Every Little Boy’s Dream

NN362This week is going to be short and sweet.  We just got back from Market so life has been hectic!
“I Love Dirt” by Nellie’s Needle is the sweetest quilt that I have seen in a long time!  These six blocks will melt any boy’s heart.  Make the entire quilt -which measures 47 x 55 inches – or frame them individually for a charming wall grouping.  Pillows would be darling as well.

Personalize the quilt by adding the name to the top border.  Or, add names to the doors of the vehicles.  Who could resist this???


The Next Generation of Tuffets

The original tuffet pattern by Sharyn Cole of The Tuffet Source has been so popular that quilt shops across the country have waiting lists for classes.  And once they make one, they sign up for another class to make more!
The original pattern (Item #PPFP100) has been a top 20 pattern since its release.  The pattern includes a fusible foundation and the instructions needed to create your own heirloom tuffet.
Since customers can’t stop at just one, fusible foundations (#PFI100) are now available separately for just $18.  These do not include the pattern, but then, your customers already have that!
Or you can buy the foundations by the bolt.  There are 15 foundations on a bolt (W-PFB115) bolt.


TDFUS1But now there is a “tuffet in a day” version (#TDFUS1 Retail $32.00) with instructions for a shirred, pieced or whole cloth version.  The fusible foundations work for this pattern as well.  The pattern includes a four inch button to complete your project in style.  These products are due to arrive by the beginning of June so place your order now.

The Perfect Scrap Quilts!

L8529There is a reason the log cabin block is the most recognizable quilt block in history.  This simple block can be pieced in a variety of ways to create a traditional log cabin; a courthouse steps, a half log cabin, or a square within a square – and they can all be trimmed with the 6″ Log Cabin Trim Tool!
These blocks are the perfect “Scrap your Stash” choice because the designs created are actually studies in lights and darks.  Simply sort your stash and start cutting strips!  If you choose to chain piece these blocks, they can be completed in fifteen minutes!

Log Cabin Quilts (#L8529) is a true labor of love because I wrote it!  Yes this is a totally biased blog because I love the tool – and the eight projects I created with it.  And the best news?  These projects used up about 40 yards of my stash – talk about a win/win!
The cover quilt features a square within a square log cabin version that is pieced like a Courthouse Steps block. That means you can sew opposite sides at the same time so they are very fast to piece.  I added an optional square of wool in the center of the light colored blocks to add texture.  The Grecian style border is pieced with the log cabin tool as well.

L8529_3A picture is worth a thousand words – so here are a few of my favorites.  This half log cabin quilt features a strip pieced border made with 2 1/2″ strips sewn into a tube.  Yes, the instructions are in the book and this is now my favorite border for ANY quilt.  If you like to work with wool, add the houses.  You can wait to decide until you piece the blocks because it is just as striking without them!
Three of the quilts in this book are twin size.  I have decided that at this point in my life, I am making quilts that fit beds!  But, it is easy to adjust the size to your needs.

This traditional furrows setting for the log cabin block takes on a funky feel when the “furrows” are planted with wool circles.  These wool circles were a great way to use up my scraps of wool as well.  The border reminds me of the jacks I played as a child.  This border is attached to three sides of the quilt.  You may choose to add it to all four sides but this was an easy way to teach my grandchildren how to make a bed!  They always know which end to put over their pillow.  Once again, you can choose to leave off the wool, but in this case, it is hard to resist!

L8529_1The other projects include two table toppers; place mats, a framed picture, and three floor pillows.  All of these projects would be perfect classes.  Start with the 24″ floor pillows.  They make great gifts and are the perfect introduction to show your students how to make a traditional log cabin, a courthouse steps, and a half log cabin block.  I backed them with Shannon Suede which gave them a professional look.  This fabric is 56 – 58″ wide and comes in a variety of colors in 10 – 12 yard bolts.  What a great way to introduce your customers to this fabric!

