Stars shining on our Newest Log Cabins

We released two new sizes of the Creative Grids® Log Cabin Trim Tools a few weeks ago – and the response has been tremendous!  (Four Inch – #CGRJAWMN4 and Six Inch – #CGRJAWMN6)

We couldn’t wait to create more Cut Loose Press™ patterns with them.  The place mats include instructions to make four different versions of the traditional log cabin block ((#CLPGRG005)- log cabin; courthouse steps; half log cabin; and square in a square.  What a great class.
The log cabin pieced into a star measures 24″ square (#CLPGRG006) and includes wool flowers with bias tape stems – created with a Clover bias tape maker.  Again, what a great way to introduce your customers to wool applique and a new tool!

Deb Heatherly, designer of the Strippy Stars Tool immediately saw the potential in combining the tools.  She created this darling mini (#CLPDHE009) that uses the Strippy Stars Tool to create an amazing border to showcase the four inch log cabins.
CLPDHE009But she didn’t stop there!  She combined the six inch log cabin with different sizes of stars to create this stunning beauty.

DH1602#DH1602  Retail $9.50

This gives you an opportunity to teach a series of classes – one on the log cabin four, six and eight inch trim tools; one on the strippy stars; and one that combines the tools!  Check out the website to see all of the patterns that support them!

Ring Around the Wreath

When Poorhouse Designs wreaths are the #1 and 2 top patterns and the Bosal forms is the #1 interfacing, it is time to shout it from the rooftops!


With just three fabrics, this is the Fold N Stitch Wreath (#PQD-210) is the perfect pattern to kit in a variety of seasonal fabrics! They won’t be able to buy just one!  Include the Bosal pre-cuts in the kit.  These are cut to the exact size they need – in the quantity they need so who can resist this time saver?


437-12BThis hexagon version (#PQD211)is simply darling – and is a smaller version at 14″ (The original is 21″).  Once again create the perfect kit:  three fabrics and the Bosal pre-cuts a(#437-12B)that are such a time saver!.  Have plenty of these ready for your upcoming summer events!

Scraps never looked so good!

Kim Brackett has created 18 new designs using our favorite sizes – 2 1/2″; 5″ and 10″ pre-cuts.  For those of us, however, who can no longer close the door on our stashes – she gives cutting instructions for yardage as well.  These projects were made from an eclectic collection of fabrics. Learn how to combine traditional prints with solids, florals and batiks.  Sometimes crossing genres adds that spark to your quilts.  Aren’t we all looking for that awe factor? Scrap-Basket Strips and Squares by Kim Brackett #B1327T

In this case, a picture is definitely worth a thousand words so here is some eye candy just for you!

This should be displayed in a place of honor right next to your pre-cuts!

Kathy Schmitz has Done it Again

I love everything Kathy Schmitz – and this book is no exception!  Many of you know her because of her enchanting one color block of the months.  Look what happens when she adds a rainbow of color to her designs!Item #B1371T   Retail $24.99#B1371T

This book is full of small projects that would be a perfect way to introduce your customers to the joy of handwork.  Each of these darling sewing accessories could be the basis of a perfect series of classes.  What great gifts!

Or choose these adorable magnets that would take center stage on any fridge – or use it as intended as a needle keep.  Talk about great gifts!  Continue the kitchen theme by stitching these adorable towels. 

Embroidery is no longer just back stitches and French knots!  Honor your grandmother by taking YOUR embroidery to the next level!  This book is due to arrive in June so it is the perfect source for those summertime projects.

Meet the Newest Member of the Creative Grids® Family

CGRISE30Drum roll please…… It’s Sew Emma designed their first Creative Grids® ruler! This Starburst 30° Triangle ruler #CGRISE30 can be used for all of the traditional fan and Dresden Plate blocks.  (Cut and sew together twelve units to create a kaleidoscope; six to create a half Dresden; or three to create a fan.) BUT, check out the angled A and B lines on the ruler. These lines are used to add that “awe” factor to your favorite kaleidoscope style blocks! Place them on the seam of a strip set and magic happens. A whole new world of pinwheels is born. Watch tthe

This is the first time that a Creative Grids® ruler is featured with a release of a new Block of the Month pattern AND a new fabric line called First Blush from Windham.
ISE-913 ISE-913_1

FIRSTBLUSHFirst Blush is the perfect name for this charming pastel line that includes a variety of mini prints that are great choices for your mini quilts as well.  Be sure to order extra bolts of the Daisy Dot (#41955-6) background fabrics in aqua; pink, and white on white- these are sure to become a line of basics soon!  And these checks (#41957-3) set on point are perfect binding fabrics!  These fabrics are the perfect foundations and finishing touch to a gorgeous quilt!  The fabric is not shipping until November, but you can order a shop kit now that includes the fabric, binding, patterns and ruler.  Wouldn’t it be great to have your sample done and ready BEFORE the fabric arrives? (Shop Kit Item #42324-X) AND a new fabric line called First Blush from Windham.
41957-3 41955-6
#41955-6                                 #41957-3

Aurifil has released two thread lines to match these Spring colors.  Choose 10 small (#KJ50FB10) spools or 12 large spools (#KJ50FB12).
KJ50FB12 KJ50FB12_1

You don’t have to wait, however, to create with this ruler.  It’s Sew Emma has created three Cut Loose Press™ patterns which are simple patterns that are great choices for samples and classes.  Whether you create a large Dresden Plate; a fan quilt; or a spinning variation, we’ve got you covered!
#CLPISE008                                                        #CLPISE009

Promenade is an extensive pattern that includes instructions in three sizes.
#ISE-163                                                                              #CLPISE010

For everyone that wanted a smaller version of our popular 30° ruler (#CGRSG1) – this one with extra bells and whistles perfect for smaller blocks – is the one you’ve been waiting for!

