Half Square Triangles made easy

I love Triangles on a Roll – and now they have a new home! Its Sew Emma is now producing them in ten different sizes from 1 to 6 inches.

And in typical Its Sew Emma style, they support them with a wonderful book featuring sixteen different projects. Eight different sizes of half-square triangles are showcased.

Triangles On A Roll Quilts Book

These Triangles on a Roll come in seventeen different sizes from one to seven inches and multiple half and quarter-inch sizes in between. Check out our website to view all of the possibilities: Triangles on a Roll

Quilt Cadets

This is such a brilliant idea that I wish I would have thought of it! For those retired Girl Scouts among us, this will make you smile!

Quilt Cadets First Project Badge

Why not start your own Quilt Cadet program? There are twelve badges – each supporting a different skill. There are even age-appropriate patterns! Some are beginner level but as their skills grow, the projects include more techniques.

Kid Cave Pillows
Braveheart Backpack

Why not start a group in your shop next year???

TAP is Back

TAP is simply amazing! This is not our Grandma’s transfer paper – unless you want it to be!

Lesley Riley's TAP Transfer Artist Paper 5pk

It is available in five and eighteen sheet packs. This is totally new to me so here it is in their words: Iron-On image Transfer sheets are 8-1/2 x 11 inches. Inkjet print, paint, stamp, or draw images onto TAP. Iron the image onto virtually any surface. The transferred images are crisp and colorfast AND are washable and crack-resistant on fabric.

Lesley Riley's TAP Transfer Artist Paper 18pk

That means you can transfer a design onto fabric, wood, leather, paper – you name it! Just look at a few possibilities!

Lesley Riley's TAP Transfer Artist Paper 5pk
Lesley Riley's TAP Transfer Artist Paper 5pk
Lesley Riley's TAP Transfer Artist Paper 5pk

Just think about the possibilities! What a FUN demo for your Christmas Open House.

Annie is Organized!

Protect your cherished sewing machine with its own quilt! Each cover features slip pockets on front and back, a zippered pocket on the left side, and a mesh slip pocket on the right side. For easy access to the sewing machine handle, there is an opening at the top. Flaps with magnetic snaps cover the opening.

Under Cover

The pattern includes complete step-by-step instructions for covers in three sizes to fit many popular machines:

SMALL: Fits machines measuring 12½”H x 15½”W x 6½”D (such as most current BERNINA 3 Series machines)
MEDIUM: Fits machines measuring 13”H x 17¾”W x 8”D (such as most current BERNINA 5 Series machines)
LARGE: Fits machines measuring 14½”H x 20½”W x 8”D (such as most current BERNINA 7 Series machines)

The pattern and Add-on Video include instructions for measuring your machine and making adjustments as needed to fit your particular machine.

Add-on Video notice: There is an Add-on Video available for this pattern. The Add-on Video is specially designed to support specific parts of the pattern and help you learn our best techniques. It doesn’t replace the pattern — it will enhance the sewing experience.

If you are a machine shop, this is a no-brainer. A featherweight club will love this! Actually who wouldn’t love it????


Coffee for Christmas

Coffee Break from Cut Loose Press™ by Karla Alexander is so much fun to make! I got out my Fiestaware and started throwing out fabrics that coordinated. It turns out, I couldn’t stop at a table runner. They are just way too much fun – and I am a little OCD…

Coffee Break

So what is a gal to do? Make 35 more and turn them into mug rugs for gifts for coaches, teachers, principals….you get the picture. And, if you have a good relationship with your machine quilter, she may even add their names.

But, I live in Ohio – and they are #1 so…..

These individual cups measure approximately 8″ so I cut an 8″ square of fabric, folded it in half, and used it as a pocket on the back. I’ll put coffee gift cards in the pocket as a homage to Karla. After all, she lives in the Pacific Northwest and KNOWS good coffee!

You still have time to finish six or six dozen by Christmas so get started!

The Dragons Have It

What child isn’t fascinated by dragons? And these darlings by The Whole Country Caboodle will make everyone smile!

Butterfly Dragon Precut Fused Applique Pack
Bubbles Dragon Precut Fused Applique Pack
Curious Dragon Precut Fused Applique Pack
Dragonflies & Dragon Precut Fused Applique Pack
Fire Dragon Precut Fused Applique Pack
Knight Dragon Precut Fused Applique Pack
Little Girl Dragon Precut Fused Applique Pack
S'Mores Dragon Precut Fused Applique Pack
Whirly-Gig Dragon Precut Fused Applique Pack
Wizard & Dragon Precut Fused Applique Pack

Don’t you love the way many of the dragons just can’t be contained in their 10″ blocks. Can’t you picture these as wall art as well as a quilt? The kits include laser cut pieces and patterns for placement. They are due to arrive next month so order them now.

The Perfect Detergent for Heirloom Quilts

Restoration is excellent for antique linens. It removes most stains like coffee, blood, tea, grape juice, wine, and ketchup. Remove yellowing, mystery spots & yellowing caused by water damage, age, UV rays and even discolored fold lines. Restoration does not leave residue or harm fibers in any way and can be used on most any textile. It has no odor and contains no chlorine.

Restoration Fabric Cleaner 2lb Canister (ORMD)

Why not include this the next time you give someone a quilt?

Engagement and Wall Calendars

Tis the season for a new calendar or planner for 2020! Make your choices while they are still in stock. Quilt Art offers 52 weeks of inspiration.

2020 Quilt Art Engagement Calendar

These wall calendars provide wall art all year long.

2020 AQS Wall Calendar
2020 Fiberworks Collage Calendar
By The Yard 2020 Calendar For Quilters

The Art of the Quilt includes patterns for the 12 quilts showcased.

2020 Art Of The Quilt Wall Calendar

Cross Stitching is staging a comeback. This calendar includes patterns for the designs!

2020 Cross Stitching Wall Calendar

These make great last minute gifts so have plenty on hand.

Quick and Easy Gifts

I worked a show over the weekend and this was one of the top sellers.

Quilt As You Go Wine Totes

Inventory is due to arrive next week. These projects use a quilt as you go technique. The package includes batting printed with Sew by the Numbers – sew in the order shown to complete a project in a number of minutes. Make three wine bottle holders for less than $5.00 a piece. The pattern uses strips so it would be a great make it/take it for a Christmas open house. Once they learn the technique, they will want other options:

Quilt As You Go Tote Bag Alexandra Design
Quilt As You Go Table Runner Venice Pattern

Check out our website for all of the possibilities. There is still time to make gifts for this holiday season.