Sassafras Lane – Their New STUNNING Diamond of the Month Program

Empire Place is designed to work as a nine month paper-pieced diamond of the month program – or complete it all at once!  After all, once you start working on a Sassafras Lane pattern, it is hard to stop!


Item #SASSLN0029  Retail $24.00

Whether you choose A white or a black background, it is stunning!  Suck your customers in – one diamond at a time!



No need to copy the foundations out of the book – they are available on foundation paper…(Item #SASSLN0030  Retail $12.00).

Modern Paper-Piecing at its Best

I LOVE this book!  This is a new, refreshing approach to paper-piecing.  Paper Pieced Modern has complete illustrated instructions for 13 paper-pieced quilts which will knock your socks off!


Item #11088  Retail $26.95

Sometimes I just need to keep my mouth shut and let the pictures speak for themselves – and this is one of those times….









Does this look like any paper-piecing you have ever seen???  And, look at this one – it would be a great quilt – and a spectacular surprise on the back!


This book is arriving this week so order it now.

Oh Christmas Tree

These paper-pieced Christmas tress are sure to be a hit – and there is plenty of time to finish them before Christmas.

Cindy Edgerton has created these trees in several sizes.  The original “Tall Tree” is a little over 6 foot tall…


Item #VSC306  Retail $8.00

This pattern includes the foundations for two trees.  Adorn the tree with a button pack so you can add ornaments each day – instant Advent tree!


Item #BV306AVSC  Retail $6.16

The Little Bit Shorter Tree also includes foundations to make two trees that measure 17″ x 41″.  This is the perfect size to hang on a door.  Why not make one for each grandchild so they can decorate their room?


Item #VSC307  Retail $6.00

Need a Tree Skirt?  This one is 48″ and is sure to become a family heirloom!


Item #VSC280  Retail $8.00

Or, make an even smaller version of the original in three sizes (two foundations of each):


Item #VSC270  Retail $6.00

Why not start a new tradition and give Christmas decorations for wedding gifts?  Who wouldn’t love this tree skirt or a wall hanging to commemorate their first Christmas together???

Judy Niemeyer’s Star Shines Bright

Judy Niemeyer is a legend in our industry – and more importantly – one of the nicest and most down to earth people I have ever met.  Simply put, she is a class act.  We love it when good things happen to good people – especially when they have the talent to back it up!

Judy Niemeyer will be showcasing her new fabric line – The Reclaimed West.  Cotton has never looked so good!

These fabrics are gorgeous on the bolt – but add texture and depth when pieced into her stunning designs.  The entire collection can be pre-ordered on our website, but here are just a few sku’s to show how beautiful they truly are…


Item #C2901-Red


Item #C2907-YLW



Item #C2908-GREY


Item #C2899-FOG

But the fabric collection is only part of Judy’s vision.  She is releasing 18 new and restyled patterns demonstrating the collection’s diversity.


Item #JNQ167P  Retail $66.00


Item #JNQ103P  Retail $37.00


Item #JNQ143P  Retail $13.00


Item #JNQ166P  Retail $22.00


Item #JNQ169P  Retail $28.00


Item #JNQ165P  Retail $65.00


Item #JNQ168P  Retail $39.00

Special Edition


Item #JNQ163P  Retail $39.00

Limited Edition


Item #JNQ164P  Retail $72.00

If you are counting, this is just the tip of the iceberg!  I will share the rest when information becomes available…The patterns and fabric are supposed to arrive in November.  What great kits – Christmas shopping has never been easier!

Slow Sew includes Hand Quilting

There is a resurgence in what my generation called handwork.  Embroidery, working in wool, English paper-piecing, and now hand quilting are gaining in popularity.

At a recent show, many of the new generation of quilters wanted to know how to get started.  In the “old” days, I was considered an expert hand quilter because I could quilt 12 to 15 stitches per inch.  These are my favorite tools and hints….

If you want to achieve tiny stitches, use a light weight polyester batting.  Cotton batting is thicker and is harder to quilt.

I never learned how to use a traditional metal thimble.  I prefer leather thimbles because they mold to my finger.  Goat skin thimbles are virtually indestructible.  The finger tip version comes in several sizes.









Item #FTMD  Retail $17.40 (Medium)

If thimbles tend to slip off of your finger, try this version….


Item #KT-1SZ  Retail $19.00

Start with a 17″ Q-Snap frame.  An entire 12″ block can be quilted without moving the frame – and can be quilted in an evening.  It is easy to manipulate and turn as needed.  Most people can only quilt in one direction so floor frames are limiting.


Item #SF17QS  Retail $18.75

There is an old adage – The smaller the needle, the shorter the stitch.  I have found that I can get perfectly small stitches with a size 9 Colonial Between needle.  This needle has a larger eye so it is easy to thread and is strong enough so that it doesn’t break when quilting.


Item #CB120-09     Retail $2.03

Quilting thread is a cotton thread that is coated to give it strength and make it easier to glide through the fabric without fraying.  It is only used for hand quilting – not piecing.  It comes in a variety of colors.






Item #201M-0928  Retail $4.19

My suggestions?

Consistency is more important than the number of stitches per inch.  In the beginning, use a water soluble marker to mark dots every eighth inch.  This will give you a “target” for your needle.

Use a print for the backing.  A print hides any uneven stitches while you are learning.

Choose a quilting thread that matches the fabric.  Wait until you have perfected the stitch before moving on to an accent thread.

Rock the needle until you have three stitches on the needle.  More than that makes it difficult to pull the needle through the fabric.  After you are more experienced, you can increase the stitches.

Avoid seams when possible – and when you can’t, stab stitch through the bulk.  This is when you will LOVE a thimble!

Start now!  Many of us can no longer hand quilt because of carpal tunnel, arthritis, and eye sight issues.

Coming Soon from Favorite Designers – Part One

Some of your favorite designers have been busy and are releasing new patterns this season.  A few of them are in stock, but most won’t be in until later this month.  But, these ladies have such a following that I wanted to give you a heads up!  Some are new, some are updated.  All are beautiful!!!

Judy Niemeyer – need I say more????

Lumina Feathered Star










Item #JNQ135P  Retail $75.00

Bali Wedding Star 2014










Item #JNQ136P  Retail $74.00

Flowers for My Wedding 2013

This pattern is updated to include the Quiltworx Impressions – fusible laser cut appliques (Item #IDB-JNQ-01  Retail $23.50; Item #ILP-JNQ-01  Retail $29.00).










Item #JNQ137P  Retail $37.00

Gooseberry Garden








Item #JNQ23P  Retail $16.00

Carrie Nelson of Miss Rosie’s Quilt Company has created three more Schnibbles – and they are all spectacular!





Item #RQC476  Retail $7.30

Jersey Girl



Item #RQC478  Retail $7.30

Chicken Feed










Item #EQC479  Retail $7.30

You know your customers will want them, so order them now….