The Newest Embroidery Buddies

Two different buddies in three different colorways – all ready for your machine embroidery touches! Toffee is a sweet 16″ doggy with an exquisitely soft coat, droopy ears, a lovely low pile, embroiderable belly and a cute little snout. He’s available in Toffee, Pink and Blue, so there’s a puppy for everyone.

These extra special buddies have embroiderable ears with lots of room for special messages and soft, low-pile plush fabric is so easy to embroider. This adorable elephant is floppy and soft, 14″ seated, has deep thoughtful eyes and adorable tusks! Elephant ear buddy has no self-contained stuffing pods, the hidden zipper on the ears makes hooping and embroidery easy on any embroidery machine.

All are due to arrive early next month so place your orders now.

Kimberbell Snuggles

What a great series of classes! In her own words: “Let the adventure begin” with The Snuggle is Real collection! Sweetly designed for babies and toddlers, each of the 14 patterns include a variety of techniques such as Vinyl, Embroidery Leather, Applique Glitter, decorative stitching, and more.

The Snuggle is Real: Petite Applique CD

Who wouldn’t love to have a collection of these on hand for last minute gifts – and learn knew techniques along the way! She has even designed body suits in three sizes: 3-6 month; 6-9 month; and 9-12 month and two colors: Koala Grey and Blushing Peach! They come two to a pack.

Made from soft and snuggly 100% cotton, each bodysuit is completely open on one side, making the garment easy to hoop. After adding your embroidered design, sew up the side with a simple straight stitch.

Baby Bodysuits - Blushing Peach (6-9 Months) - Pack of 2
Baby Bodysuits - Koala Grey (6-9 Months) - Pack of 2

Everything is scheduled to be in stock the middle of July so order them now. We need to stockpile them for all of those Corona babies!!!

Hoop Easy Is THAT Easy

I do not have an embroidery machine YET so I have deferred to an expert for this post. Nichole Schneider is a Checker buyer and knows everything there is to know about the subject!

Hoop Easy Cotton Batting from The Gypsy Quilter® Stitcher Series

Do you ever have a need for just a little bit of batting? This easy to use roll of 100% natural cotton batting is perfect for all your quilt-as-you-go or in-the-hoop projects.  I love it for small projects or for use in limited spaces. The convenient roll is super easy to use and space-saving to store.  The 10 or 12-inch roll is a great thing to have on hand for small projects!

When combined with 100% cotton thread and fabric, batting is microwave safe for up to 6 minutes- in 2-minute intervals.

Hoop Easy Cotton Batting 10in x 10yds
Hoop Easy Cotton Batting 12in x 10yds

Pro tip: Hoop your preferred stabilizer and float batting in the hoop.  Use this batting to give a little extra loft to in the hoop projects- especially the arms and legs of stuffed animals.

Hoop Easy Embroidery Batting – Cotton Poly Batting with Scrim from The Gypsy Quilter® Stitcher Series

Finally! Batting that supports your stitches WITHOUT additional stabilizer. Hoop the embroidery batting and off you go! Supports up to 8,000 stitches per layer. 11% Scrim for added strength and stability, this batting will not shift.

Hoop Easy Embroidery Batting 10in x 10yds
Hoop Easy Embroidery Batting 12in x 10yds

I love this batting for fully enclosed in the hoop projects. The batting IS the stabilizer! Nothing to remove. Simply trim when finished. This is a GREAT stabilizer to use for stuffed animals, pouches and more.   Your project is soft after embroidery and has a really nice loft to it as well.

Pro tip: if you need more stitch count support, simply float a piece of tear away under the hooped batting.

Hoop Easy Stick & Wash Away from The Gypsy Quilter® Stitcher Series

Perfect for hard to hoop items -simply hoop with release paper side up. Once hooped, score release paper with a T-pin and gently peel the paper up. Stick your hard to hoop fabric or item to the adhesive side and embroider. When finished, un-hoop and remove the stabilizer with water. Wash Away stabilizer is great for sheer fabrics and those with an open weave, also excellent for applique. Supports 8,000 stitches per layer.

Hoop Easy Stick & Wash Away Stabilizer 10in x 10yds
Hoop Easy Stick & Wash Away Stabilizer 12in x 10yds

Pro tip: For easy removal- spray backside of the project with water from a mist bottle. Then gently peel off the stabilizer. You can also immerse in water, and the stabilizer will dissolve completely.

Hoop Easy Stick and Tear Away from The Gypsy Quilter® Stitcher Series

Perfect for hard to hoop items. Simply hoop with release paper side up. Once hooped, score release paper with a T-pin and gently peel the paper up. Stick your hard to hoop fabric or item to the adhesive side and embroider. When finished, un-hoop and tear away stabilizer from the project. Supports 8,000 stitches per layer.

Hoop Easy Stick & Tear Away Stabilizer 10in x 10yds
Hoop Easy Stick & Tear Away Stabilizer 12in x 10yds

Pro tip: After embroidering, gently tear off the stabilizer.   

Hoop Easy Sew-In Mesh from The Gypsy Quilter® Stitcher Series

Sew-in Mesh adds stability while retaining the softness of the fabric. This product works great with knits, loose weave fabric, and fleece. It supports up to 8,000 stitches per layer.

Hoop Easy Sew-In Mesh Stabilizer 12in x10yds

Hoop Easy Sew-In Mesh Stabilizer 12in x10yds

Pro tip: Leave this stabilizer in after embroidering. If you need more stabilization- float tear away stabilizer under the hoop.

Hoop Easy Tear Away from The Gypsy Quilter® Stitcher Series

This is the cleanest tear away you’ve ever used. The stabilizer is perforated for a precise tear and easy removal. This works best with woven fabrics and other fabrics that do not stretch.  Supports 8,000 stitches per layer.

