The Cadillac of Notions

Clover produces classics – plain and simple. And the woman who has shared these with us for more years that I can count, will be at the Open House for one last time.  Come share some of Fran’s favorite things…..

Press Perfect Products

The Hot Hemmer Pressing Tool – my personal favorite – allows you to turn, measure and press a hem all in one step.  They recommend a dry iron…


Item #7806CV  Retail $17.95

The Touch Up Pressing Mitt is an ironing glove for your hand – perfect for pressing odd places like the base of a tote bag while protecting your hand.


Item #7808CV  Retail $18.95

Fran will be glad to share the benefits of the complete line of ironing products.

Clover has gone pink with two of their most popular products to support Breast Cancer research.

Wonder Clips


Item #3167CV

Needle Threaders


Item #4080CV

Nancy Zieman is a legend for a reason – she knows what she is doing!  Learn how she creates blocks with curves in three different sizes….


Item #9578CV  Retail $23.95

Everyone needs the basics – and this marking guide should be in every sewing bag.





Item #9579CV  Retail $17.50

Any questions on ANY Clover product?  Come talk to the woman who knows how to use them all and can help you choose the perfect demonstrations for YOUR shop!

Clothing with Style for any Size

Kay Whitt of Serendipity Studios has brought the art of garment sewing into the quilt shops.  This diminutive lady has a sense of style and creates patterns that include sizing from XXS – XXL.

Create classics in an afternoon.  Who doesn’t love a wrap dress – and this one has a wide overlap, no worries!

Ramona Wrap


Item #SDG133  Retail $11.00

Tunics are all the rage because they look great on everyone.  This version has a wonderful flair and has two choices of sleeves.  (Makes you want to run right out and buy a pair of cowboy boots, doesn’t it???)

Willow Tunic


Item #SDG138  Retail $11.00

Marilyn Dress

Marilyn made curves desirable – and this dress accents every one….









Item #SDG130  Retail $11.00

Kay is giving a school house on Sunday to explain how to incorporate clothing into your class schedule.  Learn which patterns work best for beginners – and how to advertise the classes so your customers will learn new techniques with each class.  Classics never looked so good!

Edyta has “Handfuls of Scraps” and knows how to use them!

Edyta will be at the Open House next month – and if all goes according to plan – she will have her new book in her hot little hands!  You already know every customer who will buy them, so why not get them signed copies?


Item #LBQ0460  Retail $27.95

The cover alone sells the book.  Who doesn’t want this quilt???  The book includes 36 quilts that use English Paper-Piecing and Broderie Applique.  Fifteen patterns are included.  She is also packaging her own hexies and stencils so you will have everything you need to make the quilt of your dreams.

Seasonal Silhouettes for all twelve blocks will also be available – another heirloom in the making….


Item #LBQ0500  Retail $310.00

Home Sweet Home is a block of the month….


Item #LBQ0430  Retail $20.00

She will be sharing other new patterns as well – including the latest which aren’t even on our website at this point!  You can’t get any newer than that!




Item #LBQ0446  Retail $10.00

And, just in time for Christmas….


Item #LBQ0440  Retail $10.00

Edyta is also giving a school house on Sunday to share her techniques and projects in YOUR shop.  Remember – not everything is in stock so order now or pick them up in person.  You know you want to…..

Adding the Awe Factor to your Quilts

Susan Cleveland is like a dog with a bone – and that is a good thing!  She creates quilting tools that allow you to incorporate the awe factor into every single project.  The tools themselves are wonderful – but then she took each one and experimented and tweaked them until they have become must haves for every quilter.

Perfect example – Piping Hot Curves.


Item #PHCB  Retail $24.95

This book introduces how to use a 1/16″ piping cord which is thin enough to add detail and dimension to your quilt.


Item #GPTTG  Retail $24.00

To achieve these results, you need the right tool.  This Grande Piping Trim Tool has grooves so the seam allowance can be trimmed to a perfect 1/4″ or 1/2″.


Item #GPTTG  Retail $24.00

Susan has also created a metal tool that creates perfect creased prairie points.


Item #PP  Retail $20.00

But, of course she didn’t stop there!  She wrote a book – once again showing multiple ways to include an all time favorite into your quilts.


