New from Cut Loose Press™

This quilt is a perfect introduction to a quilt-as-you-go quilt! Make two different sizes of log cabin blocks using the Creative Grids® Log Cabin Trim Tool Two by Jean Ann Wright. Quilt the individual blocks after they are constructed. Quilting small units at a time makes this the perfect introduction to machine quilting.

Wendy even walks you through the steps required to add sashings. It is oh sew easy to adjust the sizes to fit your needs.

This quick and easy project is sure to become a favorite. Make a dozen in an afternoon and have them on hand for last minute gifts or gift card holders.

One 22-inch zipper will make 2 bags since the zipper is separated. Decorative zipper pulls can be purchased separately. The Gypsy Quilter® Zipper Jig makes adding the pull oh sew easy!

What a great Make It/Take It class this summer. What child wouldn’t want this hanging from their book bag and filled with necessities?

Everything is in stock so place your orders now.

The Angler – a Twist with Style

Introducing the perfect class project!

The Angler just might be the “catchiest” bag yet! A flat layout makes for a nifty, unique design that can be sewn up quickly using fabric, vinyl mesh, clear vinyl, printed vinyl, jelly vinyl, cork, faux leather – the possibilities are endless! This bag can be stitched with as little as four seams when using cork or faux leather. Add a binding to vinyl mesh screen for a pop of color!

Tote cosmetics, pencils and markers, phone accessories, etc. with a flair of style. Fits nicely into a large purse or tote and is great for travel. Three sizes are included in the pattern. When taught in a three hour class every student finished at least two bags and some up to six bags. The sizes range from 4 x 7″ to 6 x 9″.

This is a great class to familiarize your students with cork, jelly vinyl, or jelly mesh. You can use zippers by the yard and show them how to use the Gypsy Quilter Zipper Jig to add zipper pulls.

Change or add a zipper pull with ease. Place the zipper pull in the appropriate channel with the zipper pull facing the back side of the jig. Place the ends of the zipper tape into the pull with the teeth also facing the back of the jig. Give a little tug on both tapes at once and your zipper pull is installed. It’s that easy.

The pattern is due to arrive next week so place your orders now. Don’t forget to order cork, vinyl, zipper pulls, zippers and the jig as well. What a great demo opportunity!

New Handy Tools for Quilters & Sewists from The Gypsy Quilter®

The Position & Press Silicone Tools from The Gypsy Quilter® is a must-have addition to your sewing box. Protect your fingers while pressing small areas with your choice of a tip from this four-piece set. Quilters and seamstresses alike can get up close to their seams, pleats, collars, and more without burning their fingers with the help of these silicone tools. Use for applique, piecing, binding, and general ironing. These are in stock now.

Get into every nook and cranny of your sewing machine with these handy, reusable cleaning tools from The Gypsy Quilter®. Silicone bristles are soft yet effective in cleaning your sewing machine, as well as your home appliances and electronics. The variety of tips in the package gives you several options for reaching all of those tiny, hard-to-reach areas. To clean the brushes, simply wash them in mild soapy water and air dry them to remove the dust and lint from your cleaning tools. These are due to arrive in September and would be great stocking stuffers!

These products would be great additions to a shop hop display or a show. The holidays are right around the corner and they would be great stocking stuffers.

Be My Valentine

Crazy Hearts, one of the series by Karla Alexander’s Crazy series for Cut Loose Press. For those of you who have loved Crazy Christmas Trees, this is your next project!

Yes, this is the perfect Valentine decoration but why not make it in the wedding colors for a bridal shower? The wedding party can sign the hearts and the guests can sign around them. What a great memory of the day!

Crazy Hearts

Whichever color pallet you choose, it is simply charming!

Crazy Hearts

All of the Crazy series use the Spider Web Ruler by Creative Grids®, designed by Karla herself!

Creative Grids Spider Web Quilt Ruler

Maria used Scrap Tape from The Gypsy Quilter® to add a scrappy border.

No photo description available.

Scrap Tape is a wash away foundation that stabilizes the grain line of your fabric until it is sewn into your finished project. Make unique 5- inch strips using fabric scraps, using a stitch and flip method, then trim to size. Since Scrap Tape washes away with water, do not use steam or a starch/starch alternative while constructing your strips. Wash the stabilizer away AFTER the project is complete. One package includes 25 yards of 5in wide Scrap Tape.

Gypsy Quilter Scrap Tape 5in x 25yds

Everything is in stock so place your orders now!

Cut Crackle and Sew

Cut Crackle and Sew Sensory Material from The Gypsy Quilter #TGQ137 can be used in making soft children’s books, rattles, stuffed toys, pet toys, sensory toys, art projects, doll making, crafts, pet beds, play mats, and more. The distinctive crackle sound this material produces will keep your little ones or pets entertained for hours. This is a great choice for fabric baby books to add sound to sensory play.

This product is pre-packaged in 36 x 51 inch units.

Stocking Stuffers

It is getting to be that time of year when quilters will be asking for just a little something for their friends. Why not set up a display of useful items that may be just the ticket?

This wool mat cleaning tool is due to arrive later this month. If you are like me and have the wool pressing mats and can’t believe you ever survived without them, this would be a great gift.

Wool Mat Cleaning Tool

This mat cleaner removes all of those fibers that bury themselves in the cuts on your mat.

