Color Me Quilted

The coloring craze is in full swing and these newest releases from Landauer are the first to focus on quilting patterns.  In fact, Quilt Blocks & Designs showcases blocks from one of my books.  My children and grandchildren are now impressed!  Who would have thought that a coloring book would finally get their attention???


Item #L113428  Retail $9.95

They not only all wanted a copy, they wanted them for their friends as well.  That means that this coloring craze is a perfect way to introduce a new generation to the art of quilting.  Think about it.  They are using these books as a way to create and play with color – a natural progression to playing with fabric!


Item #L113435  Retail $9.95

Why not introduce your customers to the relaxation and joy of playing again.  And, in this case, it is a perfect opportunity to give a class on color.  They can color each block in a different colorway.  You will instantly be able to point out their color preferences and translate them into bolts of fabric.

Be sure to have the tools they need on hand as well….

This Gel Pen set includes 48 pens including metallics:


Item #12-27457097J  Retail $24.63

These colored pencils turn into a watercolor effect if brushed with a wet brush.  They come in 12 and 24 color sizes.


Item #700GP-24A  Retail $24.39

Item #700GP-12A  Retail $12.29

These pastels by General include 12 soft, beautiful colors….


Item #4400GP12A  Retail $18.71

These PaperMate flairs include a rainbow of 14 colors?


Item #1919653  Retail $17.63

These 24 colored pencils come in an easel type box which makes a great presentation…


Item #CB699-4  Retail $13.99

Wouldn’t the ultimate colored pencil set be the ultimate Christmas gift?


Item #3598T  Retail $86.55

These are the perfect Christmas gifts.  If you ARE hosting a color class, offer gift certificates to the class on display as well.  What a great addition to the gift!


Get Organized with Calendars and Planners

Brighten up your space with this Cozy Cottage calendar that includes vignettes from Lori Holt’s home – decorated with quilts and colorful projects from all of her books.  The pattern for the darling Cover quilt is included in two different sizes: a 36″ wall hanging or a 16″ pillow.


Item #ISE-706  Retail $24.95

Sue Spargo’s embroidery is a true work of art – and is showcased in exquisite photograpy.  Eye candy on each and every page….


Item #C146  Retail $22.99

The Piecemaker’s calendar is always a collector’s item and includes the appliques patterns for all of the butterflies shown.


Item #C2016  Retail $19.00

Don’t forget to include these two year pocket planners – which will keep your customers organized through 2017.


Item #HPP76  Retail $4.95


Item #JPP174  Retail $4.95


Item #PP126  Retail $4.95


Item #RPP159  Retail $4.95


Item #WPP179  Retail $4.95

Or enjoy a block a day with these perpetual calendars…


Item #C123  Retail $22.95


Item #C135  Retail $22.95

These are all great gifts – and the pocket planners are great gifts for Open House events!

Oh Christmas Tree

These paper-pieced trees don’t shed needles – and can still be done in time for Christmas!  The larger version is the perfect size to hang on a door.  Personally, I am making them for my grandchildren so they can “decorate” the tree as often as they wish without driving their mother crazy!


Item #VSC306  Retail $8.00

Did you know that there was a pattern for 3″ ornaments – the perfect size to decorate the tree?  The ornaments are paper-pieced as well.


Item #VSC234  Retail $6.00

Or choose the smaller size which measures 17″ x 41″.


Item #VSC307  Retail $6.00

And, yes – there is a pattern for 2″ ornaments for this tree as well!


Item #VSC239  Retail $6.00

There is also a button pack that contains 25 red buttons to attach the ornaments.  (These are on order and should be here by the time your tree is pieced).


Item #BV306AVSC  Retail $6.16

These patterns and buttons would be the perfect Christmas gift for a quilter.  Just add several green fat quarters.  Buy two – one for you and one for a friend – and give them a gift of an afternoon to work on the project.  Take every opportunity to extend the holiday.

The Clover Iron has Found a Home

When the gals at Sister’s Common Thread saw the new Clover portable iron, it just looked naked!  They immediately went home and created The Wedge Tote – an additional size for their ever popular Ironing Caddy line of patterns.

Clover Iron Tote

Item #SCT10154  Retail $15.00

The tote opens flat.  The inner lining is heat resistant so it makes a great ironing surface.

