Trade Out your Register Display

All of these notions are less than $10 so they are perfect for a register display.  And that gives you the opportunity to tell your customers about them when they are checking out.

These Mini Wonder Clips from Clover are available in a 10 pack for just $6.95.  They are also available in bigger packs – but this is a great intro to the line.


Genius idea!  This seam ripper comes in a base which serves two purposes!  It is easy to find and can be used to cut threads when chain piecing.  If you want to use it as a traditional seam ripper, simply take it out of the stand!  this chain ripper retails for just $5.00, who wouldn’t want one???


This simple product cleans the fuzz created by cutting fleece, Cuddle, and flannel from your cutting mats.  And for just $6.00 for each cutting mat cleaner – why not???


These Needle Beetle Threaders are not only cute – they come with a light for those of us who are experiencing changes in eye sight as we age….


If you put these over on your notions wall, many of your customers will never even see them!  They will literally be hidden in plain site!  Give these gadgets their day in the sun. Your customers will thank you for it!


Primitive Christmas from Primitive Gatherings

I love everything by Lisa Bongean – and her newest book does NOT disappoint!  Honestly, I think it is the best book she has written in years – and that is saying something!

PRI-1001   PRI-1001_1

This book has just the right mix of small projects and large quilts – but they ALL will be treasured by your family for years!  When I first started looking at images, I didn’t think it had a Christmas feel.  Many of the projects don’t scream “holiday” so they can be used any time.

Christmas Reel LR-550x550

Christmas Rose is available in two sizes – a one block mini or a four block version.  Wool quilts are available for both (#PRI-1002 and #PRI-1003)

Christmas Rose-550x550 Christmas Rose Mini Web-550x550

The detail in the smaller projects added the awe factor to an already spectacular book!  The embroidered berries and pines add that detail that we have grown to love.
Believe Block-550x550







These simple ornaments remind me of the silhouettes that were so popular in cross stitching years ago….

Nativity Ornaments-550x550

And who could make just one of this sweet little lamb???
Sheep Ornament-550x550








These embellished “bulb ornaments” would be a great favor for a holiday get together.  Let your guests pick their favorite!

Light bulb Ornaments-550x550

These stacked ornaments are a perfect family project.  Now that you know you HAVE to have the book, the only question is – what are you going to make first???

Swoon over these Bags

The Swoon bags have those added touches that turn homemade into designer original – for a fraction of the cost.  They add pleather accents; metal magnets and buckles – this attention to detail makes all the difference.

SWN002   SWN004

The Blanche Barrel Bag includes side pockets for keys and a cell phone as well as piping and leather trim to add that designer touch.  The City Tote is simply a classic!

Paradiso Designs has a wide variety of Pleather to choose from in several textures to give your bag that special touch – and protect the bottom of your bag.  It is easy to cut and easy to sew.


SWN007   SWN006

Not all of the bags have leather trim.  They can be just as dramatic with a coordinating fabric.  Some of these Swoon bags are in stock, more are expected later this month.  And, did you know that we have over 600 Bag and Tote Accessories to choose from?  Check them out today.

The Newest from Atkinson Designs

Terry has single-handedly changed every quilter’s perception of zippers.  She has made their installation so simple that everyone can install them successfully the very first time.


In her latest pattern – Bubbly Bags – zippers add that awe factor when they are used as the handles in these great gift bags.  And since each bag only uses two fabrics, they can be made to carry that gift the day of the party!  Don’t you love it when the “wrapping” is part of the gift???  And, what a great way to use up scraps!




ATK-791She also released three new colors of 22 inch zippers.

Terry is such a great merchandiser!  It occurred to me that her zippers in the appropriate colors would look great in any holiday display!

Why not pull zippers that match the Christmas fabrics that just arrived and display them with this pattern?  What a great quick class.  You know they can’t make just one!

Japanese Style – Part Two

Akemi Shibata’s book – Quilted Bags and Gifts features 36 projects that prove that  the best gifts DO come in small packages!  Her eye for detail is reflected in every single gift and turns every day into heirloom quality – but most can be completed in a week-end.


ZW2231_4 ZW2231_3 ZW2231_8


ZW2231_5 ZW2231_6 ZW2231_7 ZW2231_8  ZW2231_1



























And at just $22.99, this book is a BARGAIN!  We carry many of the leather handles which gives each piece that professional look.  They are listed as companions for the book. Akemi combines taupe fabrics with colorful prints to create true works of art.  Why not incorporate a sense of style into YOUR every day life?

