so include them in the display as well.

These are also a basis for a great class. Remove the intimidation factors. Teach a machine quilting class that will be used for the bases. (This is a great way to showcase the Creative Grids Angela Walters templates). Then show how easy it is to insert zippers and sew through vinyl.

To see our Shop Hop Guide Event Ideas and Inspiration booklet, click here