Item #PRPABOOK  Retail $28.00

Susan provides techniques and tools that are great demonstrations.  After all, you need to continue to challenge your customers or they will become bored and move onto another hobby!  Come see Susan demo these tools at the Open House.  Why not learn from the expert – who has demonstrated her tools thousands of times!  Note:  The Open House is a wholesale show that is not open to the public.









Patterns with CD Instructions – Perfect!

Michelle Dorsey of Sew Michelle has a great idea!  She designs fun projects and includes a CD in each one.  Your customers can actually take home a class in a pattern!  Of course, beginners will love this – but experienced sewers will love them as well because Michelle incorporates products into her bags that are not necessarily in a quilter’s stash.

Many of her bags use mesh.  It has become very popular and is a great class idea since your customers will step a little bit outside of their comfort zone….And, yes, these bags have style!!!


Item #SMP100  Retail $8.95

The Mini Screen


Item #SMP102  Retail $8.95

The Sassy Screen Tote….


Item #SMP128  Retail $9.95

Many of the projects incorporate embroidery designs – and, guess what – they are included on the C.D. as well….


Item #SMP112  Retail $9.00

She also has created notebook covers that are fast, easy and fun gifts just in time for the holidays.


Item #SMP116  Retail $9.95






Item #SMP115  Retail $9.95

Come to the Checker Open House and learn the tips that will translate into a great class from the creator herself!  Note:  The Open House is a wholesale show and is not open to the public.

Classic Notions Designed by a Quilter

Jill Finley produces some of your favorite notions under the name Jillily Studio.  Why?  Because she is a quilter and couldn’t find what she wanted when she was quilting and had the initiative to go for it!  You’ve got to love a girl with gumption!

Her top selling Appli-Glue is water soluble, pH neutral and Acid free – which just means it will not harm your fabrics in any way.  It has a plastic tip that won’t rust and can be removed for easy cleaning.  But, if you need even more control, order the precision tip kit.


Item #JILL800  Retail $9.59 (2 0z. size)

Item #JILL810  Retail $3.50 (.5 oz. size)

Item #JILL815  Retail $3.50 (Precision Tip Kit)

She uses this glue to produce incredible applique quilts which I absolutely love!  Combining precision piecing with her stunning designs is irresistible!


Item #B1128T  Retail $24.99

Jill has been excelling at handwork long before the new term – slow sew – became the new trend!  Slow sewers know that the eye end of the needle can irritate the tip of a finger.  Again, she saw a need and developed these little circles that stick on the end of your finger – kind of like a mini thimble.


Item #JILL1050  Retail $8.98

When I saw Serenity, I immediately thought of the Row by Row Experience – the shop hop that is taking the country by storm!  The rows with scallops add a softness to this quilt that is impossible to resist!


Item #JILL1212  Retail $12.00

Poppy Field embraces her love of scallops – whether they are cut or appliqued.









Item #JILL1303  Retail $12.00

Jill will be at the Open House.  Come and visit with her – and find out how you can teach quality applique in your shop.  Note:  The Open House is a wholesale show and is not open to the public.

Patterns that Become Classics

Many of you have paid your rent with the top selling patterns by Sisters’ Common Thread.  Her ironing caddies which fold flat to create an ironing surface are simply genius!

They come in three sizes and include the heat resistant fabric that turns the tote into an ironing surface.

Caddy Pad


Item #SCTT0103  Retail $17.00

But who can make just one?  This is the perfect gift for any quilter so have a bolt of the fabric and Insul-Bright on hand.


Item #6345WN  Retail $7.65









Item #103714

There are three sizes so there is definitely one to fit your iron.  The travel size makes a great class and is made with fat quarters.  Once again, the heat resistant fabric is included.  We even carry the iron that is on the package!  Your customers will love that as well.










Item #SCT10105  Retail $12.00


Item #SF-717-A  Retail $29.99

They quickly realized that the same concept would make the perfect diaper bag.  The bag opens to lie flat to make a perfect changing pad….


Item #SCT10108  Retail  $10.00

Come to the Open House to see the new patterns – they have quite a reputation for creating classics!

