Gifts to Place at the Register

Most quilters love the simple pleasures in life – and nothing makes my day more than receiving a handwritten note from a friend!  These adorable note cards from It Takes Two come in four different styles.

Item #NM01  Retail $6.50

Item #NM02  Retail $6.50

Item #NM03  Retail $6.50

NM04 (1)
Item #NM04  Retail $6.50

PLEASE place your orders now so our buyers can order adequate quantities to cover Shop Hop season!  They are so popular, we are having trouble keeping them in stock!

Finally – A Fabric Mesh!

It is no surprise that Annie Unrein of Patterns by Annie has created the perfect mesh for all of your purses, totes, and storage needs!  Vinyl mesh has been around for a long time and still is the best choice for some applications.

But this polyester mesh is easy to sew; soft and pliant – the perfect choice for pockets so you can see what is inside.

Item #SUP209-APGR

It is available two different ways – pre-packaged in 18″ x 54″ size or on 15 yard x 54″ bolts (the bolts are Drop Ship only).

It is available in several different colors – and will be available next month.  Please help our buyer by placing your order now.  Obviously white will be popular – but what other fashion colors will you choose????  Visit our website to see the entire collection and the patterns that support it:  Patterns by Annie.

It’s okay to cross the line!

I am talking about fabric lines!  In Stashbusters – a new book by Sarah Maxwell and Dolores Smith – explains how to choose fabrics from your stash and create spectacular quilts!
Item #KCS11195  Retail $24.95

In this case, the projects are great but learn from the experts.  Don’t just skip to the projects – read how to choose fabrics.  Dolores loves to embellish with appliques so working with wool is covered as well.

Here is just a taste of some of the projects.  Did I mention that the photography makes you want to go house hunting???
11195_Q02_4__94412.1441250512.1104.1280 (1)

These are just a taste of the nine projects included in the book.  Let them teach you how to “control” scrappy and use up that stash!


The next Generation of Zippers – Jelly Beads Style

Lecien is releasing a new product – Jelly Bead Zippers – in May.  The “teeth” of these zippers weave together in such an interesting way that I can’t wait to see what designers do with them!
Item #57671-50  Retail $14.40

They are a little over 31″ long and come with a zipper pull.  The colors are just plain fun!  Check out some of the possibilities.
Item #57671-70  Retail $14.40

The packaging is even cute!
Item #57671-10  Retail $14.40

To see all of the color choices, visit out website.

Perfect Log Cabin Minis Every Time!

I love, love, LOVE these new Creative Grids® releases!  I love minis and could never achieve perfect log cabins in four and six inch sizes until now!  These trim tools also create Courthouse Steps and Half Log Cabin blocks – with the cutting requirements printed right on the tool!
Item #CGRJAWMN4  Retail $12.95

Item #CGRJAWMN6  Retail $17.95

I am not exaggerating!  I have made over 700 log cabin blocks in 4″and  6″ sizes – and they are just as accurate in the 4″ size with 1/2″ logs as they are in the 6″ size with 3/4″ logs!  In fact, I love them so much that I wrote a book based on the six inch size – but more about that when we have a publishing date!

Jean Ann wrote a book that is available NOW – yes it is in stock!
Item #JAWBK01  $17.99s 

This book includes patterns for projects made with the four AND the six inch log cabin tools.

There are also some charming Cut Loose Press patterns to support them as well!
Glory in the Cabin is a striking table runner that uses the six inch size.
Item #CLPJAW042

Or create a needle case…
Item #CLPDKR016

Diamond in the Logs by Debby Kratovil features the four inch version.
Item #CLPDKR015

Last but not least, Deb Heatherly has combined several of our top Creative Grids rulers to create this gorgeous quilt.  Why not do this as a demo of the month type quilt?  More about this later when the book is in stock!  It is at the printers now!DH1601
Item #DH1601  Retail $14.00

These rulers sell themselves!  Just have a sample sitting by the register!  Visit our website to watch the videos and see just how easy it is to be perfect!

Fold’n Stitch – The Next Generation

Kristine Poor of Poorhouse Designs has done it again!  Her #1 pattern has been #1 for weeks – and this newest addition may knock her own pattern out of the top spot!
Item #PQD-211  Retail $9.00

This smaller version is due in later this month and would be a great shop hop demo!  It uses your favorite version of fusible fleece to give it body.  Decorative beads can add that awe factor.  They come in gold and silver.
Item #PQD103G  Retail $5.00 (Gold)
Item #PQD103S  Retail $5.00 (Silver)

Cut the Hexies with this EZ ruler.
Item #882670181A  Retail $8.59

Display these products right next to the wreath for double the fun!
Item #PQD-210  Retail $9.00

These pre-cut packages simplifies the entire process.
Item #495-6B  Retail $8.29

Everything should be in stock by the end of the month so plan your classes now!

