Cup of Christmas – the Perfect Gift

These newest mugs by Quilt Happy are a guaranteed winner.  They are the perfect size, proportion and thickness that everyone loves.  The color gradates and becomes lighter as you reach the top and the Scandinavian influence will appeal to knitters and quilters alike!


QH827-GR QH828-RE




















These 16 ounce mugs are due to arrive any day.  Why not set up a register display and fill the mugs with rolled holiday fat quarters?  Tie a decorative bow to the handle and your customers will have the perfect gift for their secret sis!










I love everything Kimberbell!  Kim Christopherson has a unique, instantly recognizable style that is sure to make you smile!  And, now she has developed a line of embellishments called Kimberbellishments.  They include ribbons, buttons and notions that will guarantee that your projects have that Kimberbell touch!

Kim is launching these at Market so they will be arriving around the end of the month.  But order now to ensure that you will get them in the first shipment!

Each card retails for less than $6.00 and includes 6 yards of unique coordinating ribbons that are the perfect accents for many of her patterns.































Display them with fabrics, patterns, and threads that have that Kimberbell sense of style!  Check out our website to see her new complete line of Kimbellishments.

This generations Sewing Basket

Around the holidays there are always new customers who want to buy a sewing basket for someone who has shown an interest in quilting.  Why not stock these decorative carriers and display them with your favorite notions – pins, needles, seam rippers and scissors for sewers; rotary cutters, rulers; applique pins; Wonder clips; etc.  Let them “build” their own version of a sewing basket.

They come in a variety of styles and fabrics.  Check out the entire collection by Everything Mary.  Many are in stock.  Others are due to arrive any day.


EVM10487-3 EVM10488-1























Don’t forget to suggest a gift certificate for a class – and give them a class schedule.  Be sure to have beginning quilting classes as well as some handbag classes on the schedule so that you can appeal to everyone!

Update your Furniture with Handles and Pulls

With the popularity of tuffets, your customers have become confident expanding into home dec projects.  These new handles and pulls from Dritz are reasonably priced and are so cute, they’ll be thinking about furniture that they can refresh immediately.

My favorites are the ones that look like they will match my Fiestaware…




47037DH 47040DH














They come in a wide variety of styles and colors – including glass and metal.  Check out our website to see the complete collection.  Start those creative juices flowing and let us know what YOU do with them!

Team Sport Zippers – Up your Game

These new 26-inch separating polyester zippers are the newest release from Coats & Clark.  We are in the middle of football season so the fanatics in your corner of the world will be thrilled to up their game with these latest additions.


F66026-0947 F66026-0960F66026-0972F66026-0980F66026-0964F66026-0968F66026-0988Frankly, if I showed quilters in my area scarlet and grey zippers?  They would buy them and figure out a project later!  If I made a purse with them?  Guaranteed sale!  The perfect companion for the bags? Shannon Cuddle Suede!  Visit our website to see the complete collection: Team Spirit Zippers

Charlie’s Aunt Fall Releases

I love the vintage style of Charlie’s Aunt satchels.  They fill my need for Downton Abbey withdrawal! These 1940′s inspired designs are the perfect companions for the popular wools that are showing up everywhere.  The button embellishments could be straight out of my mother’s button box!


The Brancaster Messenger Bag features an asymmetrical flap and front pocket.  This nine by thirteen inch size would be a great diaper bag.  Or picture it in Scarlet and Grey Shannon Suede with the OSU logo appliqued in place of the buttons.  The possibilities are endless!  (And for those of you who were curious, Brancaster is a beach community on the North Norfolk Coast Line.)


The Breckland Bag also features asymmetrical flaps but looks totally different.  I love when the pockets become a fashion statement!  (And by the way, Breckland is an area of Norfolk.)

The awe factor is in the details so be sure to have coordinating buttons in stock!


Guaranteed Winners

I normally don’t encourage you to buy books sight unseen but these women are legendary – and, based on their reputations, you want to order now so you are guaranteed to get the first shipment!  And, I mean this literally because no pics have yet been released!  Some are not due out until February but I am ordering my copies NOW!

Kim Diehl and Jo Morton are joining forces to create 14 spectacular quilts all based on classic blocks.  These women are sensational alone so I can’t wait to see what happens in this collaboration!  Simple Friendships is aptly named!

Carrie Nelson of Miss Rosie’s Quilt Company is releasing twelve of her favorite quilt patterns in one collection!  Miss Rosie’s Farmhouse Favorites is sure to be a compendium of exceptional scrap quilts.  She has such a talent for combining literally hundreds of fabrics into stunning quilts – studying her projects is comparable to getting your masters in color and design!

You already know who will want these so order accordingly!

Happy Hollow Designs is about to Enter the Building

Happy Hollow Designs just make me smile!  They have become classics when decorating for holidays.  Their whimsical charm comes through in every design.  Each pattern has a finishing kit which adds the “awe” factor to every design.

Here is just a sampling of some of the Santas in their line.  Whether you want to decorate a table or a door, they have the perfect choice for any decor.


HH599K HH629 HH629K HH631 HH631K HH753    























Visit our website today to view the complete line.  Short on time?  You can also purchase samples.  It doesn’t get any easier than that!

Notions Revisited or Improved!

When I travel and teach, I receive multiple requests from applique enthusiasts for a sandpaper board.  Sue Daley delivers!  The sandpaper stops the fabric from slipping when tracing templates and is mounted to a sturdy board so it is the perfect work surface.


We once again carry Klutz Gloves in a medium and large size.  Wear these gloves when rotary cutting to protect your fingers from those sharp blades!



The new kid on the block is this new endurance blade by Olfa.  I can’t wait to try one!  For just a few dollars more, this blade is supposed to last twice as long as the current blades on the market!  Let’s face it everyone, we NEVER replace our blade as often as we should so this puppy is a godsend!

A Compendium of Quilts Blocks

Block Genius by Sue Voeglin provides everyone with the skills to dissect blocks into units that are easy to piece in multiple sizes.   Most of the 200 blocks are classics but there are a few added bonuses designed by the author herself!


The blocks are divided into sections that play well together- those based on two, three, four and six grids.  Then measurements are provided to cut and sew them into six; nine; and twelve-inch blocks.

Over a year in the making, this book is a true labor of love!  Sue is an amazing photographer – and therefore has a phenomenal sense of color.  Seeing the blocks in different colorways makes this a resource guide that is a pleasure to browse as well.  Here is just a sampling of the treats that are hidden inside.

Seesaw  balkan-puzzle  louisana-pinwheel

ozark-maple-leaf  bowl-of-fruit  card-trick

Clear instructions and exploded diagrams make cutting and sewing these designs a breeze.  But, there are detailed instructions on how to make half-square triangles; quarter-square triangles; flying geese units; square in a square and parallel blocks.

Many of the blocks are old favorites but many of them are antique blocks that deserve a spot in the sun once more.  This is a reference guide that is destined to be a must have in every quilter’s library!