Create with Cardboard

Rinske Stevens Designs provides everything you need to create heirloom quality covered boxes for every room in your house – and every occasion!









Or make a collapsible Victorian sewing box or journal cover.










What makes these special is that they also sell the hardware to give each piece that heirloom quality look.










Can you imagine featuring embroidery designs on these projects?  What a great wedding gift, Mother’s Day gift – you get the picture!  Visit our website to see the entire line of Rinske Stevens Design products.


Holsters Aren’t Just for Cowboys

These “holsters” are designed to organize your sewing, office or craft area.  They are made from a patented silicone.  The flap sticks to any smooth, clean an dry surface.  Once positioned, simply spray with water to secure in place.  Drainage holes are included so objects such as paintbrushes can drain and dry.  The Lil’ Holster is 3.25 x 5.25 inches and is dishwasher safe – which makes them the perfect organizers for your kitchen sink as well!  They are so easy to place, move and clean!








The Hobby Holster is heat resistant up to 400 degrees so it can actually hold a glue gun.  The flap can double as a work mat.  Any glue will peal right off- or anything else you want.








The Lil’ Holster mini measures 2.5 x 4 inches and has all of the great features of the original.

1914-or 1914-or_2







These are the perfect gift for every quilter who dreams of being organized!  Visit the website to see the entire range of colors:  Holsters


Camden Bags are Now Even Easier

The Camden Bags and Bowls are top selling patterns by Aunties Two.  With new products on the market, these projects have gotten even easier!  The bottoms are now pre-cut so prepping for a class is a breeze!

at284  at285








Choose the oval forms for the bags and the round forms for the baskets.  The baskets come in three sizes: small. medium, and large.









The bags come in two sizes.











The sides are shaped with pre-cut double sided fusible batting.  And the fabric?  2 1/2″ strips!  Kitting just became a whole lot easier!


New Gift Options That Are Sure to Please

Mason jars have been used for everything from canning to storage for generations.  And, now they have become the foundation for sewing notions that will have your customers buying multiples.

Jardi is the easiest way to hang jars on a wall – functional, safe and removable.  They are made of a high quality silicone that holds wide mouth mason jars securely.  The package includes everything you need to hang two jars.


The Tutu transforms a wide mouth mason jar into a sewing caddy.  The ring holds up to 16 bobbins; four pair of embroidery scissors; as well as anything you want to put in the jar.  Cover the pincushion with your choice of fabric.


This lanyard holds a pair of embroidery scissors securely so they are at your finger tips.








All of these notions would be a great addition to a small gift display for the holiday season.  Who wouldn’t love to find these in their stocking?


This generations Sewing Basket

Around the holidays there are always new customers who want to buy a sewing basket for someone who has shown an interest in quilting.  Why not stock these decorative carriers and display them with your favorite notions – pins, needles, seam rippers and scissors for sewers; rotary cutters, rulers; applique pins; Wonder clips; etc.  Let them “build” their own version of a sewing basket.

They come in a variety of styles and fabrics.  Check out the entire collection by Everything Mary.  Many are in stock.  Others are due to arrive any day.


EVM10487-3 EVM10488-1























Don’t forget to suggest a gift certificate for a class – and give them a class schedule.  Be sure to have beginning quilting classes as well as some handbag classes on the schedule so that you can appeal to everyone!

Finally – A Fabric Mesh!

It is no surprise that Annie Unrein of Patterns by Annie has created the perfect mesh for all of your purses, totes, and storage needs!  Vinyl mesh has been around for a long time and still is the best choice for some applications.

But this polyester mesh is easy to sew; soft and pliant – the perfect choice for pockets so you can see what is inside.

Item #SUP209-APGR

It is available two different ways – pre-packaged in 18″ x 54″ size or on 15 yard x 54″ bolts (the bolts are Drop Ship only).

It is available in several different colors – and will be available next month.  Please help our buyer by placing your order now.  Obviously white will be popular – but what other fashion colors will you choose????  Visit our website to see the entire collection and the patterns that support it:  Patterns by Annie.

