New from Deb Heatherly and Cut Loose Press

What a great scrap quilt! Just 12 fat quarters or 3 yards of scraps, plus the borders, binding and backing is all you need to create this stunning quilt.

Deb lives in the Great Smoky Mountains and says that in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s, this was called a postcard quilt because quilters used a postcard for the template to cut the pieces for this quilt. Don’t you love that little bit of history? Now the Creative Grids® 3 ½” wide ruler make cutting these pieces easy as pie!

What a great scrap quilt! The quilt is made with just two alternating blocks. Since one of those blocks is the hourglass or quarter-square triangle, the alternating pieced four-patch block looks like they are set on point. This adds a dramatic element to the quilt that is oh sew easy to achieve!

Another great scrap quilt! Just 12 quarter yard cuts or 3 yards of scraps, plus the four B’s: background, borders, binding and backing is all you need to create this stunning quilt. Since the points are made with the Creative Grids® Strippy Star Tool, they float so every point is perfect, every time. The Creative Grids® Cat’s Cradle Tool is used to make the nine-patch variation in the center of each block. What a great way to learn how to use both tools and make an heirloom quality quilt along the way!

Don’t you love the way Deb has extended the star points into the middle border?

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New No-Tool Snaps

The tool-less fasteners from Bohin can be set in place without any tools. This box of 80 pieces, in multiple colors are quick and easy to install. They are made of a high quality plastic (50% recycled) certified Oeko Tex and Smart Plastic. This includes white, black, beige, navy blue, green, yellow, orange, fuchsia, royal blue and purple – a complete assortment!

They also come in individual color packs like this:

These come in packages of 8. Full disclosure, I have not tried these yet but have them on order. I can’t wait to try them! Some are in stock now. Check our website for availability.

New from Cut Loose Press® Patterns

Many of you already have these top-selling Creative Grids® Tools. Check out these latest patterns that showcase the potential of these tools.

This stunning example of a stained glass quilt uses a technique that is pure genius. Clover Fusible Bias Tape creates the stained glass affect so there are no tiny strips to sew into the blocks! This dramatic look is easy to achieve, even for a beginner.

Since the blocks are cut from twenty, ten-inch squares, rotary cutting is fast and easy so you can move onto the piecing in a matter of minutes.

This pattern requires the Creative Grids® Scrap Crazy 8 template set.

This quilt is a great way to use up leftover 2-1/2-inch strips. Combine them with some solid fat quarters to create blocks that showcase the wonky design. The inserted squares in the border add a modern look to an already striking quilt. The pattern includes cutting instructions for the logs to best utilize the fabric. Since the wonky log cabin blocks finish to 10-inches, you only need to make 12 blocks so you can finish the entire project in an afternoon.

This pattern requires the Creative Grids® 10″ Wonky Log Cabin Trim Tool.

This mini quilt is all about color placement. Reversing the traditional lights and darks in the pineapple block accent the pineapple design. Placing the same fabrics in adjoining blocks creates the pattern. And the white space created when it is all sewn together creates a backdrop to showcase some amazing quilting!
Since the strips are 1-1/4-inches wide, cutting a 2-1/2-inch strip in half vertically is a great way to use up those leftover strips in your collection.

This pattern requires the Creative Grids® Pineapple Mini Tool.

The strips were cut using the white line down the center of a Creative Grids 2 1/2″ wide rectangle.

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Precision Tips for Glue Sticks

Save money by using water soluble glue sticks from the office supply store! Snap this tip on a school glue stick to transform it into a fine point for all your precision gluing needs. Perfect for glue basting seams, english paper pieces, binding, and more! This tip is compatible with Elmer’s school glue sticks in the 6gr and 7gr sizes. The packaging includes a link to an instructional video on the use of the tip.

They come in a variety of colors:

I can’t wait to give these a whirl! They are due to arrive early next month so they would be great stocing stuffers!

New Tools to Improve Cutting

These RulerLips from Cotton Mills slip onto the end of most 1/8” thick acrylic rulers turning them into a T-Square. The lip rides along the edge of the cutting mat stabilizing the ruler and preventing slipping while cutting. They can be used on a variety of ruler sizes and can also be used to connect rulers. Each package contain two 6” RulerLips. To remove simply pull it off.

The Ruler Knob easily attaches to almost any smooth flat top ruler with its powerful clear suction cup. This 1-3/4″ suction cup makes ruler pickup and placement easy. It not only helps steady the ruler, it also keeps your hands away from the rotary blade.

