Spreading Joy

Isolation these days is a fact of life. But how are we to deal with it? In my case, I thought it would be fun to revisit an ancient tradition – May Day. On the first of May, people would anonymously leave flowers or sweets on the doorsteps of friends. For my purposes, I am leaving A Tisket A Tasket – 2 Fat Quarter Basket!

A Tisket A Tasket 2 Fat Quarter Basket

All quilters have a ton of fat quarters – and this cute basket is made from two. One for the ties and one for the body and lining. These are fast, easy projects. You can make a dozen of them in an afternoon!

I am going to make two per person – one to fill and leave for a friend or family member. And one to tuck inside for them to fill and share – my version of pay it forward. My grandchildren are great bakers so they can fill them with sweets.

Why not add a personal letter as well? With social distancing, what a great way to bring a smile to neighbors and friends!

4 thoughts on “Spreading Joy

  1. What an amazing idea. I will do this for all my friends but they live in TX and I am in NV so I will be shipping them. I think I will make some for the checkers and stockers at grocery stores. I also paint rocks so I think one will find it’s way into each one.

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