The six inch log cabin trim tool (Item #CGRJAWMN6) as a stand alone product or can be purchased as a two in one tool.  The Log Cabin Trim Tool Two (#CGRJAW2) combines two sizes – the six inch and twelve inch blocks.  Whichever trim tool you choose, the results will be spectacular!  And at just $18.95 the book is a bargain – that is roughly $2.00 a pattern.  Who can resist a bargain!

The Perfect Summer Project!

HHD101Talk about the perfect portable project!  These mini wooden hoops (#HHD101) frame a design that is slightly less than 1 3/4″.  These “Made in America” minis are the perfect gift.  Each pendant comes with a jump ring to turn them into a necklace.  The pattern for the “Hello” design is included.
Or add a pin or a magnet on the back – or turn them into napkin rings for a special luncheon….the possibilities are endless!
Need some help with the designs?  Shirley Hudson has that covered as well….

This pattern (#HHD369) includes twelve different designs – one for every season.  The pattern includes three different alphabets as well.  Two of the patterns can be personalized to your own needs.
Display both at the register – the perfect impulse buy that will have them coming back for more.  Why not have each employee make one – and wear them.  Walking, informed advertising is ALWAYS a good thing!  And, since they actually made one, they can explain how easy they are to frame and finish.  These are selling fast – but more are expected shortly so they will be here in plenty of time for the summer Row by Row Experience season!

Sewline is sew fine – and now at Checker


This pen like dispenser (#FAB50012) contains a solid acid free glue stick – which means it is safe to use on antique photos as well as delicate fabrics. This dense glue requires just a small amount to hold fabrics in place while sewing – no need for pins.  The colored glue dries clear and washes out without leaving a residue.  The fine print says that it is safe for most fabrics so test first but I’ve never had a problem.  Refills (#FAB50013) are also available.  They come in pink and yellow as well.
small_FAB50037_01_01This special mechanical pencil  (#FAB50037) uses ceramic leads for drawing on fabrics with a fine, clear line. The marks are easily removed with a damp cloth or the Sewline Erasers – no particles left like tailors chalk or hard to remove marks. Just remove marks with the Sewline Eraser or dab with a damp cloth. Eacn pencil comes with 6 lead refills.  This pencil as well as the refills comes in multiple colors:  black; green; yellow; white; and pink.

small_FAB50044_01_01This “Sure Guide Needle Threader” (#FAB50036) will thread very fine needles (size 9-12). The case slides open to reveal a clever mechanism. Simply insert the needle and lay the thread in the groove. Pressing lightly on the lever directs a shaped pin into the thread through the needle eye. If the pin hits resistance it will stop, preventing it from breaking. The case will hold needles and the top has a magnet so you can easily pick up those small needles.  For needles ranging from sizes 4 – 8 order (#FAB50044).
small_FAB50042_01_01According to the package, Stain Maid (#FAB50042) is a blend of orange oil and natural ingredients with a proven ability to dissolve and effectively lift oil-based stains, grease, inks, pencil, food and substances such as coffee, tea, blood, lipstick and ketchup. The Sewline Stain Maid crayon enable application right on the stain spot. No mess, no spill, non-toxic. You never know when you may prick yourself with a pin and may need an instant stain remover.

Visit our website to see all of the Sewline products.  Be sure to watch the videos for inspiration.  These could be the basis for your next demo day!

Show your Row to its Best Advantage

This idea is simply brilliant!  Christine Van Buskirk has designed six different settings for the Row by Row Experience.  Picture your shop row in any or all of these quilts.  And the only thing that can make it better?  Each one features a different Creative Grids® tool.  
Show Your Row: Square-On-Square (#CLPCVB009) features the six inch Square on Square Tool (#CGRJAW7). 
Show Your Row: Honeycomb (#CLPCVB010) features the ever popular 60 Degree Triangle (#CGRT60).


Show Your Row: Hourglass (#CLPCVB011) features the new Half-Square 4-in-1 Triangle Ruler (#CGRBH1).


Show Your Row: Friendship Star (#CLPCVB012) features the Cat’s Cradle Tool (#CGRDH1).

Show Your Row: Orange Blossom (#CLPCVB013) features the Round Up Tool (#CGRATK1).