A Mother/Daughter Purse Series in the Making

Love, love, love these simple and affordable patterns by Fishsticks Designs!  What a great way to teach basic sewing skills – but experienced sewers will want to make dozens to give to all of their friends and family!

The Time to Go Shopping Sack

No more plastic bags!  These bags have a four inch gusset so they hold everything – and a great class on how to create a bag with a gusset!  It only requires two fabrics so they can pick out their fabrics when they come to class!

TGSS-00   TGSS-00_1

Item #TGSS-00  Retail $4.25

On the Go Travel Pillow

This “pillow case” complete with handles and a pocket holds a standard 14″ square pillow.  The pocket can hold a favorite book or toy and provides another teachable moment.    Road trip anyone???


Item #OGTP-00  Retail $4.25

The Sew and Go Messenger Bag

Then you may want to move onto The Sew and Go Messenger Bag.  This bag uses a fusible interfacing – a new skill.

SGMB-00   SGMB-00_1

Item #SGMB-00  Retail $4.25

The You Go Girl! Backpack

This backpack has style and adjustable elastic straps – that’s right, another teachable moment.


Item #YGGB-00  Retail $4.25

The Wherever You Go Wallet

This wallet includes four pockets for credit cards and gift cards with a snap enclosure – once again introducing a new skill….

WYGW-00 WYGW-00_1





Item #WYGW-00  Retail $4.25

The It All Goes Here! Sewing Organizer

Now that you have converted a whole new generation of sewers, they need to keep everything organized.

IAGH-00 IAGH-00_1









Item #IAGH-00  Retail $4.25

Fishsticks Designs also creates darling children’s clothing.  Come see the designs at the Checker Open House.  I see a bag of the month class coming on…..




The Perfect Take and Teach Project

Deborah Miller of PlumEasy has created two of the best Make and Take It demonstrations in years.  These simple projects are a great way to use up scraps and create hostess gifts in just a matter of minutes.

The Folded Star Hot Pad comes in two versions – round and square.  Just press, place, and stitch in the ditch!  The pattern includes an interfacing foundation.


Item #PEP101  Retail $11.00


Item #PEP102  Retail $11.00

Additional packages of interfacing are available because who can make just one???

PEP201 (1)

Three Pack – Item #PEP201  Retail $5.50

Twelve Pack – Item #PEP202  Retail $16.00

But if that isn’t enough, why not buy the stencil?  Then you can trace it.  They even have a foundation paper that is transparent.


Item #PEP205  Retail $25.00

PEP204 (1)

Item #PEP204  Retail $13.00

They have thought of everything.  If your shop would like to kit these projects, this packet tells you how to do that as well...Item #PEP101-LIT.

For those of you who like one, you will LOVE this table runner that incorporates three hot pads.


Item #PEP105  Retail $22.00

Watch the video on our website to see how Deborah uses curved tweezers to machine quilt the folded star points in place:


Item #507SP  Retail $7.45

Using the same technique, what quilter wouldn’t love a pin cushion?  And, once again, additional foundations are available.










Item #PEP104  Retail $11.00








Item #PEP203  Retail $5.50

Each pincushion requires two cups of ground nut shells.  They are available in unscented or lavender.


Item #PEP301  Retail $3.00


Item #PEP302  Retail $4.50

Deborah Miller will be at the Checker Open House in August – a wholesale show where shop owners come to learn new techniques.  Come and learn from the creator herself – you will be glad you did!

Fabric Photo Transfer – the Perfect Way to Personalize a Project

C. Jenkins – the folks that supply us with quality freezer paper – have introduced Miracle Fabric Sheets.  The newest member of the fabric photo transfer family sounds like a winner.


Item #MFS05  Retail $21.49

The 100% cotton thread has a 200 thread count so it is the highest quality imaginable.  This high quality fabric is backed with a heavy paper comparable to card stock.  This paper stabilizes the product so it runs through a printer perfectly with no curling or wrinkling.

The fabric is treated so 99% of the ink stays in the fabric.  And, you can’t beat the price!  There are 10 – 8 1/2″ x 11″ sheets in each package.  It comes in Natural as well.









Item #NMFS05  Retail $21.49

Fit as many images as you can on each sheet – but don’t forget to leave a seam allowance around each image.  And, make sure that all of the ink cartridges are full and run them on a high quality setting.