Civil War Legacies continue…

Carol Hopkins, author of the Civil War Legacies series, is releasing the third edition that is due out next month!

Item #B1365T  Retail $24.99

This book includes 16 patterns in a variety of sizes.  They feature classic blocks in interesting settings.  The cover quilt is a great example of  simple four-patches and triangles creating a breathtaking pattern.

Melissa’s Locket
Pinwheels shine in this honeycomb pattern.

Skedaddler turns simple four-patches on-point to add that “awe” factor.

Homefront combines eight pointed stars with a simple feathered star inspired setting – perfection!

Parasol Stars is set on point and adds interest to a simple four-patch and flying geese quilt!

Why not display this latest edition with the two previous best sellers – right next to your civil war reproduction fabrics?
Item #B1098T  Retail $24.99

Item #B1223T  Retail $24.99

You already know you want it, so order now!

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