Tools for the Aging Quilter – Part Two

Threading needles becomes a problem but there are several solutions. For those who love handwork, try the Tulip self-threading needles. They come in a package of assorted sizes.





Or invest in a quality needle threader such as my favorite – this Clover version.  The mechanism is enclosed so breakage is not a problem.









Consider the scissors as well. Some of them look cute but do they really meet your needs? Larger handholds and cushioned grip make everyone’s life easier.  Throw in serrated edges that stop the fabric from slipping and you have a winner.  Karen Kay Buckley’s scissors are the most popular.









Many of us prefer to hand stitch our bindings. But using your thumb to hold that fabric in place to create a nice, full binding edge can cause aches and pains. Clover Wonder Clips are the perfect solution. Move them as you sew or buy a large package that will hold the edges of an entire quilt.









Have trouble threading your sewing machine? Try Jeans needles. They have a larger eye because jeans threads are thicker and the points are very sharp to penetrate the thicker fabric. These same characteristics are great for all quilters as well.






What is causing you frustration when quilting?  Why not ask your shop owner on possible solutions?

A New Technique and a Great Demo

Missie Carpenter of Traditional Primitives has taken a starch technique to a whole new level with amazing results!  Let’s check out some of her patterns – and once I have your attention, THEN we’ll talk about her method.

Look at these hexies – and as a border treatment?  Awesome!











You can use the same technique to make circles and diamonds – and the accuracy is stunning.












Or simply commit and make an heirloom quality quilt!















Missie also has several patterns that showcase wool and needle punching.  You can see that touches of those could add texture to any of these projects.

Watch the video listed with these patterns at to see how simple it is to get these stunning results!  All you need is a starch pen; an iron; a pressing pad and some freezer paper.
















And then check out all of her patterns….you’ll be glad you did!


Trade Out your Register Display

All of these notions are less than $10 so they are perfect for a register display.  And that gives you the opportunity to tell your customers about them when they are checking out.

These Mini Wonder Clips from Clover are available in a 10 pack for just $6.95.  They are also available in bigger packs – but this is a great intro to the line.


Genius idea!  This seam ripper comes in a base which serves two purposes!  It is easy to find and can be used to cut threads when chain piecing.  If you want to use it as a traditional seam ripper, simply take it out of the stand!  this chain ripper retails for just $5.00, who wouldn’t want one???


This simple product cleans the fuzz created by cutting fleece, Cuddle, and flannel from your cutting mats.  And for just $6.00 for each cutting mat cleaner – why not???


These Needle Beetle Threaders are not only cute – they come with a light for those of us who are experiencing changes in eye sight as we age….


If you put these over on your notions wall, many of your customers will never even see them!  They will literally be hidden in plain site!  Give these gadgets their day in the sun. Your customers will thank you for it!


New Items by Clover are Go-Tos

Clover produces quality products that stand the test of time – and their releases for Fall Market are no exception.

Their new iron – The Wedge – features a narrow tip which gets into all of those hard to reach places.  It is lightweight and the perfect portable size.  This iron packs the punch of traditional irons.  The highest temperature  is 390 degrees!


Item #9200CV  Retail $49.98

This is not a steam iron.  A small spray bottle is included when steam is needed.  Or, use the newest scent by Best Press, Winter Magic:


Item #60095  Retail $7.95

The Junior Iron Caddy is the perfect companion:


Item #SCT10114  Retail $15.00

Inserting ribbons in casings has always been a problem.  Not any more!  In their words: The Flex ‘n Glide Bodkin is a long flexible bodkin featuring an elongated “eye” with grippers. The elongated eye accommodates ribbons and trims up to 1-1/2″ wide. The “grippers” hold trims and elastic in place while pulling through the casing. The handy length and flexibility allow for a smooth passage—even along curves.


Item #9582CV  Retail $6.25

The Elastic Lock Set includes the Elastic Lock and Flexible Bodkin. The Elastic Lock firmly holds elastic or trim ends and prevents the end from slipping into the casing. The Elastic Lock is also ideal for securing multiple rows of elastic. The flexible bodkin features a 1″ eye with grippers.


Item #9583CV  Retail $5.50

The irons are in stock.  Their other new products are coming soon so order now for your post Market events!

The Bendy Bag – The Newest Member of the Lazy Girl Family

The Lazy Girl Bendy Bag is the #1 tote bag this week in the Checker 100 for a reason.