For best results wipe ruler and suction cup clean before use. Moisten suction cup for maximum hold. Both products are due to arrive later this month so place your orders now.

Hands Free Magnification

With our aging population, I am thrilled that S.A Richards continues to develop products that make it possible for us to continue to enjoy our hobbies that bring us so much joy. The new PROP-IT Needlework Pattern Holder with Hands Free Page Magnifier enlarges text to twice it size!

This collapsible, portable pattern/book/chart holder can display, magnify and highlight–at the optimum reading angle–any printed or digital pattern or chart for embroidery, needlepoint, cross stitch, knitting/crochet & quilting.

The PROP-IT’s Magnet Board and moveable magnetic strips enable one to highlight pattern details by placing the Magnet Board behind the pattern and the Magnetic Strip(s) on the pattern (see above photo). To doubly ensure that nothing in a pattern is missed, the PROP-IT includes a patented 2-Power, HANDS-FREE 8in x 10in Page Magnifier that doubles the size of pattern details. Now you can easily follow the details of ANY embroidery pattern found in books, magazines, sheets of paper, tablet computers and smart phones!

When not in use, both the Page Magnifier and Pattern Holder can be collapsed flat and stored together in a 10in x 13 inch Zip-Lock protective storage case. The entire package weighs just 1.5 pounds.

These are due to arrive in the next few weeks so place your order now.

Add that Awe Factor

I love this collaboration between Nancy Halvorsen and Just Another Button Company. Together they have brought something truly special to the world of quilting. It’s an exquisite button collection that pairs seamlessly with Nancy’s book series, adding a whimsical charm that makes every project simply irresistible. These buttons are the perfect embellishments for the Block of the Month quilt series. Complete each block to stitch together a masterpiece that embodies both creativity and collaboration. Don’t miss out on the chance to transform your quilting experience with these unique touches!

Midnight Manor Combo:

The button kit includes all the buttons you need to complete all three projects in the book.

Harvest Acres Combo:

Buttons for both projects:

Schoolhouse Haven Combo:

Buttons for both projects:

Mistletoe Crossing Combo:

Button pack for all four projects:

Frost Hill Combo:

These buttons will complete all five projects:

Loveland Cottage Combo:

These buttons will complete all of the projects in the booklet:

The booklets are in stock now. The button packs will be in next month so place your orders now!

Embellishment Kits from Buttons Galore

These embellishment kits are the perfect counter display! Each kit includes lots of sequins, beads, and random embellishments to add that awe factor to any holiday project.

You’re a Mean One.


Santa’s Treats

Happy Feet

October 31st

These are just a sampling of the 25 packages that will be available at the end of the month. To see the entire collection, visit: Buttons Galore.

New Handy Tools for Quilters & Sewists from The Gypsy Quilter®

The Position & Press Silicone Tools from The Gypsy Quilter® is a must-have addition to your sewing box. Protect your fingers while pressing small areas with your choice of a tip from this four-piece set. Quilters and seamstresses alike can get up close to their seams, pleats, collars, and more without burning their fingers with the help of these silicone tools. Use for applique, piecing, binding, and general ironing. These are in stock now.

Get into every nook and cranny of your sewing machine with these handy, reusable cleaning tools from The Gypsy Quilter®. Silicone bristles are soft yet effective in cleaning your sewing machine, as well as your home appliances and electronics. The variety of tips in the package gives you several options for reaching all of those tiny, hard-to-reach areas. To clean the brushes, simply wash them in mild soapy water and air dry them to remove the dust and lint from your cleaning tools. These are due to arrive in September and would be great stocking stuffers!

These products would be great additions to a shop hop display or a show. The holidays are right around the corner and they would be great stocking stuffers.

Thread Gloss with Style and Scent

These thread glosses come in 11 different scents. For instance, the Vacay Blend contains beeswax, coconut oil, and coconut essential oil, so it smells like a warm and sandy vacation.

Thread gloss is a specially formulated wax and oil blend that coats your thread to prevent tangles, fraying, and brittleness. Think of it as a deep conditioner for your thread and embroidery floss. Have you ever had to cut your thread short in the middle of your groove because there was a gnarly knot? Using thread gloss helps prevent tangles and knots, taking away all of the frustration of handwork.

Anytime that you’re dealing with cotton thread such as hand embroidery, hand quilting, cross-stitch, english paper piecing, or applique, give this product a try. Simply drag your thread across the gloss pot after threading your needle, applying slight pressure on the thread with your thumb, while pulling with your other hand.

Check out our website for the variety of scents: PONDEROSA THREAD GLOSS

They are due to arrive later this month so place your orders now!