In a clutch, choose Annie Unrein

Frankly, I was always intimidated by Annie Unrein’s patterns.  After all, I saw the samples – and they were perfect.  She is an expert seamstress and teaches threadology classes.  I bet she even makes tailored clothes!

But then, I saw her demonstrate at Road to California – and she made it look so simple that I thought I should give it a try.

As soon as I got home, I ordered her iCases pattern.  This one has a zippered pocket to hold the cord and has instructions for two sizes – exactly what I needed.PBA218 Item #PBA218  Retail $9.95

Annie has created a technique that makes all of her bags doable by anyone – even me!  It turns out that you create everything in panels.  Then the panels are placed on top of each other and bound together like a quilt – now that I can do.

And I did!  And now, I feel like my last name should be Bradley.  Friends came over last night and thought I bought my first project.  I consider that a win!

Soft and Stable – another Annie product – provides just the right amount of body and made the binding lay perfectly.
PBASS2018 Item #PBASS2018  Retail $11.95

Why not add some of these projects to your class schedule?  Once they see how easy it is, they will want to make more.  I immediately ordered three more patterns.  These will make great gits – and I already know I can’t stop at just one!

These “Open Wide” Pouches come in three sizes.
PBA246 Item #PBA246  Retail $9.95

Bling It On! is the perfect carrying case for jewelry or anything small!PBA248 Item #PBA248  Retail $9.95

Or, start them out with a simple Cut Loose Press jewelry case.  Believe me, they will be thrilled with the results!

Gift giving just got a lot more fun!

Organize your Supplies in Style

These new totes by Everything Mary will hold anything and everything in style.  Each item is available in any of the prints shown.

This Catch-All Caddy is made of moisture-resistant canvas that will last for years.  This collapsible tote contains three deep main compartments and eleven more outside pockets for all of your crafting needs.


Item #EVM9885-8  Retail $22.99

The Tinker Tote has built in handles so you can take your supplies everywhere!  It features three expandable main pockets; two external pouches and nine pen/scissor size pockets.  It lays flat when stored – but you won’t be able to live without it so it will ALWAYS be full.


Item #EVM9887-4  Retail $19.99

The Wampus Caddy is the perfect size for a designer tool box.  Fill with a hammer, picture hangers, screw drivers, duct tape, WD40….you get the idea.  Wouldn’t this be a great Christmas or housewarming gift for anyone – including children who have just left the nest?


Item #EVM9886-2  Retail $27.99

The Tag-Along Tote is a versatile and attractive way to store and carry your next do-it-yourself project. Designed as the take-anywhere bag for the creative type who’s on the move, this tote includes two deep, expandable main compartments with 12 pen/scissor loops, and 7 additional outside pockets. Finished in durable, moisture-resistant polyester and complete with lay-flat design for easy storage


Item #EVM9944-1  Retail $24.99

Any of these totes would be a great first sewing kit filled with seam rippers, needles, threads, pins, scissors, etc.  Why not set up a display in your store and fill one with tools and one with sewing supplies?

To see the entire collection, visit our website. Many of these totes are now in stock.  Others will be arriving soon so make your selections now!

Fold n Go – and get organized

We all quilt on the go – and the folks at Quilt Happy have just made that easier.  They have created a vinyl storage case that is a generous 8 1/4″ x 20″ when opened and folds to a very portable 4″ x 8 1/4″ size.

Item #QH5002-GR Retail $24.95  (Green Trim)
Item #QH5002-BL   Retail $24.95 (Blue Trim)
Item #QH5002-WH  Retail $24.95 (White Trim)

This picture gives you some idea of the treasures that can be stored inside….The Fold n Go Quilt Notions Box has enough compartments to hold all of your treasures – needles, threads, marking tools, thimbles, measuring tape – a place for everything and everything in its place.

But this is not just for those of us who love handwork.  Keep one of these cases by your sewing machine.  It is the perfect place to hold all of those machine feet, machine needles, screwdrivers, etc.

