HoHoHo with Nancy Halvorsen

Nobody knows how to add that awe factor to any holiday like Nancy Halvorsen! And she is back with her latest fabric line with Benartex – Better Not Pout. Of course, there is a book with 20 projects to support the line as well!

Better Not Pout

Houses are everywhere this season – including in the companion fabric line, available in a white or navy background:

White Christmas Village

She also included some stocking panels which are so cute, you will want to make some just to fill with gifts instead of wrapping paper. There are two different panels to choose from and she even remembered the cat and dog!

Multi You Better Not Pout Panel
Multi He's Making a List Panel

Each panel is approximately 2/3 of a yard.

Her tea towels are so popular that she is now offering them in packages or on bolts!

Tea Towels, 8 per pack

Everything is due to arrive the end of May so place your orders now!

Creative Grids® Mats in Stock!

I am so excited! The mats – in all sizes – are back in stock! If you did not get one in your hot little hands when they were first released, let me tell you that they are amazing! Gudrun Erla and I designed these – so I am a little prejudice – but the response has been amazing! We have both had ours for several months and can’t believe how nice they are!

Creative Grids Cutting Mat Assortment With Rack

The rack is still free if you order the assortment but you can order them individually as well:

Creative Grids Cutting Mat 6in x 8in

The three larger sizes feature two sided printing – one side is designed specifically for the Stripology series of rulers:

Creative Grids Cutting Mat 12in x 18in
Creative Grids Cutting Mat 12in x 18in
Creative Grids Cutting Mat 18in x 24in
Creative Grids Cutting Mat 24in x 36in

In case you want to do an email blast on these, here are the highlights:

The Creative Grids® Self Healing Rotary Cutting Mat is double-sided. One side features one-inch grids with eighth-inch markings over the entire surface. All numbers are printed outside of the grid area, so they are always visible. Popular 1-1/2″ cuts are highlighted with white stars; 2-1/2″ cuts with white squares. Eighth, quarter, and third-yard cuts are marked with dashed lines for easy reference.
On the three larger sizes: The other side is designed to use with the Creative Grids® Stripology series of rulers. Line up the fabric and rulers on the spaced horizontal half-inch grid lines. That is all you need – no other distracting markings and lines are needed!

Show Some Love with Creative Grids®

The popular I Love my Quilting Friends ruler is now available in a smaller size!

Creative Grids I Love My Quilt Friends Mini Quilt Ruler 2-1/2in x 6in

This 2-1/2″ x 6″ ruler is the perfect carry-along size. The pink you see is actually our exclusive grip – just in oh so cute heart shapes! The center pink strip is 1/2″ wide and divides the ruler into three sections. The bottom inch features out traditional markings with a dashed 1/4″ marking along the entire six-inch length.

The top inch is divided into two 3-inch sections. One features a 1/8″ grid, the other features a 1/4″ grid.

This is the little sister to the popular larger 2-1/2″ x 10″ version.

Creative Grids I Love My Quilt Friends Quilt Ruler 2-1/2in x 10in

These should be arriving the end of April so order yours now.

Eppiflex for English Paper-Piecing

These laser cut mylar templates are the perfect companion for those English paper-piecing fans! The mylar templates are heat resistant and durable. They can be used again and again.

The The Quilting Patch offers 119 different sets!

Eppiflex Hexagon 1/2in

These templates are flexible so they bend when you need them. And they are transparent so you can fussy cut the fabric designs. Use the glue method like me? No problem! Glue away and when you are done, put them in a mesh bag and wash them in the washer!

They come in a multitude of same shape packages but also come in kits. A Twist in Time, for instance includes all of the shapes to make this gorgeous wall hanging!

Eppiflex A Twist in Time

They even offer kits for the Lucy Boston – Patchwork of the Crosses quilt. Separate kits are available for the border units.

Lucy Boston: Patchwork Of The Crosses
Eppiflex Lucy Boston POTC 1in Starter

The Lucy Boston Patchwork of the crosses templates also come in 1 1/4″ and for those miniaturists out there – 1/2 inch.

We have several of the templates in stock but our buyer did not order all 118! She needs your help in determining which ones you prefer so order them now!

Sanitize with Germs Away!

Mary Ellen’s – best known for spray starch – has answered the call with their new product, Germs Away.

Germs Away Hand Sanitizer 1/2 oz

Germs Away! come in three sizes – the handy pocket size, the four ounce bottle and the eight ounce pump.

Twenty-four – 4 ounce bottles.

Germs Away Hand Sanitizer 4 oz

And the 8 ounce size.

Germs Away Hand Sanitizer 8 oz

We hope to have everything in stock next week so order them now! Let’s face it, this is the new normal!

