Kim Diehl’s Whatnots Club

You know you are a legend when your latest book isn’t due to be released until May – and is already one of the top-selling books on the Checker website!












I haven’t seen this book yet so we will rely on the publisher’s words: Welcome to the wonderful world of Kim Diehl. On a splendidly small scale! Kim’s little quilts have three big benefits: they’re stash friendly, they’re quick to finish, and they’re as cute as can be. Now quilters can create a wonderful variety of pint-size quilts in Kim’s signature style. Enjoy 18 projects from Kim’s Simple Whatnots Club, previously available only in individual-pattern form. Learn techniques for petite patchwork, invisible machine applique, and cozy wool applique; then use completed projects as wall quilts and toppers or follow Kim’s lead and display projects in other creative ways. As always, Kim shares many of her ‘Extra Snippets’ that will make every quilter a better quilter.

You know this woman is a rock star – and the photography in the book is worth buying the book even if you were a member of the Whatnots Club! The book includes 18 projects. Order it now so you are part of the initial order!

Simple Harvest Arriving Just in Time for Fall

I love everything Kim Diehl and have been anxiously awaiting the arrival of her new book – due in just two short weeks. But now I have pics to share of the projects – and as expected, Kim outdid herself! In this case I am just going to let the projects speak for themselves!




















































This book includes recipes and decorating ideas as well so it is great eye candy even if you just display the book during the holidays. Or need a gift idea? Bundle the book and a selection of her fabrics – and make the recipient jump for joy!

Kim Diehl’s Harvest

This is short and sweet!  Kim Diehl is one of my favorite designers – but I am not alone!  Her newest book is not due out until October – but it is already in the top 20!  Now THAT is a super star!

If you want this book – without having to wait for the second printing – order it now so our buyers can place their initial order!  I can’t show you anything inside except to say that there are 19 projects based on Kim’ favorite season.  Decorating ideas and recipes are included!

Simple Friendships – Jo Morton and Kim Diehl

I blogged about this book – sight unseen because I knew it was going to be a top seller.  And now that photos are available, I am SURE it is going to be number one when it is released in February. Simple Friendships #B1351T.


This book includes 14 different patterns designed by two of the top creative geniuses in our field!  What is not to love?  You can see the influence of each designer in these quilts.

Pg79_WarmRegards   Pg93_JamesRiverCrossing










I love the combination of piecing and applique and instantly loved the idea of showcasing a single applique block in a wall hanging surrounded by miniature pieced quarter-square triangles.  The scrappy look is so appealing!  Use these quilts as a launchpad for your own designs.

Guaranteed Winners

I normally don’t encourage you to buy books sight unseen but these women are legendary – and, based on their reputations, you want to order now so you are guaranteed to get the first shipment!  And, I mean this literally because no pics have yet been released!  Some are not due out until February but I am ordering my copies NOW!

Kim Diehl and Jo Morton are joining forces to create 14 spectacular quilts all based on classic blocks.  These women are sensational alone so I can’t wait to see what happens in this collaboration!  Simple Friendships is aptly named!

Carrie Nelson of Miss Rosie’s Quilt Company is releasing twelve of her favorite quilt patterns in one collection!  Miss Rosie’s Farmhouse Favorites is sure to be a compendium of exceptional scrap quilts.  She has such a talent for combining literally hundreds of fabrics into stunning quilts – studying her projects is comparable to getting your masters in color and design!

You already know who will want these so order accordingly!

Baby Makes Three… #2

Kim Diehl and Pat Wys are both Martingale authors who are best known for their distinctive country styles so this book is a pleasant departure.  Their unique sense of proportion and color combine to create a unique setting for any nursery. This books brings the entire package – quilts and darling gifts that would be the perfect shower gifts.











  B1358T_8     B1358T_5


B1358T_4   B1358T_6

Any of these projects would be adorable in Kim’s new baby fabric line – Ric Rac Paddywack Flannels.







Everything Kim Diehl

I love everything Kim Diehl – and her new book and fabric collection are spectacular!  Welcome Wagon, her new fabric line due out in June, supports her Whatnots club – but will shine in any design.  This fabric line is due to ship in June.

