Bead your Way to Christmas Presents

When I first saw this “French Knitter”, I smiled.  Back in the old days – when they had wooden spools – my father would make one of these out of a wooden spool and four nails!  We would “knit” ropes for hours, were partial to variegated yarn, and didn’t do anything with them but enjoy the process!  Oh, baby, Clover has now made this tool for adults – and you will be shocked at the results!

Item #3100CV  Retail $13.95

Carol Porter demonstrated this tool at our Open House.  I had admired her jewelry earlier in the day and was shocked to see that she made it!  Check these out….

There are project sheets available:

Item #CT0101

Item #CT0103

It is so easy!  Just string the beads on embroidery thread before “knitting” it with the tool.  If you want your jewelry to be really clunky, add a bead with every stitch.  If you want it to be more sleek, add a bead with every other stitch.  It really is that easy!

We carry Bead Soup in a multitude of colors – which would be perfect with this tool!

See the entire selection at our website:

If you don’t have time to make a sample, that is O.K.  Just start a bracelet and have the tool and an assortment of Bead Soups by the register.  Invite them to do a round!  I guarantee you it will make them smile and bring back happy memories of their childhood.  How often do we have the opportunity to revisit our youth with such sophisticated results???

If you are doing an open house, this is a great demo item.  Your customers will have time to make them for Christmas giving.