Register Notions

The Gypsy Quilter is releasing several new notions next month – all would be a great register display. They are reasonably priced and functional – a great combination!

These Heat-Resistant Thimbles protect fingers when pressing. The nubbed surface also works perfectly when pressing seams open. Each container holds 16 of three different sizes. The large one fits my thumb (which I use to fingerpress seams open).

The Gypsy Quilter Heat Resistant Thimbles

These Silicone Iron Rests come in three different colors: red; green; and purple. Raising and lowering an iron as often as we do when quilting can cause carpal tunnel.
Do your wrists a favor and rest your hot iron on this silicon rest.

The Gypsy Quilter Silicone Iron Rest Green

No-Slip Grip Dots can be applied to the wrong side of templates and rulers to stop slipping.

The Gypsy Quilter No Slip Grip Dots

These are the type of notions people don’t know they need until they see them – and then can’t live without!


Some New Notions

New notions are being added to the system every day – and these are a few of my must haves! Karen Kay Buckley now has perfect 7-1/2 inch scissors. These are the newest size of her straight blade scissors. They come to a sharp point, have her signature comfortable handles – great for left handed quilters as well – and come with a protective blade cover. You know everyone will want them so order them now. They are due to arrive the first of June.

I love Roxanne’s Glue and the Dab It applicators. Now they come in a larger size – almost three times as much glue as the original! These are due to arrive next week – just in time for your after Market preview.

These Magic Pins have become my favorite pins. I originally bought them for my granddaughter because they are easier to hold – and easier to see to remove from sewing projects. But, I found that for those exact same reasons, they became my favorite as well! The heat resistant grips are ridged so they really are easier to grip. Now there are three more options – all come in 50 and 100 packs. They are due to arrive the first week in June.

Silk Pins – 1-7/16 inches.

Extra Long Pins – 2-1/4 Inches

Applique Pins – 1 inch

Another Use for the Clapper

I am traveling and teaching this month which is always a source of inspiration. I had to rotary cut 2,500 block kits for classes so I was cutting eight layers of fabric at a time.

Even though I started with a new blade, the 2 1/2″ strips were slipping when I was sub-cutting them. Enter the clapper for Wooly Felted Wonders!

I placed the clapper on the strips and moved it along as I sub-cut the pieces. The weight of the clapper stopped the fabrics from shifting! It worked great – and is another use for an amazing tool. I already use it to press my seams open and to set seams as I press. This is just a bonus.

It is G-Easy!

I love, love, love, this new product because it has a wealth of uses!  These stickers by Gudrun Erla of GE Designs are reusable, repositionable, and stick to rulers, mats, fabric, and sewing machines!









Each package contains one sheet of each color – turquoise, pink and lime green.  There are 64 arrow stickers per sheet – for a total of 192 stickers for just $7.95!


They are easily removable and don’t leave any residue. Mark the cutting lines on your mat for fast, accurate and consistent cutting.  And, if need be, write on them with a permanent marker or wet erase pens.


And, since this lovely lady also developed the Stripology and Stripology Squared rulers with Creative Grids®, they are the perfect companion for that tool as well.



These are the perfect register sale!  Who can resist?


Easter Should be on your radar

These wooden eggs in three sizes – and two colorways by The Bee Company will be arriving next month.

3em 3eo






These eggs can be purchased individually or come with a pattern for a cross stitch banner.

f3em f3eo










But my first thought?  Wouldn’t these be an adorable way to personalize Easter baskets?  Machine embroidery instead of cross stitch would be darling – and give you the opportunity to showcase features of your sewing machines!  Carry Silhouette machines?  Design your own with that machine as well!  Think outside the box and your customers will make ALL variations!  What darling decorations for an Easter tree!

Team Sport Zippers – Up your Game

These new 26-inch separating polyester zippers are the newest release from Coats & Clark.  We are in the middle of football season so the fanatics in your corner of the world will be thrilled to up their game with these latest additions.


F66026-0947 F66026-0960F66026-0972F66026-0980F66026-0964F66026-0968F66026-0988Frankly, if I showed quilters in my area scarlet and grey zippers?  They would buy them and figure out a project later!  If I made a purse with them?  Guaranteed sale!  The perfect companion for the bags? Shannon Cuddle Suede!  Visit our website to see the complete collection: Team Spirit Zippers

Mesh is Best!