And, to help keep you organized, they are available with three different colors of trim.  The body of the case is a black micro-fiber material that is easy to clean.  The trim colors help keep you organized – one color for handwork; one for machine.  Each case closes easily with two magnetic snaps and features a nice wide handle that is easy to grab and go.

Take a few moments to get organized now so you have more time to sew in the future!

PBQ Tips – Dedicated Display Space Attracts New Customers

I have been planning my 2010 quilt show schedule for months it seems, and now that the new year is upon us, I am revising my classes and choosing new products to put into my vendor booth. Naturally my attention is focused on Quilting Machines and the new products used with them. I have designed a line of quilting machine templates and I can’t wait to get to my first show and begin my demonstrations! These templates are a new product line for Creative Grids® called Sweet Set™, designed for use with quilting machines and just introduced at Quilt Market in the fall of 2009. But I digress . . . .

I am also excited about the coming quilt show season because I will be able to see what new products are on the market. It seems a shame that I can only learn about these at major quilt shows. I would love to have a local quilt shop carry the products I want and need for my machine quilting. Don’t you think your customers would appreciate being able to see the longarm quilting thread colors before they own 5,000 yards of each color? I bet they would appreciate looking at your stencils and knowing they were all continuous line designs! And, it would be great for them to look at the Sweet Set™ templates from Creative Grids®, and understand what makes them unique and valuable.

I have gotten used to buying products on the internet because that has been my only source. I don’t like it though, and I have made plenty of mistakes because I couldn’t examine a product before I bought it. And, I probably could return it, but the shipping cost, wasted time and hassle outweigh the benefit, so I don’t. I would love to have a place to go to buy my longarm quilting supplies, and I would travel hours to go there if there was a place to go! Especially if I read about a new product in a post on one of the internet discussion groups I belong to!

Think about all the new products that you saw at Quilt Market and how they are part of your product mix for 2010. Many products are crossovers – appealing to more than one customer segment. Do you have separate areas that display products together based on the customer interest? This may not work for all product categories, but it sure would work for sewing notions.

For instance, a simple crochet hook is used by people to knit, crochet, appliqué and machine quilt!

I use a tiny crochet hook to remove stray threads when they are caught in the batting and visible through the quilt top. The blunt end separates the fabric threads instead of tearing them, and the tiny hook can catch the stray thread, and extract it safely. I recently tried the Clover Soft Touch Thread Pic (4910CV) and I like that better. I wasn’t looking for a tool to remove threads, but I was told about it, and I tried it, and I like it! So, now I am telling people about it!

So what if you told your machine quilting customers about cool tools that will help them? Better yet, what if you had a separate area of your shop that displayed quilting machine products together? Best yet, Checker has a stand-alone display rack that could be used for this (MQD4RACKBLK), and it even comes with the sign “Machine Quilting Products” to draw the attention of your quilting customers. Fill it with products that they need – many of them you may already have in stock. By having them together on one rack you can see where there are voids, and you can fill them (with products from Checker of course!). And seriously think about sharing free additional information which educates your customers – what a value!

When you create a dedicated area for machine quilting products, tell everyone within a hundred mile radius! Send mailings to quilt guilds – did you know there are quilt guilds just for machine quilters? Put flyers on the information tables at local & regional quilt / craft / hobby / art shows. If you sell any type of quilting system, run pre-ownership classes and be sure to include a visit to the “Machine Quilting Product” area of your shop so they know you offer everything they need. Quilters love road trips, so don’t worry about distance. Offer lectures (instead of hands-on classes) on machine quilting techniques and encourage people to bring a friend, do lunch, and make it an ‘event’. Seriously, it would be worth a road trip! And, very few quilters can visit a shop without buying something. I bet you will be surprized at how many of your customers already own a quilting machine!

Let me know if you would like a copy of ‘My Favorite Products’ for quilting machine owners. Always “checking” for a better way to quilt!


Pat Barry