The Gypsy Quilter Mat Cleaning Pad Heart Shaped 3-1/4in x 1in

The GEasy stickers are made to stick on Wonder Clips so you can organize your next project. The pack includes numbers, letters, 1/4″ markings, and even blanks so you can keep track of the pieces you are cutting for a project.

GEasy Organizing Stickers

These flexible little tools will clean all of the lint out of your sewing machine and make it run like a charm!

Sewing Machine Cleaning Brushes 25ct

Clean the base of your iron with these handy cleaning cloths.

Iron Cleaner Cloths

These short handled screwdrivers work great with your machines.

The Gypsy Quilter Sewing Machine Screwdriver Set

If you are like me, and want a maintenance kit on hand with everything, why not display these items with a lunchbox? This is a darling one from Lori Holt and should hold everything!

Lori Holt Cookbook Vintage Metal Lunch Box

Or teach or demo a simple bag that they could make as part of the gift!

Carolina Moore Shines

This quilt is perfectly sized to hang on your door instead of a wreath for those summer holidays. It is easy enough to complete in a day since the stars are made with the Creative Grids® Strippy Stars Tool . Make quick and simple stars without needing to square up endless half-square triangles! With the simple design of this quilt, pick fun fabrics to add extra interest.

Patriot Quilt
Creative Grids Strippy Stars Tool 5in x 7-1/2in Quilt Ruler

Use the Creative Grids® 4in Curvy Log Cabin Ruler to make the curved portions of this scrappy pumpkin table runner! A fun project that can be made in a day, this pumpkin table runner is perfect for fall. Use scrappy harvest-colored fabrics combined with a simple background fabric for a table runner that makes a statement!

Scrappy Pumpkin Table Runner
Creative Grids 4in Curvy Log Cabin Trim Tool

This English Paper Pieced Tree Skirt is beautifully hand-pieced using the traditional EPP method. Instructions for glue basting, sewing, and adding a facing are included in the pattern.
An EPP-facing method is used to finish the edges of the tree skirt, keeping the scallop-like edge without needing to bind non-right angles. Instructions are also provided for trimming the edges so that the tree skirt can be bound traditionally.

Next Year's Tree Skirt

Make a dent in your scraps with a quilt that celebrates your love of fabric scraps! Just a yard and a quarter of background fabric, and a single roll of 2 1/2″ wide Scrap Tape turn a pile of scraps into your new favorite quilt. Sewing scraps onto Scrap Tape is a meditative experience—you’ll love digging to the bottom of your scrap bin and remembering projects from the past as you give these scraps a second life in a quilt! You can curate your scraps in a certain color or set of colors, or go wild with all your favorite scraps!

Scrappy Heart
The Scrappiest Quilt

For those of you who are not familiar with Scrap Tape: The best thing about scrap tape is that it stabilizes the grain line-making all your scraps usable and your strips nice and straight. Make unique 2-1/2″ strips using fabric scraps. Construct with a stitch and flip method, then trim to size. Scrap Tape washes away with water when your project is complete.

Gypsy Quilter Scrap Tape 2-1/2in x 25yds

These patterns are due to arrive next month so place your orders now.

Just Slap & Wrap

I know these have a lot of uses in my sewing room, but right now I wish I would have bought another set for holiday wrapping paper!

The Gypsy Quilter Slap & Wrap Peels 12ct

Wrap your large spools and cones of thread to avoid tangles and thread trails. Keep your stabilizer neat and tidy! Roll up your cork in style!

Also includes 1 black heat erasable pen- label the Slap and Wrap Peel as desired and wipe away when finished. This is very handy to label your stabilizer, thread color, or to make project notes!

Also, wear it as a bracelet and keep measurements readily available.

The Gypsy Quilter Slap & Wrap Peels 12ct

The come in a tube of 12 peels with multiple colors: purple, pink, and blue as well as a black heat erasable marker for labeling.

The Gypsy Quilter Slap & Wrap Peels 12ct

These are in stock now, so place your orders!

Quilt Block Markers

These new Gypsy Quilter® quilt block markets designed by Purple Hobbies include an entire set of letters and numbers from 0 through 9 in every package. To watch a video demonstration, click here.

Quilt Block Markers Misty Lilac

These Pinnable Quilt Block Markers allow you to keep your quilt pieces and blocks organized. Use your own pins with a Block Marker to pin a letter or number to your pieces. Use them to keep track of your blocks for your Block of the Month projects. Each letter and number was custom designed to make them easy to read at a glance.

Quilt Block Markers Misty Lilac
Quilt Block Markers Misty Lilac

They are also available in white.

Quilt Block Markers White

These items are in stock now and would make great stocking stuffers.

60mm BladeSavers

The Gypsy Quilter team has joined forces with Purple Hobbies. Don’t discard old 60mm rotary blades, use them in the patented 60mm BladeSaver Thread Cutter! Give your 60mm rotary blades extended life by using them in the BladeSaver Thread Cutter and make cutting your chain pieced fabric projects fast and easy.

BladeSaver Thread Cutter 60mm Bohemian Blue

Each BladeSaver comes with a magnetic case to keep your thread cutter safe when not in use or when taking it to classes.

BladeSaver Thread Cutter 60mm Bohemian Blue
BladeSaver Thread Cutter 60mm Bohemian Blue

They are also available in Fortune Fuchsia:

BladeSaver Thread Cutter 60mm Fortune Fuchsia

And Purple:

BladeSaver Thread Cutter 60mm Gypsy Purple

These are in stock and ready to purchase for your next demo day! What a great stocking stuffer!