Hoop Easy Tear Away Stabilizer 10in x 10yds
Hoop Easy Tear Away Stabilizer 12in x 10yds

Pro tip: If you need more stability, layer up the stabilizer.

Hoop Easy Topper from The Gypsy Quilter® Stitcher Series

Use this topper to prevent stitches from sinking into your fabric. After embroidering, tear topper away, then remove any excess with water.

Hoop Easy Topper 10in x 10yds
Hoop Easy Topper 12in x 10yds

Pro tip:  use topper when embroidering toweling or “furry” fabrics- and the stitching will sit nicely on top!

Kimberbell Trims

I love these assortments of crocheted trims by Kimberbell.

Crocheted Edge Trim Red
Crocheted Edge Trim Grey
Crocheted Edge Trim Lime Green

In her words: “A look both classic and contemporary, our designer Crocheted Edge Trim is a soft, grosgrain ribbon flanked by lovely loops of thread. Available in three sizes, the smallest ribbon is a 3/8” wide gingham pattern, the medium is a 7/8” wide polka dot, and the large size is a 1-1/2” wide solid color. Each size and style of Crocheted Edge Trim comes in two-yard lengths and is ideal for a variety of machine embroidery and sewing projects! “

Don’t you just love the colors??? These would be perfect as an add on to a display of Spring fabrics! Who doesn’t love checks and polka dots?

New Bird Brain Designs for Winter and Spring

Robyn Kingsley of Bird Brain Designs is simply a delight. And her joy for living and stellar personality are reflected in every project she creates! These designs will be available later this month and are available for hand as well as machine embroidery.

There are even new releases for Spring and Fall…


I kept these images big so you could see the detail she incorporates into every scene!

A Blank Canvas – Literally

I totally missed the boat on this one! I looked at these totes and aprons by Kimberbell and thought they were great for machine embroidery – but didn’t consider all of the other possibilities!

These canvas totes come in natural and denim and are totally finished except for the side seams which are serged! When you are done decorating, just stitch up the sides with a straight seam!

My grandchildren are coming down for “grandma camp” in a few weeks. My idea? We are going to cut pockets from old jeans, pinking the fabric beyond the pocket so we can attach them to the tote easily. They can embellish them any way they want and then we will stitch multiple pockets on each side. We may even add a few to the inside!

Kimberbell has those assortments of adorable trims as well. Adding ribbon to the tops of some of the pockets might be fun too! Who says they have to be just for machine embroidery???

And then I saw these blank aprons in adult and children’s sizes! Craft aprons with multiple pockets? What do you think???









These are all affordably priced and in stock! I just placed my order!

The Witches are Baking at Kimberbell

I ran into Kim from Kimberbell while we were setting up the booth and she told me that Broomhilda was visiting.

The description for this is so darn cute – you can’t improve on perfection so I am not even going to try:

Come sit for a spell in Broomhilda’s Bakery where every ghoul-friend is welcome! Hang your hat and rest your witchy toes, while sampling the spooky sweets like Boo-Berry Pie and Rice-Creepy Treats. Kimberbell’s vinyl and glitter sheets conjure the cutest applique with charming frogs under glass, plus diva witch hats and high heels. All the extraordinary embellishments like Mylar candy corns and flowers, fuzzy fringed spiders, and Broomhilda’s collection of eyeballs will have you screaming in a good way.

Kimberbell’s spook-tacular new quilt features: 26 embroidered blocks, Flying Geese (pieced in the hoop) and three more traditionally pieced blocks include Pinwheel, Four-patch, and Broomhilda’s twist on a Sawtooth block, which she calls the Sweet-tooth Star. Plus 4 pieced picture blocks, where the sections are embroidered separately, then applique images are aligned before piecing the blocks together to make a complete picture. The quilt can be made with the 4×4 and 5×7 hoop sizes.

Broomhilda’s Bonus projects include:
Smell my Feet Tea Towel
Face First Frosted Cupcake Hot Pad (4 sizes)
Suspiciously Sweet Table Runner (2 sizes)
Apothecary Jar Wall Hanging (2 sizes)
Under Your Spell Bench Buddy

And, in typical Kimberbell style, she has included an embellishment kit that includes everything to make this sing!

Don’t have an embroidery machine? It’s okay. there is a version for you as well!

And, of course there is a fabric line to make it all oh so easy!

Everything will be in stock by next month so plan your classes now!

Backpacks for Dinosaur Lovers

These backpacks by Embroider Buddy are sure to be the hit at any school. The hidden zippers can hold all kinds of treasures – including homework – and the “belly” can be embroidered in a hoop in your choice of designs.

















These newest additions to the Embroidery Buddy line are sweet gifts for your favorite pre-schooler. Some are in stock – others are due to arrive this month!

Portable Cuddles

I just love these new additions to the Embroider Buddy line. These cuddle buddies are the perfect portable blankies – with lots of room to embroider your favorite saying or design.























These are due to arrive next month – in plenty of time for holiday gifts. The price is so affordable, you can give them to everyone on your list!

They have also added Santa to their line of stuffed toys – again due to arrive next month.







Have you been naughty or nice????

Bench Pillow Exclusive

The bench pillows by Kimberbell are one of my favorite seasonal projects because just one can transform a room – or a deck.  At 16″ x 38″ they make an impact in any decor.  An added bonus?  A twin bed is 39″ wide so one across a child’s bed is a great way to spruce up a bedroom in an instant!

Now these patterns are available three different ways – in a traditional pattern; a machine embroidery CD; and a laser cut version so there is no reason not to start your collection today!







Did you know we actually have the pillow forms – and it is a Checker exclusive???


Why not make this the gift that keeps on giving?  Give them the form and December pillow – and then send them the new cover each month!