Show Your Row: Star Shine (#CLPCVB014) features the Strippy Stars Tool (#CGRDH2).

Choose fabrics that compliment YOUR row and have kits available as well as the patterns.  But don’t stop there.  Use this as an opportunity to demonstrate one of the top selling Creative Grids® rulers.  This one is simply a win/win/win!

The Ultimate Half-Square Triangle Tool

CGRBH1Welcome the newest must have ruler from Creative Grids®.  This Half-Square Triangle 4-in-1 Tool (#CRBH1) has all the markings and the slot you need to make this most popular block.  Some patterns have you cut triangles from strips; others have you draw a line and sew on each side; still others have you make them bigger and trim them down to size.  You can even make eight at a time.  Now, no matter what method the pattern designer prefers, we have you covered – and I mean covered with our exclusive grip!
Brenda Henning not only designed the tool, she has written a sampler book – Trending Triangle (#BPP670) to showcase all of the features of the tool.
And, to make it even easier to demonstrate the different techniques possible with this tool, Brenda designed three Cut Loose Press patterns.


(left to right) #CLPBHE001, #CLPBHE002, #CLPBHE003

This, however, is just a stepping stone.  ANY pattern featuring half-square triangles can be made with one of the four techniques explained in the instructions for this tool.  Watch the video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RETkZz6x81g) and be prepared to be amazed!





Stars shining on our Newest Log Cabins

We released two new sizes of the Creative Grids® Log Cabin Trim Tools a few weeks ago – and the response has been tremendous!  (Four Inch – #CGRJAWMN4 and Six Inch – #CGRJAWMN6)

We couldn’t wait to create more Cut Loose Press™ patterns with them.  The place mats include instructions to make four different versions of the traditional log cabin block ((#CLPGRG005)- log cabin; courthouse steps; half log cabin; and square in a square.  What a great class.
The log cabin pieced into a star measures 24″ square (#CLPGRG006) and includes wool flowers with bias tape stems – created with a Clover bias tape maker.  Again, what a great way to introduce your customers to wool applique and a new tool!

Deb Heatherly, designer of the Strippy Stars Tool immediately saw the potential in combining the tools.  She created this darling mini (#CLPDHE009) that uses the Strippy Stars Tool to create an amazing border to showcase the four inch log cabins.
CLPDHE009But she didn’t stop there!  She combined the six inch log cabin with different sizes of stars to create this stunning beauty.

DH1602#DH1602  Retail $9.50

This gives you an opportunity to teach a series of classes – one on the log cabin four, six and eight inch trim tools; one on the strippy stars; and one that combines the tools!  Check out the website to see all of the patterns that support them!

Ring Around the Wreath

When Poorhouse Designs wreaths are the #1 and 2 top patterns and the Bosal forms is the #1 interfacing, it is time to shout it from the rooftops!


With just three fabrics, this is the Fold N Stitch Wreath (#PQD-210) is the perfect pattern to kit in a variety of seasonal fabrics! They won’t be able to buy just one!  Include the Bosal pre-cuts in the kit.  These are cut to the exact size they need – in the quantity they need so who can resist this time saver?


437-12BThis hexagon version (#PQD211)is simply darling – and is a smaller version at 14″ (The original is 21″).  Once again create the perfect kit:  three fabrics and the Bosal pre-cuts a(#437-12B)that are such a time saver!.  Have plenty of these ready for your upcoming summer events!

Scraps never looked so good!

Kim Brackett has created 18 new designs using our favorite sizes – 2 1/2″; 5″ and 10″ pre-cuts.  For those of us, however, who can no longer close the door on our stashes – she gives cutting instructions for yardage as well.  These projects were made from an eclectic collection of fabrics. Learn how to combine traditional prints with solids, florals and batiks.  Sometimes crossing genres adds that spark to your quilts.  Aren’t we all looking for that awe factor? Scrap-Basket Strips and Squares by Kim Brackett #B1327T

In this case, a picture is definitely worth a thousand words so here is some eye candy just for you!

This should be displayed in a place of honor right next to your pre-cuts!