Notions Revisited or Improved!

When I travel and teach, I receive multiple requests from applique enthusiasts for a sandpaper board.  Sue Daley delivers!  The sandpaper stops the fabric from slipping when tracing templates and is mounted to a sturdy board so it is the perfect work surface.


We once again carry Klutz Gloves in a medium and large size.  Wear these gloves when rotary cutting to protect your fingers from those sharp blades!



The new kid on the block is this new endurance blade by Olfa.  I can’t wait to try one!  For just a few dollars more, this blade is supposed to last twice as long as the current blades on the market!  Let’s face it everyone, we NEVER replace our blade as often as we should so this puppy is a godsend!

A Compendium of Quilts Blocks

Block Genius by Sue Voeglin provides everyone with the skills to dissect blocks into units that are easy to piece in multiple sizes.   Most of the 200 blocks are classics but there are a few added bonuses designed by the author herself!


The blocks are divided into sections that play well together- those based on two, three, four and six grids.  Then measurements are provided to cut and sew them into six; nine; and twelve-inch blocks.

Over a year in the making, this book is a true labor of love!  Sue is an amazing photographer – and therefore has a phenomenal sense of color.  Seeing the blocks in different colorways makes this a resource guide that is a pleasure to browse as well.  Here is just a sampling of the treats that are hidden inside.

Seesaw  balkan-puzzle  louisana-pinwheel

ozark-maple-leaf  bowl-of-fruit  card-trick

Clear instructions and exploded diagrams make cutting and sewing these designs a breeze.  But, there are detailed instructions on how to make half-square triangles; quarter-square triangles; flying geese units; square in a square and parallel blocks.

Many of the blocks are old favorites but many of them are antique blocks that deserve a spot in the sun once more.  This is a reference guide that is destined to be a must have in every quilter’s library!

Turbo 4-Patch combines speed and accuracy

Deb Heatherly, designer of the Cat’s Cradle and Strippy Star, created the Turbo 4-Patch when she was teaching a class and the quilt required HUNDREDS of mini 4-Patches.  She knew her students would baulk at making these units the traditional way so a new trim tool was born!

Create four-patch blocks in 16 different sizes ranging from ½” to 4″ finished sizes in a matter of minutes. Simply place the markings on the ruler directly on the seam line and trim. Since the blocks are trimmed after cutting, sewing, and pressing, any distortion caused by these steps is corrected and each four-patch will be the perfect size every time!   

This trim tool is the perfect companion for the 2-½” and 5″ pre-cuts that are on the market. We know that they aren’t always cut the exact same size so cutting from the seam line guarantees  accuracy.

Deb has created several patterns that showcase this tool.  These three Cut Loose Press™ patterns are great class options.
This tool can also be combined with Deb’s other Trim Tools such as the Strippy Star.CLPDHE012  CGRDH2
She has also created several full sized patterns that are striking.  My Radiant Star combines four-patches and half-square triangles to maximum effect.DH16909
Or make this darling basket quilt called Addison:
Or teach all three tools in Ella’s Attic:
DH16908  CGRDH1
Whether used individually or in tandem, these tools are a delight!

Wool Banners – the Perfect Kit at the Register

I LOVE these 6″ x 12″ banners by Woolkeeper.  What a great series to kit!  They are all the same size so they use the same Ackfeld Frame.  They are all made out of wool so they are the perfect hand project for those cold winter days in front of a fire!

KPR613   KPR323

KPR387   KPR279

KPR485   KPR778

KPR647   KPR718

KPR683   KPR779

KPR571   KPR837

KPR500   KPR094



Choose your favorites and start kitting!  Don’t forget to order the stands.  Every customer will want one!

The Ultimate Book of Table Toppers

As soon as I saw this book, the wheels started turning.  It includes 56 different projects from a variety of top designers.  Why not make it required reading in a series of classes?  Choose 12 different projects that each teach a variety of concepts and techniques – or let your students decide!

B1405T B1405T_3 B1405T_5 B1405T_6 B1405T_7 B1405T_8





















Just look at the variety!  Choosing just twelve will be the hardest part!  All of these are easy to kit and can be completed in an afternoon class.  Why not offer a demo with a class afterward for those who buy the kit and the book?  Then, in that class, show the project for the next class.  If they buy the kit, it reserves their space in the class the following month.  If they don’t, that chair is open for whoever buys the kit!  I did this and offered an afternoon, an evening, and a Saturday class.  ALL of them were full for the entire year!  This book is due out the first of the year so start planning your schedule today!

What is Red and White and Embroidered All Over?

Natalie Bird has created a variety of whimsical designs that add a whole new twist to Cottage Chic!  Combining embroidery with simple piecing creates nostalgic projects that are sure to make you smile!

B1396T   B1396T_7

B1396T_6   B1396T_8

B1396T_4   B1396T_5

Every project has that awe factor.  Whether it is putting a new take on a traditional penny rug; adding wide rickrack to a tote; creating the perfect shape on a pin cushion to accent the design to its best advantage; or adding tiny touches of embroidery to a framed miniature to add texture and detail, this book has it all.

This book is expected to arrive the first week of January – just in time for Valentine’s Day!

Visit Lynette Anderson’s Garden

I love everything by Lynette Anderson.  she has a quirky style that is instantly recognizable – and always makes me smile.  She combines embroidery with touches of applique to create stunning results.  Green Thumb, her latest five month Block of the Month is due to arrive any day-  and is sure to become a best seller

.Y853 Y854

Y855 Y856


Buy then individually, or buy the entire collection:






Lynette uses Valdani flosses – and guess what!  We carry that as well…..

Plant a Garden with Edyta Sitar

It’s Sew Emma and Edyta Sitar of Laundry Basket Quilts have combined forces in this new book – due to arrive this month.  Quilter’s Patch is a perfect choice for a series of classes.


The book is chock full of techniques that will improve your piecing skills and others that will have you thinking outside of the box!  I love quilts that are created from blocks – but the blocks are so well hidden that the quilt flows into an entire scene.  This quilt has taken that concept to a whole new level!

So why not plant your garden….one block at a time!

Why not Button Up those Sales?

Buttons Galore is releasing new button packs in charming color combinations that are the perfect addition to any display.  You already put fabric, books, and patterns together to celebrate the seasons so why not add the awe factor???

Just look at these Fall packs.  Don’t they put you in the mood immediately???

Very Scarry and Trick or Treat


Fall Festival


These Winter packets will match any project that needs that extra touch.  Don’t you just want to dress a snowman???

Tis the Season and Winter Wonderland

BGBB93  BGBB94 (1)

Winter Flurries








Buttons Galore has a wide selection – pick out assortments that will go with your new fabric lines.

Why not display them at the register as well?  They are that perfect little gift for that secret sis.  But grandmothers won’t be able to resist buying a pack for their grandchildren.  Who doesn’t love the memories of playing in the button box???

Bonnie Hunter – need I say more???

Bonnie K. Hunter is releasing a new book next month that features twelve new patterns and describes her classic scrap organizational skills that have made her famous!  In this case, pictures are worth a thousand words – so I am going to shut up now and let Bonnie’s quilts do the talking!


KCS11183_3 KCS11183_4 KCS11183_8 KCS11183_7 KCS11183_6 KCS11183_5






























You know everyone is going to want it so why not pre-order it today so our buyers will be able to meet the demand – because we all know everyone will want it!