New Reliable Iron

The Velocity 180IR boasts a patented built-in steam generator that ensures a continuous supply of steam without any leakage issues. Unlike traditional irons prone to leaks and spitting, Velocity irons utilize patented 2-heating element and micro-pump technology. This system pre-heats water and converts it into steam before it reaches the soleplate, guaranteeing consistent steam output even at low temperatures.

Equipped with three manual heat settings to Eco, Auto, and Turbo, the Velocity 180IR steam iron tackles stubborn wrinkles effortlessly while remaining gentle on delicate fabrics. Its eco and turbo settings offer versatility for various garment types. Look at the quantity of steam holes!

This iron features:
Compact Vapor Generator that Produces Endless Steam with No Leaks.
Three Temperature Settings for Versatile Ironing.
Coridium Ceramic Soleplate for Durable Performance.
8 Minute Auto Off for Enhanced Safety Features.
360°Swivel Cord for Flexible and Tangle-Free Operation – Perfect for Right and Left Handers
Wattage 1800W
Weight 4.05 lbs
Power Cord Length 8.2′
Warranty 1 year limited

They are due to arrive next month. Enjoy a quality iron at a spectacular price!

Check out My Beste Quilt Co

Checker now carries patterns designed by Renee Den Beste of My Beste Quilt Co. Her vibrant designs, and use of pre-cuts, make these a perfect choice for any quilter. I chose several that use a dark background but be sure to visit the WEBSITE to see her entire collection.

Fat Quarters and 5-inch squares

All of her patterns are due to arrive next month so place your orders now.

New Tula Pink Thread Collections

Tula’s 80wt + Neon collection presents Tula’s bespoke neon shades in Aurifil’s exceptionally fine 80wt 2ply thread, her preferred choice for appliqué. This collection also features seven additional hues that complement those found in Untamed, ensuring optimal results for all appliqué projects.

10 Small Spools 100% Cotton 80wt:
Colors Included:
7000, 7002, 2423, 6722, 2630, 1231, 7001, 2835, 1148, 2520

These threads come in a beautiful decorative box that would make a great gift!

This 12 Large Spool set of Aurifil’s 50wt thread incorporates the 50wt Neons originally launched in Neons & Neutrals back in 2023. Nine additional spools pay tribute to the non-neon hues found in Tula’s Untamed fabrics, ensuring that all hues needed for machine sewing & piecing and EPP are represented.

12 Large Spools 100% Cotton 50wt
Colors Included:
2560, 1148, 2535, 2520, 2830, 7002, 2581, 1147, 2423, 6736, 7001, 7000

The 12wt Neon set introduces Tula’s vibrant neon hues in Aurifil’s luxurious 12wt 2ply thread. This trio of large spools is designed to support a wide range of hand-quilting, decorative stitching, and embroidery endeavors.

3 Large Spools 100% Cotton 12wt

Colors Included: 7002, 7000, 7001

These new thread collections are due to arrive in October and coordinate with her fabric lines. Order them now so they will arrive at the same time. They will make excellent holiday gifts!

The Ultimate Guide to Free-Motion Quilting with Angela Walters

I can’t wait to see this book. If you have ever had the opportunity to meet her, you know Angela is a phenomenal teacher and so much fun. She removes the intimidation factor and gives everyone the confidence they need to learn a new skill.

This 320 page book is filled with inspiring photos, practical tips for making your quilting its best, and an extensive design library.

Just look at the details that add that awe factor to every quilt!

We all know that machine quilting can turn an ordinary quilt into a masterpiece. Learn how when this book is released next month!

New and Improved Needle Threader by Clover

One of my favorite notions of all time and now it is NEW AND IMPROVED! I already added it to my cart.

Quickly thread your needle at the press of a button. This improved model works with Clover Black Gold Needles, Quilting Needles and Applique Needles ranging from 0.46 6o 0.89.

Love the visual right on the threader:

The threading mechanism is enclosed in the plastic so it stays save and secure without breaking. This new version is due to arrive this month so place your orders now.

New Christmas 3-Yard Quilts

Donna Robertson, and Fran Morgan co-founders and designers of Fabric
Café, known for their signature economical 3-yard quilt method, are joyous to announce
their new pattern book, Quick Christmas 3-Yard Quilts!

The book includes 8 quilt designs written for 3 sizes- Lap, Twin and Queen/King. Each is sew easy to kit: 3, 1-yard cuts make lap quilt kit; twin uses 2 lap kits, Q/K uses 4 lap kits.

See all 8 designs below.

The book is due to arrive this month, in plenty of time to make several for the holidays!

New from By Annie

Fashionable and cute, these spacious zippered bags in two sizes will hold a variety of items or your favorite mini or regular-sized household iron.

Each features a zippered pocket on front and a mesh divider and fabric slip pocket inside. Rings attached to the handle may be used to attach a separate strap. (Check out ByAnnie’s free Carrying Strap and Pad course to make a separate, detachable strap.)

An easy-to-make Cord Wrap handily contains cords and can be made with leftover fabrics and interfacing from the project.

