A Reliable Iron…

Reliable is releasing three new irons this summer. Choose the one that best fits your needs.

The Velocity Sensor Auto Control (260IR) is Reliable’s flagship home iron model. The Velocity 260IR features a digital control panel that provides the user with eight different automatic ironing programs. From silk to denim, the 260IR intelligently sets the correct temperature and steam output to remove wrinkles and apply the perfect press.  This was had an 8 minute auto shut off – which can be bypassed (my choice).

The all-new Velocity Sensor (230IR) utilizes the comfort of sensor steam technology with the effectiveness of the Velocity’s patented dual heating element design. The 230IR features an “ECO” setting safe for all fabrics. The “Turbo” setting turns up the heat and delivers a copious amount of steam to tackle difficult fabrics.  This iron has an 8-minute auto shut off.

The Velocity One Temp 160IR provides the user with a safe and effective home ironing solution. With one set temperature, it’s safe for all fabrics—even delicates like silk. The steam trigger provides on-demand steam when desired. Like all Velocity irons, there’s no spitting or leaking! This iron has a 8 minute auto shut off.

Every seam that is sewn needs to be ironed – so an iron should be quality – and Reliable fits the bill!

Twelve Days of Christmas – Part One

Not only were all of these items hot at Market, but I also worked Festival and the Novi show in Michigan – and the consumers agree!

The Creative Grids® Stripology Squared Mini is a definite hit. Everyone loves the size and maneuverability of this baby! Designed to square up blocks up to 6 1/2″, I immediately learned that it is my go-to tool when sub-cutting strip sets. (The acrylic raises over the seams so there is no teeter-tottering like your experience with a traditional ruler.) Plus there are five patterns that support it. Offer it for Christmas and offer classes or demos featuring the patterns the first of the year.

Stripology Mixology is the perfect companion to ALL of the Creative Grids® stripology rulers. The book features 13 quilts made from pre-cuts – and tells you how to cut your own. And who doesn’t want a cocktail over the holidays – recipes included!

The portable Reliable Iron is amazing! It is not only an iron, but it is also a steamer. It gets to a temperature of over 300 degrees in a short amount of time. The bag is insulated so you can leave class before the iron is entirely cool – just leave the long cord on the outside of the bag. Another feature – the outside of the bag has a silicone side to use as a rest when in use. This one is a winner!

What good is an iron without a great ironing mat? These Gypsy Quilter mats come in a variety of sizes. The 13 1/2″ mat is one of the most popular sizes since it is big enough to press a 12 1/2″ block!

Stay Tuned for Part Two….

The second most important machine in your Sewing Room

I travel and teach all over the country – and this is my pet peeve!  Quilters will buy sewing machines that cost more than my car – and iron every stitch sewn on those machines with a cheap iron they buy at a discount store!

Pressing is such an important part of quilting and we need to give it the respect it deserves.  Reliable has two choices that are perfect for any quilter.


Item #100IS

Reliable calls the Maven their lightweight giant – and they are so right!  It weighs less than 1 1/2 pounds but has tremendous pressing power.  The powerful pressurized steam removes wrinkles and folds effortlessly.  The cork handle is comfortable and doesn’t retain heat – and it adds a design element that I love.

This iron is the perfect choice for quilters.  The steam vents are concentrated at the tip of the iron to maximize their effectiveness.  And there is no automatic shut off so you can go chain piece your blocks and return to a hot iron!


Item #200DS

The Senza is a serious ironing system.  It is the first two-in-one system.  For quick ironing tasks, the iron can be used separately from the station.  For serious ironing, it can be attached to the base so there is continuous steam. This would be my choice for long-armers!  This iron would make short work of ironing backings!  And the steam can release wrinkles and folds in batting.

Buy one of each and have them in your classroom.  Once your customers experience the difference, they will be adding one to their Christmas wishlist.

The good news?  These are now drop shipped from Maumee instead of Canada so freight charges are reduced!  They will be in stock later this month so order them now so you can be the first shop to demonstrate these work horses!