Easy to Kit 10″ Square Projects

Hocus Pocus is a darling pumpkin quilt that is cut from 10″ squares, a fat quarter, background and binding. I have included a pic of the back of the pattern so you can see the yardage requirements. Why not cut your own and use up some bolts of orange, black and gray?

Hocus Pocus

Hocus Pocus

Her Cardinal quilt uses ten inch square as well:


Think Spring or even Christmas???

Some are in stock now – more are expected next week so order today!

Block Talk uses 40 – 10″ squares and panels, T-Shirts or a large focal print for the main squares. Add the accent fabrics and the kit is complete!

Block Talk
Block Talk

Hopscotch Happy uses 10 inch, 5 inch OR fat quarters!

Hopscotch Happy

Dwell 2 is a nice size quilt using 10 inch squares, a background, binding and one other fabric.

Dwell 2
Dwell 2

If you NEED 10 inch squares, we have them! Follow this link or search within the fabric tab for 10in squares – not everyone calls them layer cakes. Then you can click on the In Stock icon to see what is available when you are placing your order.

Kit on demand! Put pics of some layer cakes on Facebook with the names and as your customers order them, pick out the additional yardage required. They trust your judgment!

Bias Tape Makers

I love to make bias tape! And now there is a set of four – one-quarter inch to one inch – that are reasonably priced! Bias Tape Maker Set 4pk from Mundial # DQBST

These babies have a groove on the back that aids in feeding the fabric through the tool. This is a great demo! If you have never shown these to your customers, here are some tips:

You can now make bias tape out of any fabric to match your project AND it will be made out of the same top quality fabric you are used to!

Cut the fabric into the recommended width. Then cut the end at an angle. You do not have to cut the strips on the bias unless you are curving it in your finished design. If you are going to make curvy shapes, that is what the 45-degree lines on your mat and rulers are for – another great demo!

I spray the strip with Mary Ellen’s spray starch before inserting the angled end through the tube. As soon as the fabric emerges from the narrow end of the tube, pin it to your wool mat or ironing board cover. I use a T-pin.

Then pull the bias tape maker, keeping the tip of the iron on the narrow end of the tool so it doesn’t “splay” as it comes out of the tool. The spray starch ensures that you have crisp folds that stay in place.

Now everyone is making bias tape because they can’t get elastic for masks so it doesn’t have to be cut on the bias. These have a great retail – and will be available in May – so order them now!

1 Star Inactive
4 Star Inactive

Easy to Kit Fat Quarter Quilts

This is the perfect time to be your customer’s personal shopper. Many of them don’t like picking out fabric – and you have a store full of beautiful fabrics they can’t wait to sew! These quilts are fat quarter friendly. In most cases, just add a background and binding.

Yellow Brick Road hit the top five again this week and is a perennial favorite!

Yellow Brick Road

The pattern includes yardage requirements from baby to king. Let them choose the size!

Boomerang also comes in five different sizes. It features the Super Sidekick ruler by Jaybird Quilts.


Stargazer is a Villa Rosa pattern that features fat quarters as well and is a generous throw size at 64 x 76″.


Brightly can be cut from fat quarters OR 10′ squares.


Just add the background fabric to complete this 60 x 72″ quilt.

Cool Cars uses fat quarters plus yardage for the windows, tires and background. It also uses the Sew Wonderful Wonder Curve ruler. Who doesn’t need a kid’s quilt on hand?

Cool Cars

Another favorite – Lucky Stars features “floating” star points so it is perfect for beginners and experienced sewers alike.

Lucky Stars

Once again, it is made up of fat quarters and background fabric and the instructions come in five sizes! You probably have a wide selection of fat quarters cut already so you can make up kits in no time. Put up several different colorways – and when they are gone, they are gone!

Hoop Easy Is THAT Easy

I do not have an embroidery machine YET so I have deferred to an expert for this post. Nichole Schneider is a Checker buyer and knows everything there is to know about the subject!

Hoop Easy Cotton Batting from The Gypsy Quilter® Stitcher Series

Do you ever have a need for just a little bit of batting? This easy to use roll of 100% natural cotton batting is perfect for all your quilt-as-you-go or in-the-hoop projects.  I love it for small projects or for use in limited spaces. The convenient roll is super easy to use and space-saving to store.  The 10 or 12-inch roll is a great thing to have on hand for small projects!

When combined with 100% cotton thread and fabric, batting is microwave safe for up to 6 minutes- in 2-minute intervals.

Hoop Easy Cotton Batting 10in x 10yds
Hoop Easy Cotton Batting 12in x 10yds

Pro tip: Hoop your preferred stabilizer and float batting in the hoop.  Use this batting to give a little extra loft to in the hoop projects- especially the arms and legs of stuffed animals.