When the top SEVEN products in any category are all the same thing, you know it is a hit!  The new polyester mesh that I wrote about a few weeks ago blew everyone away!  It is available by the yard, but these are the top seven prepackaged colors.

These are not just the top seven sellers of mesh fabrics – they are the top seven sellers in the entire craft category!!!  These packages contain 18″ x 54″ cuts for just $5.99.  To see all of the products by Patterns by Annie, visit our website.

Critters are all the rage

Yes, critters are the rage in nurseries these days – and these critters by Cheri Leffler are irresistible.  Animal Parade 2 is her latest book that combines simple pieced quilts with appliques with personality!


Item #B1328T Retail $26.99

In this case, a picture is definitely worth a thousand words so I will stop typing now!

01-80 B1328_Finals.indd

01-80 B1328_Finals.indd

01-80 B1328_Finals.indd

01-80 B1328_Finals.indd

01-80 B1328_Finals.indd

01-80 B1328_Finals.indd

01-80 B1328_Finals.indd

01-80 B1328_Finals.indd

01-80 B1328_Finals.indd

01-80 B1328_Finals.indd

All of these quilts make great wall hangings as well so you don’t need to stop at just one!  Why not add the appliques to a diaper bag, bibs, burp towels, etc.

This book is a follow up to her first book – Animal Parade.  Your customers are sure to want this one as well.  Both books should be a part of every quilter’s library.  Let the new Mom pick her favorite!


Item #B1192T  Retail $26.99

Once again, check these out….







All of these quilts are adorable without the appliques as well so you may want to take a picture to hang next to your sample so everyone can see it both ways.  Your customers may decide to machine embroider designs on these patterns instead!

Introduction to Sewing – The Perfect Gift!

When that customer walks through the door who wants to sew, there is a difference!  And, there is a book perfect for them as well.

School of Sewing starts from the very beginning right down to introducing the reader to a sewing machine.  This book walks the beginner through 12 projects that utilize different facets of the machine.


Item #655024  Retail $24.95

Tools are introduced as well.  Why not display the book with your favorite notions.  These are top sellers:

Seam Ripper


Item #482CV-WHT  Retail $4.50

Fine Pins


Item #2507CV  Retail $8.50

Chalk Liner


Item #4712CV  Retail $9.50



Item #KKBPSM  Retail $27.50

Pin Cushion


Item #ZMOR  Retail $19.95

You get the idea.  Use these ideas as a stepping stone to pulling together your own favorites.  Be a scout – and be prepared!  Have a nice display ready!  Focus on those customers and new customers who aren’t interested in quilting!  Why not host a bag of the month class?  Quilters love instant gratification as well!  And, we all love to pretend we are organized so these classes will appeal to everyone!

Color Me Quilted

The coloring craze is in full swing and these newest releases from Landauer are the first to focus on quilting patterns.  In fact, Quilt Blocks & Designs showcases blocks from one of my books.  My children and grandchildren are now impressed!  Who would have thought that a coloring book would finally get their attention???


Item #L113428  Retail $9.95

They not only all wanted a copy, they wanted them for their friends as well.  That means that this coloring craze is a perfect way to introduce a new generation to the art of quilting.  Think about it.  They are using these books as a way to create and play with color – a natural progression to playing with fabric!


Item #L113435  Retail $9.95

Why not introduce your customers to the relaxation and joy of playing again.  And, in this case, it is a perfect opportunity to give a class on color.  They can color each block in a different colorway.  You will instantly be able to point out their color preferences and translate them into bolts of fabric.

Be sure to have the tools they need on hand as well….

This Gel Pen set includes 48 pens including metallics:


Item #12-27457097J  Retail $24.63

These colored pencils turn into a watercolor effect if brushed with a wet brush.  They come in 12 and 24 color sizes.


Item #700GP-24A  Retail $24.39

Item #700GP-12A  Retail $12.29

These pastels by General include 12 soft, beautiful colors….


Item #4400GP12A  Retail $18.71

These PaperMate flairs include a rainbow of 14 colors?


Item #1919653  Retail $17.63

These 24 colored pencils come in an easel type box which makes a great presentation…


Item #CB699-4  Retail $13.99

Wouldn’t the ultimate colored pencil set be the ultimate Christmas gift?


Item #3598T  Retail $86.55

These are the perfect Christmas gifts.  If you ARE hosting a color class, offer gift certificates to the class on display as well.  What a great addition to the gift!