Here is a sampling of the patterns and colors in this new line, starting out with her signature teal.
Item #6561-77

Item #6566-66

Item #6567-66

Item #6563-88

Item #6562-88

Item #6564-30

Item #6568-22

Item #6565-77

To see the complete Welcome Wagon collection, visit our website.

These prints would be right at home in the quilts featured in her latest book – Simple Christmas Tidings, due out in May.
Item #B1330T  Retail $28.99

The best part?  These fabrics and most of the projects don’t scream Christmas so they can be displayed year round.

Block of the Month with Creative Grids

Deb Heatherly – the genius behind the Creative Grids Cat’s Cradle Trim Tool – has developed a Block of the Month program for that top selling notion.



Item #DH15091  Retail $32.00

Deb owns a shop so this isn’t her first rodeo!  Over the years, she has incorporated dozens of BOM programs into her schedule and you will benefit from her expertise.

Purchase a set for each student.  This may look like a booklet, but it is actually a folder with the block patterns printed on individual sheets.  Give each student the folder at the first class – then, you, as a shop owner can decide whether you want to give them the whole thing at once or the patterns each month so they don’t work ahead.

individual pages

The techniques build from month to month so you utilize the true potential of the Cat’s Cradle Trim Tool.


Item #CGRDH1  Retail $17.95

Kitting has never been easier.  The actual blocks require 1 yard of four different print fabrics and two yards of background fabric.  Deb suggests giving them a fat quarter of each fabric and a half yard of the background fabric each quarter.  They can buy the setting triangles, backgrounds, and backing along the way so the quilt is more affordable for your customers AND you have guaranteed sales each month.

Since kitting is so easy, you can offer it in multiple colorways.  Your customers can choose the setting they prefer in the very beginning:

cover BOM (1)

solid BOM

30s bom  300 dpi


But this just gets better and better!  We are big Kim Diehl fans and love her new fabric line – Sunday’s Best.



The fabric isn’t available until December but look at the mock-ups she made for us!

Catapult , Kim Diehl, multi coloring, light setting pieces

Catapult, Kim Diehl, multi coloring, dark setting pieces

Catapult, Kim Diehl, multi coloring, modified dark setting

Catapult, Kim Diehl, Final Red (1)


They are all striking. It’s hard to choose a favorite, isn’t it!

Deb is working on a shop owner’s guide.  Contact her for details.  Or visit the Creative Grids demo area in the Checker booth and talk to Deb personally.

New Kim Diehl – What Could be Better?

Sometimes my job is easy!  In this case, a new book and fabric line from Kim Diehl is a no-brainer.  You know everyone wants everything this gal does – she is THAT good!  And, this line is the best yet…

Order the 12 yard assortment….


Item #Gatherbask12

Fat Eighth Assortments (packs of 3) Item #1003-F8

This is just a sampling of the luscious colors and prints in this collection:


Item #6432-11


Item #6436-99


Item #6440-55


Item #6433-66


Item #6435-66


Item #6439-55


Item #6440-44

To see the complete collection, visit our website:  //

She is releasing a new book as well – Simple Applique.  This book focuses on teaching four different applique techniques.  Your customers will be able to find one that works for them!

She shares her signature invisible machine applique and wool-applique techniques–plus needle-turn and fusible techniques.


Item #B1320T  Retail $22.99

Why not offer a class and give your customers a chance to try them all in this gorgeous wall-hanging?








Kim Diehl is Number One!

Kim Diehl’s latest book in the “Simple” series is guaranteed to be a winner!  She combines an artist’s eye for color in projects that combine piecing and sometimes applique.  What is not to love…


Item #B1191T  Retail $28.99

This table topper combines elements usually associated with wool to striking effect!


Adding a touch of applique to this border takes this simple quilt to heirloom status!


Interesting borders is a recurring theme…


And sometimes, simple piecing is all you need so the applique shines…..









This is just a sampling of the 14 projects inside.  You already know which of your customers want this – so order them now….