Miss Muffet is Still Smiling



Tuffets are the rage – EVERYWHERE – and for every tuffet that has been completed, a matching pin cushion is a must. The kit #LTQ102 includes a foam round, ground walnut shells, tufting cord, felt, instructions, and a plywood base with hardware installed for the feet! You add your own fabric, button and feet (drawer pulls). Who could resist?  You can also buy kits without the pattern #LTQ106 which include enough to make two more pin cushions.  And these kits are quality.

LTQ10  LTQ106
#LTQ102  $22.00                                                  #LTQ106  $20.00

Don’t forget to have tufting needles and Add-A-Quarter rulers in stock as well.

9021DH         CM12PLUS
#9021DH  $5.49  #CM12PLUS  $12.99

This project will give your customers the confidence to create a full-size tuffet if they haven’t already. There will be a waiting list for these classes over and over again!

PPFP100 EUQ304
#PPFP100  $28.00                              #EUQ304  $11.00

New Pop-Ups for Graduation Gifts

T-Shirt quilts have always been a great graduation gift – but they are too much of an investment for everyone on your list.  These new pop-ups are the perfect gift!

FQG128 FQG126
The pattern gives lots of suggestions for layouts.  The rings designed for the original Pop-Ups work with this as well.

Item #FQG128  Retail $12.00
Item #FQG126  Retail $38.99 (three piece set)
Item #FQG121  Retail $8.99 (Small)
Item #FQG123  Retail $10.99 (Medium)
Item #FQG124  Retail $12.99 (Large)
Item #FQG125  Retail $16.99 (XLarge)

FQG129The Basket Pop-Ups are new as well, and support the small, medium, and large Pop-Up springs.  What cute organizers. These should be arriving soon so place your order now.  Be sure to have plenty of the springs in stock because they are not going to make just one!

Item #FQG129 Retail $9.00




A Classic – The Original Creative Grids Log Cabin

CGRJAW1The original eight inch version of the Creative Grids® Log Cabin Trim Tool by Jean Ann Wright was the beginning of our most popular line of trim tools. I just did a guild tour and was shocked that not one person was familiar with this tool. If you aren’t demonstrating it in your shop, you are flat out loosing sales!
Item #CGRJAW1  Retail $19.45



There are lots of books and patterns to support this tool – and it continues to inspire new designs.  These three Cut Loose Press™ patterns are the most recent additions.  LOVE them!!!
Item #CLPNAM004            Item #CLPNAM003           Item #CLPCAM009

Nancy Myers creates a curve effect in these leaf designs by inserting folded squares which are then folded back to curve over the pieced log cabins. Simply brilliant! Doesn’t it make you want to go to the beach?
Cabin Flower uses the same technique – and looks totally different in the purple and pink colorway.
The Rising Star traditional log cabin block is stunning.  It is eighty inches square and is fat quarter friendly.  What a dramatic display quilt. Once your customers have tried this, they will want to try ALL of the trim tools by Jean Ann Wright!


The Cat’s Pajamas

Cats may not wear pajamas – but they may be willing to if they get to sleep in this darling bed!

Item #AT603  Retail $9.00

Recognize the fabric?  It is part of the Home Sweet Home Row by Row Experience line by Timeless Treasures.

Specifically, she used these two bolts:

C4491-MULT C4492-MULT
Item #C4491-MULT                           Item #C4492-MULT   

The pattern uses a form by Bosal – which is so new, we don’t have a pic – but it is due to arrive any day.  The Item is #CB1 – you can pre-order the form and pattern now.

What a great attention grabber!  Display this with ALL of your Row by Row Experience products!  To find ALL Row by Row Experience products, visit our website and type in Row by Row Experience.

Summertime and the embroidery is easy….

Just in time for summer, Meg Hawkey of Crabapple Hill has designed some new patterns that bring back memories of childhood summers.

Remember those trips to the A & W root beer stand – and getting gallon jugs of your favorite brew? What child didn’t have a lemonade stand – or loved homemade lemonade at the fair? Or the adult drink by the pool???

CAH292   CAH290   CAH291
Item #CAH292, #CAH290, #CAH291 Each Retail for $10.00



For those who love ALL things embroidery, Boho Sweet is just for you.  The designs in this wall hanging were taken directly from her newest fabric line – Sundress by Red Rooster.  Either trace the designs from the pattern or cut them from the fabric and embellish to your heart’s content! Item #CAH288  Retail $12.00




This new fabric line is just plain happy! This design is featured in the pattern above.25832-LTORG1 25830-YEL1
Item #25832-LTORG1                                 Item #25830-YEL1

To see the complete line, visit out website:  Sundress – these fabrics will make you smile!