Open Tote

This is the perfect companion to all of those customers who have already bought the Clover iron – and for those who have it on their wish list.


Item #9200CV  Retail $49.98

The pattern is on order and should be in any day.  What a great combo gift for every quilter on your list!

Little Gatherings make Big Statements

The wait is over!  Lisa Bongean of Primitive Gatherings latest book is here.  Little Gatherings includes 13 minis – the hardest part will be choosing which one to make first!

little gatheringsa-550x550

Item #PRI-230  Retail $24.00

I wanted the book before I even saw the projects!  Love the details!  The book has a “hidden” spiral binding so it lays flat when you are following the instructions but the spiral is covered when closed.  And since it is a book on miniatures, the book is smaller as well.  The photography, the paper – everything is quality through and through.

Cornered Nine Patch

Cornered Nine Patch flat-550x550

Out on a Limb

Out on a Limb flat-550x550

Mississippi Crossing

Mississippi Crossing flat-550x550

Rail Fence

Rail Fence flat-550x550

Simple Baskets

Simple Baskets flat-550x550

Royal Star

Royal Star flat-550x550

Flower Baskets

Flower Baskets flat-550x550

Coxcomb Medallion

Coxcomb Madallion flat-550x550 (2)

Lisa shares lots of tips to help you recreate these miniature works of art.  She has the notions and tools that guarantee your success!

Her Itty Bitty Eights rulers by Creative Grids feature dashed inch lines so you can cut accurately.  The eighth inch markings are clearly defined as well.  After all, size DOES matter – you have to start with the right sized pieces to achieve accurate results.


Item #CGRPRG1  Retail $14.95


Item #CGRPRG2  Retail $15.95

She also has triangle paper for those little 1/2″ and 3/4″ finished half-square triangles.  it comes packaged two different ways.

Strips and Sheets


Item #PRI-212  Retail $7.00


Item #PRI-213  Retail $7.00

Charm Square Sized


Item #PRI-227  Retail $7.00


Item #PRI-228  Retail $7.00

Lisa has also designed two Cut Loose Press™ patterns that would be a gateway to her new book.

Shoo Fly Mini


Item #CLPLBN001  

Red Tulip


Item CLPLBN002

Why not showcase these in a Christmas display?  The book, rulers, triangle papers, and Cut Loose Press would be the perfect theme present!  Who wouldn’t love everything they need to begin a mini journey?

The Perfect Christmas Gift for Any Age!

Do you remember when you were a kid and first saw that box of 64 crayons???  Experience that joy again with these new sets – the perfect companions to the coloring books that are the newest stress reliever for all generations.

Chronicle Books offers this 24 pack of colored pencils that opens up to create an easel.


Item #CB699-4  Retail $13.99



General’s® Multi-Pastel® Chalk Pencil Set comes with 12 Assorted Colors. The pencils are acid-free, pre-sharpened and made with sustained yield cedar wood – now that is quality!


small_4400GP12A_01_01 (1)

Item # 4400GP12A  Retail $18.71

These Kimberly water color pencils are amazing.  Color your picture.  Then go over it with a wet brush to blur the lines and create a water color effect!  These come in 12 and 24 sets.

Item #700GP-12A  Retail $12.29 (Set of 12)

Item #700GP-24A  Retail $24.39 (Set of 24)

Or color with this gel pen assortment by Fiskars.   This is the perfect set for the younger set since it includes glitter pens, neon, two colors swirled together, as well as the traditional colors.  What young child wouldn’t love to see this under the Christmas tree?

Item #12-274570975  Retail $24.63

I actually gave this set to my grandchildren along with a coloring book as an early Christmas present.  Every time they visit, they are coloring their favorite picture and we are framing it to give to their parents for Christmas.

You may even still have time to create a carrying case for all of their supplies.


Item #MKSP060AF  Retail $7.95

Some shops are offering coloring nights so their customers can have a relaxing night out.  Why not create a display and combine a set of these pens or pencils with coloring books in a holiday display?  More assortments are arriving every day!



Bonnie Hunter “Leads” the Way

Anything by Bonnie Hunter is bound to be good – and her newest book, Leaders and Enders, is no exception.  Each quilt is a study in color.  No one can combine as many fabrics with stunning results like Bonnie, so why not learn from the master???


