New Ornaments from Lake and Laser for Quilters

These dazzling ornaments ares the perfect way to celebrate the holidays. With a radiant, glossy finish and durable construction, the ornaments not only look stunning but promise longevity.

These ornaments are made of dyed aluminum (guaranteed UV protection and resistance to scratches) imprinted with the same design on both sides and include a matching ribbon attached to card stock. Each ornament measures 3 1/2″ in diameter.

These ornaments are expected later this month so place your orders now.

New Kitchen Towels by Edyta Sitar

Check out the latest additions to the Laundry Basket Quilts kitchen towels.

With a beautiful quilt design, these towels are not only durable but also the perfect way to add a pop of color to your home! Wipe your kitchen counters, dishes, glasses, and cutlery for a streak-free clean with your new waffle weave drying towel. This towel does more than just dry; it’s also great for scrubbing away pesky food debris or dust and dirt on windows. When it gets fully saturated, simply wring it out and watch how fast it dries! These Microfiber Waffle Weave Towels are a generous 16″ x 24″. These are due to arrive later this month so place your orders now.

Color at Your Fingertips

Choose color confidently with this expansive set of 200 coordinated color cards! The deck contains rich colors, with black-to-white values on one side and practical color information on the other.

Based on the best-selling Ultimate 3-in-1 Color Tool from C&T Publishing by Joen Wolfrom, these cards Include RGB / CMYK / HEX codes and a handy color guide with basic color theory and tips for using your Essential Color Card Dec. This is like having your very own paint chip wall!
Add this fantastic new tool to your color toolbox – a great gift for designers, artists, crafters, quilters, teachers, and everyone who loves color! The box includes 200- 3″ x 4 1/2″ cards.

Since a picture is worth a thousand words, here is what you will find:

These boxes are due to arrive in August so place your orders now.

Piece Together Your Own Patchwork Masterpiece with SunsOut’s Quilt-Themed Puzzles

If you’re a fan of quilting or just love a good puzzle, SunsOut’s quilt-themed puzzles are sure to delight you. These puzzles feature licensed art and are made with the highest quality puzzle board and soy-based inks, ensuring that they are both visually stunning and environmentally friendly.

The SunsOut quilt-themed puzzle collection includes a variety of designs, each with its own unique charm. For those who love quaint country scenes, the “Afternoon Chores” puzzle (#42352) is a must-try. This 1000-piece puzzle depicts a group of women working together to quilt a colorful patchwork quilt in a picturesque outdoor setting.

For those who love the charm of small-town shops, the “Lamp Shop” puzzle (#44366) is a great option. This 1000-piece puzzle features a quaint storefront selling lamps and other household goods, with a beautiful quilt hanging in the window as a colorful accent.

If you’re looking for something a bit more grandiose, the “Exhibition Hall” puzzle (#65229) features a stunning display of intricate quilts in a spacious exhibition hall. With its vibrant colors and attention to detail, this puzzle is sure to impress.

For those who love the process of selecting fabric for a new project, the “Buying Cloth” puzzle (#71434) is a great choice. This 1000-piece puzzle depicts a group of women selecting fabrics in a bustling fabric store, with bolts of colorful fabric lining the shelves.

If you prefer puzzles with larger pieces, SunsOut also offers the “Dockside Quilts” puzzle (#19271), which features 500 large pieces for easy handling. This puzzle depicts a serene waterfront scene with a group of women quilting together on a dock.

Finally, for cat lovers, the “Kitty Reflections” puzzle (#35256) is a charming option. This 500-piece puzzle features a group of cats playing in a sun-dappled room, with a colorful patchwork quilt providing the backdrop.

The “Wash Day Quilts” puzzle (#35263) is a 500-piece puzzle that depicts a group of women gathering around a wash line on a sunny day. Hanging on the line are several colorful quilts, providing a lovely contrast to the blue sky and green grass in the background. The image captures a sense of community and camaraderie that is often associated with quilting, as the women work together to hang and fold their laundry while enjoying each other’s company.

For those who prefer puzzles with fewer pieces, the “Welcome to the Quilt Barn” puzzle (#60330) is a 300-piece puzzle that offers a cozy and welcoming scene. The puzzle depicts a red barn with a large quilt block painted on the side, inviting visitors to come in and explore. A friendly dog greets visitors at the door, while colorful flowers and quilts hang on the fence and the barn itself. This puzzle is perfect for those who want a quick and satisfying puzzle experience without sacrificing on the beauty and charm of quilt-themed designs.

No matter which puzzle you choose, SunsOut’s quilt-themed collection is sure to delight and challenge puzzle enthusiasts of all ages. So grab a cup of tea, settle in, and start piecing together your own colorful patchwork masterpiece. These are due to arrive this month so place your orders now!