Hoop Easy Embroidery Batting – Cotton Poly Batting with Scrim from The Gypsy Quilter® Stitcher Series

Finally! Batting that supports your stitches WITHOUT additional stabilizer. Hoop the embroidery batting and off you go! Supports up to 8,000 stitches per layer. 11% Scrim for added strength and stability, this batting will not shift.

Hoop Easy Embroidery Batting 10in x 10yds
Hoop Easy Embroidery Batting 12in x 10yds

I love this batting for fully enclosed in the hoop projects. The batting IS the stabilizer! Nothing to remove. Simply trim when finished. This is a GREAT stabilizer to use for stuffed animals, pouches and more.   Your project is soft after embroidery and has a really nice loft to it as well.

Pro tip: if you need more stitch count support, simply float a piece of tear away under the hooped batting.

Hoop Easy Stick & Wash Away from The Gypsy Quilter® Stitcher Series

Perfect for hard to hoop items -simply hoop with release paper side up. Once hooped, score release paper with a T-pin and gently peel the paper up. Stick your hard to hoop fabric or item to the adhesive side and embroider. When finished, un-hoop and remove the stabilizer with water. Wash Away stabilizer is great for sheer fabrics and those with an open weave, also excellent for applique. Supports 8,000 stitches per layer.

Hoop Easy Stick & Wash Away Stabilizer 10in x 10yds
Hoop Easy Stick & Wash Away Stabilizer 12in x 10yds

Pro tip: For easy removal- spray backside of the project with water from a mist bottle. Then gently peel off the stabilizer. You can also immerse in water, and the stabilizer will dissolve completely.

Hoop Easy Stick and Tear Away from The Gypsy Quilter® Stitcher Series

Perfect for hard to hoop items. Simply hoop with release paper side up. Once hooped, score release paper with a T-pin and gently peel the paper up. Stick your hard to hoop fabric or item to the adhesive side and embroider. When finished, un-hoop and tear away stabilizer from the project. Supports 8,000 stitches per layer.

Hoop Easy Stick & Tear Away Stabilizer 10in x 10yds
Hoop Easy Stick & Tear Away Stabilizer 12in x 10yds

Pro tip: After embroidering, gently tear off the stabilizer.   

Hoop Easy Sew-In Mesh from The Gypsy Quilter® Stitcher Series

Sew-in Mesh adds stability while retaining the softness of the fabric. This product works great with knits, loose weave fabric, and fleece. It supports up to 8,000 stitches per layer.

Hoop Easy Sew-In Mesh Stabilizer 12in x10yds

Hoop Easy Sew-In Mesh Stabilizer 12in x10yds

Pro tip: Leave this stabilizer in after embroidering. If you need more stabilization- float tear away stabilizer under the hoop.

Hoop Easy Tear Away from The Gypsy Quilter® Stitcher Series

This is the cleanest tear away you’ve ever used. The stabilizer is perforated for a precise tear and easy removal. This works best with woven fabrics and other fabrics that do not stretch.  Supports 8,000 stitches per layer.

Hoop Easy Tear Away Stabilizer 10in x 10yds
Hoop Easy Tear Away Stabilizer 12in x 10yds

Pro tip: If you need more stability, layer up the stabilizer.

Hoop Easy Topper from The Gypsy Quilter® Stitcher Series

Use this topper to prevent stitches from sinking into your fabric. After embroidering, tear topper away, then remove any excess with water.

Hoop Easy Topper 10in x 10yds
Hoop Easy Topper 12in x 10yds

Pro tip:  use topper when embroidering toweling or “furry” fabrics- and the stitching will sit nicely on top!

The Perfect Patterns and Pre-Cuts

Have a Heart is a top-selling pattern that gives instructions for two different sizes. The large (74 x 90) is a perfect throw size for your favorite couple and is made with 2-1/2″ strips. The smaller size (37 x 45) is a great wall hanging or baby quilt and is made with 1-1/2″ strips. Why not personalize it by having the machine quilter quilt in the names of those you love?

Have A Heart

As shop owners, here is the GREAT news! Wilmington Prints makes an entire line of pre-cuts called Essential Gems in multiple sizes in specific color ranges. This quilt takes one package of heart fabric and two packages of background. How easy is that to kit???

2-1/2in Strips Ruby Days 40pcs/bundle, 4 bundles per pack
2-1/2in Strips Sapphire Sky 40pcs/bundle, 4 bundles per pack
2-1/2in Strips Vanilla Cream 40pcs/bundle, 4 bundles per pack
2-1/2in Strips Cookie Dough 40pcs/bundle, 4 bundles per pack

It takes 32 2-1/2″ strips for the hearts and 80 2-1/2″ strips for the background. That means the binding can be sewn from the extra 8 heart strips and the scraps! These packs come in 24 and 40 strips so make sure you order the right size!