Item #KCS124-5  Retail $27.95

In this sequel to her best selling Leaders and Enders, Bonnie shows you how to create these scrappy quilts while you are working on other projects.  Pictures are worth a thousand words so check these out….

More Adventures with Leaders and Enders



Scrappy pieced borders add additional eye candy to these quilts:




And look how she extends the pattern into the border:


Or combines unusual color combinations to make the design pop:


Bonnie teaches you how to get your scraps organized so you can work on more than one quilt at a time – and achieve stunning results!  Make it a New Year’s resolution to finally get your stash working for you!

Sew Curves with Sew Kind of Wonderful

I love everything Sew Kind of Wonderful – and they have some jaw-dropping introductions for this Market!

They have designed some new patterns to support their popular Quick Curve Ruler (Item #SKW100 Retail $24.00) – and they are stunning!

Chic Sisters


Item #SKW412  Retail $10.00

Chic Country

SKW411 (1)

Item #SKW411  Retail $10.00

Chic & Jazzy


Item #SKW413  Retail $10.00

You can now create these gentle curves with their NEW tool – the Quick Curve Mini!


Item #QCRMIINI  Retail $18.00

They have taken many of their popular quilts and miniaturized them to dramatic effect.  These smaller versions are great table topper size or wall hangings.

Mini Twist – 27″ x 36″


Item #SKW502  Retail $9.00

Mini Rings – 33″ x 44″


Item #SKW503  Retail $9.00

Mini Medallions – 28″ x 32″


Item #SKW504  Retail $9.00

Mini Scope – 33″ x 33″


Item #SKW505  Retail $9.00

Mini Pumpkins – 36″ x 36″


Item #SKW501  Retail $9.00

These smaller quilts are a great way to remove the intimidation factor when working with curves.  Once they are comfortable sewing curves, they can move onto full size quilts!

And last but not least, all of their quilts include breathtaking machine quilting so they have released a tool for long armers so they can recreate those gentle curves.


Item #SKW99  Retail $32.00

These patterns and products are due to arrive any day so order yours now!


The Newest from Elizabeth Hartman

Elizabeth Hartman has combined some of our favorite critters into one quilt.  Fancy Forest includes her popular owls, foxes, rabbits and hedgehogs – simply darling!  Instructions are given for two different sizes.


Item #EH-023  Retail $24.00

Preppy Pod also includes instructions for two different sizes.  This quilt features her new Pacific fabric line that is due out in December.


Item #EH-024  Retail $12.00

Big Foot has become – well – Legendary!  If you aren’t a fan, the trees alone would be a wonderful quilt.  The pattern includes instructions for a quilt and a matching floor pillow.


Item #EH-025  Retail $12.00

You know your customers love everything “Elizabeth” so order now so we can ship them as soon as they enter our door!

Organize your Supplies in Style

These new totes by Everything Mary will hold anything and everything in style.  Each item is available in any of the prints shown.

This Catch-All Caddy is made of moisture-resistant canvas that will last for years.  This collapsible tote contains three deep main compartments and eleven more outside pockets for all of your crafting needs.


Item #EVM9885-8  Retail $22.99

The Tinker Tote has built in handles so you can take your supplies everywhere!  It features three expandable main pockets; two external pouches and nine pen/scissor size pockets.  It lays flat when stored – but you won’t be able to live without it so it will ALWAYS be full.


Item #EVM9887-4  Retail $19.99

The Wampus Caddy is the perfect size for a designer tool box.  Fill with a hammer, picture hangers, screw drivers, duct tape, WD40….you get the idea.  Wouldn’t this be a great Christmas or housewarming gift for anyone – including children who have just left the nest?


Item #EVM9886-2  Retail $27.99

The Tag-Along Tote is a versatile and attractive way to store and carry your next do-it-yourself project. Designed as the take-anywhere bag for the creative type who’s on the move, this tote includes two deep, expandable main compartments with 12 pen/scissor loops, and 7 additional outside pockets. Finished in durable, moisture-resistant polyester and complete with lay-flat design for easy storage


Item #EVM9944-1  Retail $24.99

Any of these totes would be a great first sewing kit filled with seam rippers, needles, threads, pins, scissors, etc.  Why not set up a display in your store and fill one with tools and one with sewing supplies?

To see the entire collection, visit our website. Many of these totes are now in stock.  Others will be arriving soon so make your selections now!