Gifts with Style

These laser engraved blocks are quality! From Built Quilt.

Broken Star Log Cabin Tealight Holder 3pc

They are packaged three to a tube, each one featuring a Broken Star Log Cabin motif on all four sides. The design is laser engraved on birch wood blocks and includes non-toxic, 100% soy wax with metal-free, cotton wicks. Each holder is 2 1/2″ square.

Broken Star Log Cabin Tealight Holder 3pc

They are also available in a lattice design.

Lattice Square Tealight Holder 3pc

What a great addition to any vignette and a gift all quilters would love!

Gee’s Bend Puzzles

If you are a Gee’s Bend fan, you will love these new 750-piece puzzles. The first puzzle portrays an intricate, geometric-patterned quilt in mesmerizing shades of teal, lavender, pink, and royal blue stitched by Essie Bendolph Pettway, a member of the historic Gee’s Bend quilting community. Published by Paulson Fontaine Press in Berkeley, California, this 750-piece, four-color puzzle measures 20 x 26 inches.

Gees Bend Equal Justice

This magnificent 1,000 piece puzzle features a colorful, intricately patterned quilt by renowned quilter, artist, and matriarch of the historic Gee’s Bend quilting community Mary Lee Bendolph.

Gees Bend Get Ready

These puzzles will be available next month so place your orders now.

Beautiful Gifts

Featuring the Sentry’s Pastime quilt pattern, these square shaped coasters by Built Quilt are engraved on bamboo wood. These coasters come in sets of 4 and are equipped with felt pads as backing so that they don’t scratch up your new coffee table. Square coasters measure 3.75″ on each side. This would make a great housewarming gift for your pattern-loving or quilter friend.

Sentry's Pastime Square Coaster 4pc Set

There are so many variations that you could buy a different one for everyone on your gift list!

Windblown Star Square Coaster 4pc Set
Ruby Roads Square Coaster 4pc Set
Quilt Christmas Trees Square Coaster 4pc Set
Quilt Hearts Square Coaster 4pc Set
Idle Moments Square Coaster 4pc Set

There are also several round versions.

Visit our website to see all of the possibilities:

Built Quilt

All of these gifts are due to arrive in September, just in time for the holiday season!

Ricky Tims etc.

Ricky Tims is a true renaissance man. Most of you know him because of his vibrant hand dyed colors and quilts with a modern flair. But did you know he also co-wrote a children’s chapter book?

Lizzy Albright and the Attic Window
Lizzy Albright and the Attic Window

The story showcases Granny’s sampler quilt which is a companion book that includes all of the instructions to make it.

Granny's 1930's Sampler

What a great set that could inspire the next generation to quilt.

Ricky is also a gifted pianist and composer. Two of his recordings are now available through Checker.

Alone With My Thoughts Music CD
Christmas In A Small Town Music CD

Why not play this music in your shop? All of these items are available now so place your orders!

The Perfect Ironing Surface Combo

The Sullivan BetterBoard is the perfect choice for an ironing station or a portable workstation. An added bonus? It folds in half – with attached handles – so it is easy to store and travel. You can even take it to retreats!

Better Board

In their words:

Turn your standard ironing board into a spacious pressing surface with the BetterBoard. This overlay offers plenty of space for your biggest projects. Simply place over your existing ironing board to create a 59″ x 22″ work surface with rounded corners. The BetterBoard comes completely assembled with a smooth laminated surface and a fitted ironing cover with protective pad. It features bottom railings that are 14.875″ wide and will fit over most standard ironing boards. It is great for pressing lengths of fabric and quilt tops easily and quickly. Sit or stand while working on projects such as ironing, quilting, crafting, painting, cutting, and more. The ironing board can be lowered or raised to your desired height making the BetterBoard an ideal solution for any type of project.

Better Board
Better Board

Better Board

The Gypsy Quilter wool mat is the exact same size – which make them the perfect combo!

Wool Pressing Mat 21-5/8in Wide x 58-5/8in Long x 3/8in Thick

Wouldn’t this be a great 12 days of Christmas pick?

The Perfect Portable Design Wall

Jen Kingwell has created the perfect ‘Port-a-Piece’ and a perfect solution to a design wall on the go. The package includes six design pages large enough to fit a 14″ block. The brushed felt design surface has a superior stick with a non-stick underside to keep your designs in place. Check it out:

Jen's Block Wrap
Jen's Block Wrap
Jen's Block Wrap
Jen's Block Wrap

What a great idea – and great gift! These are due to arrive the middle of October so place your orders now!