Japanese Style – Part One

When three books in the top 50 are by Japanese designers, you know that their sense of color and style has become main stream worldwide!

Yoko Saito’s “Scrap Valley” and “Traditional Block Patterns” will be in stock later this month.


You know you love them already!  The muted fabrics allow the actual patterns to take center stage.  Scrap Valley includes multiple projects big and small:
























This book is simply beautiful from cover to cover!  The photography is exquisite!

Yoko’s block book includes 64 different blocks combined in different projects and settings.  Could the quilt made from these blocks be this generation’s Dear Jane?  I can’t wait to find out!

Critters, and Monsters, and Monkeys Oh My!

I was lucky enough to speak and demo at the Shipshewana Quilt Festival right along side of Margaret Travis of Eazy Peazy Quilts.  This woman rocked it!  She sold out of everything!!!  The only thing behind her were empty hooks!

EPQ153   EPQ154 (1)

Her new Zip It Critters and Zip It Monsters patterns were the hit of the show – and are so easy to make with the Bosal eight inch round shapes that are fusible on both sides.  You can make two monsters from each pack.


Be sure to order plenty of her other patterns that use these circles as well.  These don’t include zippers so for those who are intimidated by the Z word, these may be a great starting point.  At this class you can remove the intimidation factor by showing how easy it is to incorporate zippers into this project!

EPQ144   EPQ147

Or introduce this technique with one of her Cut Loose Press™ patterns.



Why not introduce these as a mother/daughter class this summer?  They can learn how to sew zippers; make bias binding; and applique – and finish the project in class!  Hang them from their book bag for a great way to store lunch money or notes that need returned to the teacher!

Log Cabin Cutting Tips

I love, love, love the series of Log Cabin Trim Tools from Creative Grids®.  The width of the strips varies depending on the size – and I didn’t like doing the math when I was cutting out multiple strips!  But then I realized that I didn’t have to!

The eight inch log cabin requires strips to be at least 1 3/4″ wide.  Guess what!  The center white line of the CGR312 or the holes down the center of the Quick Trim Tool are 1 3/4″ away from the edge!  Cut strips to this width – no more math required!
CGRJAW1  CGRMT1The same thing applies to the CGRJAWMN4 – the four inch log cabin trim tool.  The center line of the CGR212 is 1 1/4″ away from the outside edge.  Since that is half the width of a jelly roll strip, I can use this line to cut strips from yardage – or cut 2 1/2″ strips in half.  They don’t have to be perfect because there is a fudge factor built into these trim tools.


Since I have been sharing this tip, about half that buy the tool also buy the companion 3 1/2″ or 2 1/2″ wide rulers.  After all, they are a great size as stand alone rulers as well.

There is tons of support for these rulers.  Check out the companions that appear below each ruler on the Checker website.  Here are a few of the new Cut Loose Press™ patterns that support the four inch version…..









Christmas in July

The Christmas fabrics have arrived – so now what???  Here are some of the latest and most popular patterns to showcase with the fabric.  Preview them in your display and see what draws everyone’s interests before you make your samples.

This three dimensional Christmas tree lights up – and is this generation’s ceramic Christmas tree!

AT276 MOON-111

This Snowman tablerunner from Cut Loose Press™ is made with the eight inch Creative Grids® Curvy Log Cabin Trim Tool.

This Cut Loose Press™ pattern by Chistine Van Buskirk is not actually a Christmas quilt – but would work up beautifully!

These Christmas books are in the top 100 so you know your customers will love them.

We all know that embroidery is the perfect travel project for summer and this book has lots of ideas for those who love hand embroidery.  Holiday Wishes by Sherri Falls includes a block of the month cover quilt as well as several projects.

Ask your customers what they would like featured in classes before the holiday season!

Honoring Our National Parks

For those of you who are from my generation, you may remember the Golden Eagle card. In the “old days”, you could get a year long pass for just $25 – which meant you could visit any part for a year for free!  Now that pass is available for $80 – still a bargain – and the 59 National Parks are the inspiration behind Donna Marcinkowski De Soto’s new book.

SF5119-8This hardcover coffee table book features 177 original art quilts inspired by scenes in our National parks.  Information about the parks is included as well as interviews with 64 park rangers and other personnel.

9780764351198b 9780764351198c


9780764351198d 9780764351198e



















What a treasure for anyone that loves to travel and is interested in learning more about these hidden gems in our country!  Why not order it now so the travelers that visit your shop can purchase it as a souvenir?  Absolutely beautiful!