Triangles Couldn’t be Easier

Pre-cut fabrics have become the staple of every quilt shop – and anything that supports them is sure to be a best seller!

Enter Edyta Sitar.  She is known for her breathtaking color selections in scrappy quilts.  Just look at the cover of her book – Friendship Triangles.
Item #L11248  Retail $24.95

To make it easier to create this variety of fabrics, she is releasing triangle paper next month.  The papers are designed for 5″ and 10″ squares – and come in multiple sizes.  Each package includes 25 sheets.

The number of triangles created from a package depends on the size of the triangles.  For example, a package of 1 1/2″ finished triangle papers designed for five inch squares makes 200 triangles.
Item #LBQ-0523-X  Retail $6.00

The papers for ten inch squares makes 800!
Item #LBQ-0528-X  Retail $8.00

Visit our website to see all of the different sizes – and everything Edyta Sitar!  They are expected to arrive in April.

We’re making changes at Cut Loose Press

Cut Loose Press™ patterns are designed for shops to demonstrate products.  They are reasonably priced and are easy projects to showcase tools, notions, and techniques.

For instance, Rainbow Swirls was created with the Creative Grids 6″ Curvy Log Cabin Trim Tool.
Item #CLPJAW032  

Drum roll please!!!!  The minimum order has been changed from twelve to six – which means smaller shops can now participate.  AND, they have added a hang-hole at the top so they can be easily hung for display.  Everything else you loved about CLP stays the same.

For those of you who haven’t tried Cut Loose Press™ (CLP), here is a perfect example of why you should.

This six inch log cabin trim tool designed by Jean Ann Wright is one of a series of trim tools – and is a great demo!  The technique?  The strips for the logs are cut 1/4″ larger than needed.  Each round – which consists of two wide and two narrow logs – are trimmed before the next round is added.  Any variation caused by cutting, sewing and pressing are corrected before the next round is added!  Perfect results every time!
Item #CGRJAW6  Retail $17.95

Now that you have everyone’s attention, why not offer a class immediately after the demo?  Why not offer the class FREE if they buy the tool and kit for Roundabout – this gorgeous tablerunner – another favorite CLP!
Item #CLPCAM007

Once your customers see how easy it is to create these intricate designs, they will want to do more.  Many of these patterns are fat quarter friendly so it is easy to kit.  If you don’t sell a kit, just return the fat quarters to inventory!  Absolutely no risk!
Item #CLPJAW021

Item #CLPJAW029

These patterns also suggest other notions that your customers may want.  For instance, since these are scrappy quilts, a Bitty Buddy by Gypsy Quilter is convenient because it is a tabletop waste basket that collapses to carry to class.
Item #TGQ007  Retail $9.50

These companion items are listed below each pattern on our website.  The yardage requirements for each pattern are shown on the website as well so you can check out the kitting requirements.  Why not score a trifecta – fabric, notion, and pattern???

Civil War Legacies continue…

Carol Hopkins, author of the Civil War Legacies series, is releasing the third edition that is due out next month!

Item #B1365T  Retail $24.99

This book includes 16 patterns in a variety of sizes.  They feature classic blocks in interesting settings.  The cover quilt is a great example of  simple four-patches and triangles creating a breathtaking pattern.

Melissa’s Locket
Pinwheels shine in this honeycomb pattern.

Skedaddler turns simple four-patches on-point to add that “awe” factor.

Homefront combines eight pointed stars with a simple feathered star inspired setting – perfection!

Parasol Stars is set on point and adds interest to a simple four-patch and flying geese quilt!

Why not display this latest edition with the two previous best sellers – right next to your civil war reproduction fabrics?
Item #B1098T  Retail $24.99

Item #B1223T  Retail $24.99

You already know you want it, so order now!

Everything Kim Diehl

I love everything Kim Diehl – and her new book and fabric collection are spectacular!  Welcome Wagon, her new fabric line due out in June, supports her Whatnots club – but will shine in any design.  This fabric line is due to ship in June.

Here is a sampling of the patterns and colors in this new line, starting out with her signature teal.
Item #6561-77

Item #6566-66

Item #6567-66

Item #6563-88

Item #6562-88

Item #6564-30

Item #6568-22

Item #6565-77

To see the complete Welcome Wagon collection, visit our website.

These prints would be right at home in the quilts featured in her latest book – Simple Christmas Tidings, due out in May.
Item #B1330T  Retail $28.99

The best part?  These fabrics and most of the projects don’t scream Christmas so they can be displayed year round.