Digital Panels at their Best

These new digitized panels by Hoffman are true works of art. They are definitely eye candy for the soul! Elizabeth Whitehall of Windmill Quilts is releasing patterns to showcase the prints.

Jewel Mystic Mountain Digitally Printed
Earth Mystic Mountain Digitally Printed
Mountain View
Buckskin Call of the Wild Digitally Printed
Wapiti Wonder
Ice Blue Below Zero Digitally Printed
Winter's Pond
Christmas Red Stay Til Winter Digitally Printed
Wintertime Trail Green
Wintertime Trail Ice
Frost Snow Play Digitally Printed
Joyfull Snow Wall-hanging

These remind me of Christmas cards from days gone by. The patterns and fabric have varied delivery dates so check our website for details.

Mosaic Masterpiece

Mosaic Masterpiece II is a new fabric line by Cheryl Lynch of Oy Vey Quilt Designs. She is releasing several patterns to support the line. Everything is due to arrive soon.

I have included the fabrics used in this quilt so you can see the vibrancy of the fabrics and visualize what the sample would look like hanging in your store. AND, it only takes 3 fabrics! What a great Valentine gift for any quilter!

Raspberry Mosaic Masterpiece Ii
Pink Mosaic Masterpiece Ii
Oral Mosaic Masterpiece Ii

This quilt would also be a perfect wedding or baby quilt. Ask the machine quilter to write their names in the quilting!

Here are the other patterns in the line. They would all be stunning in this fabric line!

Key-Fetti Fish Mosaic Masterpiece
Mandala Mosaic Masterpiece Pattern
Alpha - Bitz Mosaic Masterpiece pattern
Florabunda Mosaic Masterpiece Pattern

Place your orders now!

Cindi McCracken has Big Dreams

Cindi has such an eye for creating awe inspiring designs with Hoffman panels – and these latest patterns, due to arrive next month – are no exception! Just look at these – and then start planning classes because everyone will want one!

Ring of Posies

She creates kaleidoscope effects that are mind boggling. I love all of her stuff – and it keeps getting better and better!

Backings that will Blow your Mind

This was my absolute favorite pick at Market! The folks at Hoffman are so creative but these new digitally printed backings are over the top!


If these allover 104″ wide prints weren’t enough, check these out! With digital printing they don’t have the constraints of a repeat so anything is possible!


And then there is this 108″ version which I love! I am going to be grandma of the year when I do the girls rooms in this. The curtains are a show stopper!

Most of these fabrics are available in 44″ wide as well so it is easy to coordinate the entire room. Remember – with backings, you can’t just order one bolt and satisfy your customers!  Why not do an email blast and take pre-orders?

And when they arrive, display them on a curtain rod so customers can see the entire panel. They literally take your breath away!

The Perfect Solids for Applique

Me and You by Hoffman offers an incredible line of solids that have the feel and characteristics of batiks – which means they don’t fray and ravel, the perfect choice for raw edge applique.  And, JoAnn Hoffman’s new designs due in this month showcase them perfectly!









The design detail in these two projects truly transforms them into a work of art.  Look how the hands form a secondary star pattern in Sisters of the Cloth.  The muted quilts in the background of the Yoder Sisters is a subtle touch that adds that awe factor that we all love!  Her attention to detail is what brings these solids alive!  To see the complete collection, visit our website:  Me and You Solids

This is the same gal that brought us the Dragonfly and Butterfly patterns that made batiks sing.













Be sure to take the time to study her fabric choices.  Her designs look like Tiffany glass!