There is an Add-on Video™ available for this pattern. The Add-on Video™ is specially designed to support specific parts of the pattern and help the customer learn the best techniques. It doesn’t replace the pattern — it will enhance their sewing experience. To support local quilt shops, related paper patterns include a coupon for the value of the Add-on Video™. This is a $5.00 value. Customers can then use the coupon to get the video for free on the website.

Multipurpose zippered pouches in three sizes open to create shallow trays that provide great visibility and easy access to contents. Use them to store and carry personal items or a variety of art, office, and craft supplies.

Grab tabs make opening and closing easy. The optional hardware on one end may be used to attach a strap or other object.

The pattern includes complete step-by-step instructions for bags in three sizes:
Small: 2½”H x 5″W x 5″D when open, 2½”H x 5″W x 2½”D when closed
Medium: 2½”H x 7″W x 5″D when open, 2½”H x 7″W x 2½”D when closed
Large: 3″H x 9″W x 6″D when open, 3″H x 9″W x 3″D when closed

There is an Add-on Video™ available for this pattern.

Carry and store electronic devices comfortably with these stylish clutches made in your favorite fabrics and colors.

Each case features a fold-over flap with a hook & loop closure. A back zippered pocket provides convenient storage for chargers, cords, or personal items. ByAnnie’s Soft and Stable® gives the cases great body and stability and provides cushioning and padded protection for your gear.

The pattern includes complete step-by-step instructions for dimensional cases in four sizes:

Small: 6½”H x 9¾”W exterior, holds devices up to 5½“H x 8½”W
Medium: 8″H x 11½”W exterior, holds devices up to 7“H x 10¼”W
Large: 9½”H x 13″W exterior, holds devices up to 8½“H x 11¾”W
Extra Large: 10¼”H x 14¼”W exterior, holds devices up to 9¼“H x 13¼”W

iCases 2.0 is an update of iCases which was released in 2013. Just like a new edition of a textbook, this new version of the pattern features improved design and layout, easier-to-follow steps and diagrams, and our newest and best techniques.

Cut It Out! scissors cases make a perfect gift for any crafter!

The pattern includes complete step-by-step instructions for cases in two sizes:
Small: 8″H x 1½” to 4¼”W to hold scissors up to 7¾”H
Large: 10¼”H x 2½” to 5″W to hold scissors up to 9¾”H

Add support to the base of your ByAnnie project using this sturdy clear acrylic stabilizer.

Each base stabilizer insert measures 5″ wide x 8¾” long. These bases:

Adds support to the bottom of bags, totes, and duffles
Creates a crisp and professional look
Durable and lightweight
Rounded corners to protect the interior of your bag.

Base stabilizers include hang holes and colorful labels featuring images and names of bags for which they are designed. Labels and stabilizers are shrink wrapped for protection when being displayed or shipped. Any ByAnnie pattern that suggests a base stabilizer will also include instructions for inserting the stabilizer into the bag. In most cases, the stabilizer will be inserted into a sleeve. The sleeve may be attached to the bag or may be loose. In either case, the base stabilizer may be removed when the bag is laundered.

They are also available in a larger size:

Everything is due to arrive later this month so place your orders now.

They are Just Perfect! New Scissors from Karen Kay Buckley®

These scissors from Karen Kay Buckley® have all the features you love. From the comfort grip bent handles to the micro-serrated blade, we’ve got your cutting needs covered. The bent handle design helps keep the fabric flat on your work surface, and the micro-serrated blades grips your fabric for smooth, precise, comfortable, mistake-free cutting. The longer blade is wonderful for quilting, crafting, and garment sewing too. As an added bonus, the comfort handles are designed for both right and left-handed cutting.

Color: Teal Handle with Black Micro-serrated Blade
Made of: Soft Plastic and 3.0mm Japanese High Carbon Steel
Use: Scissors
Size: 8-1/2in
Included: One Pair of Scissors and Blade Protector

New from Elizabeth Hartman

Dog Park includes instructions for making 11 different patchwork pups and four different sampler quilt sizes. Or make a pillow or wall hanging of your favorite best friend.

Tippi the Chihuahua, Cookie the Terrier, Bernadette the Doodle, Pickles the Corgi, Lucky the Frenchie, Ginger the Dachshund, Edgar the Australian Shepherd, Wadsworth the Lab, Buttercup the Pug, Jeff the Beagle, and Clover the German Shepherd are all ready to play in the dog park. These happy pups are pieced using conventional patchwork techniques. No templates or paper piecing! The pattern includes a detailed chart showing the specific fabrics used in the samples, but don’t hesitate to make different fabric/color choices! Elizabeth tried to keep some of the block designs ambiguous enough to be interpreted as different types of dogs, so you can have fun mixing and matching fabrics to make blocks that look more like your own furry friends. Dog Park includes instructions for making a 68” x 86” Large Quilt with Tennis Ball Borders, a 68” x 72” Large Quilt, a 55” x 60” Medium Quilt, and a 40” x 50” Small Quilt.

This pattern will be available soon so place your orders now.