Item #LGD134  Retail $9.00

The clean lines and simple angles are visibly showcased in clear bright solid fabrics with contrasting zippers and accents.  It is easier than it looks.  Sew the zipper in straight, then bend the bag and stitch to create this funky shape.  The 3″ x 6″ x 6″ size makes it the perfect choice for storing cords, sewing supplies, or make-up.  The three inch width guarantees that the bag stands up whether open or closed – and the curved zipper opens wide to reveal all of the treasures inside.  Use the zipper “scraps” to create a pull tab – what could be cuter???  Of course, she chose an Atkinson 14″ zipper so there are a multitude of colors to choose from.  After all, when the zipper is part of the statement, you only want the best!

But to create a quality bag, you must have quality tools and notions.  Proper pressing can make the difference between a designer look – and a “Mom” made.

Joan recommends her pressing tool line created with the folks at Clover:

This 2×4 Mighty Mini Board makes it easy to press all of those nooks and crannies that give the bag its unique shape.


Item #7800CV  Retail $46.95

This Iron Safe protects the fabric while pressing so scorching is no longer a concern.  A pressing cloth is a thing of the past…


Item #7804CV  Retail $27.95

The Iron Finger is heat resistant so you can get up close and personal with your iron without burning anything!


Item #7802CV  Retail $15.75

A quality product starts from the inside out, however.  And this bag is no exception.  Dreamy Fusible Fleece provides the body needed when a stand-up job is required!


Item #SLG106

You won’t be able to make just one!

Thanks for the Memories – Open House in Pictures – Part One

This event is all about education – and our vendors are eager to share their knowledge with everyone.  Inspiration resides in every booth – and around every corner…

Rita Fishel demonstrated the three newest Creative Grids rulers….


Dawn from the Warm Company was thrilled to announce that Steam-A-Seam 2 is back….





The mother/daughter team from Fishsticks Patterns shared their wonderful handbags and projects…


Both of Edyta’s new books arrived in time to be autographed at the Open House so she had a big smile on her face….


Maddie and Steve of Quiltsmart celebrated their anniversary with us…


Fran and Michael of Clover shared their newest notions.  Fran officially retires at Market so we were thrilled that we were one of her final shows….


They all got the memo – black was the official outfit for the Round Robin Rebels – Terri Degenkolb of Whimsicals; Kari Carr of New Leaf Stitches; and Gudrun Erla of GE Designs….


Robin Kingsley of Bird Brain Designs was an absolute delight and wowed everyone with her new fabric and embroidery designs….


These sisters from Sister’s Common Threads are the brains behind the iron caddy and shared their new patterns…


Jill Finley of Jillily Studios shared her new program.   She is famous for her wonderful applique projects so you may know her as the inventory of Appli-glue…


Kendall from Silhouette amazed everyone when they saw what is possible when quilting meets technology…


Coleen helped shops design their space with the efficient fabric display cabinets built by her company…


The gals from Adornit provided that “awe” factor when they displayed their wonderful baby quilt fabric lines and patterns…


The girls from Sew Michelle showed everyone how to incorporate vinyl mesh into their projects…


They were all smiles – as you can see – and a delight to work with!


The Cadillac of Notions

Clover produces classics – plain and simple. And the woman who has shared these with us for more years that I can count, will be at the Open House for one last time.  Come share some of Fran’s favorite things…..

Press Perfect Products

The Hot Hemmer Pressing Tool – my personal favorite – allows you to turn, measure and press a hem all in one step.  They recommend a dry iron…


Item #7806CV  Retail $17.95

The Touch Up Pressing Mitt is an ironing glove for your hand – perfect for pressing odd places like the base of a tote bag while protecting your hand.


Item #7808CV  Retail $18.95

Fran will be glad to share the benefits of the complete line of ironing products.

Clover has gone pink with two of their most popular products to support Breast Cancer research.

Wonder Clips


Item #3167CV

Needle Threaders


Item #4080CV

Nancy Zieman is a legend for a reason – she knows what she is doing!  Learn how she creates blocks with curves in three different sizes….


Item #9578CV  Retail $23.95

Everyone needs the basics – and this marking guide should be in every sewing bag.





Item #9579CV  Retail $17.50

Any questions on ANY Clover product?  Come talk to the woman who knows how to use them all and can help you choose the perfect demonstrations for YOUR shop!

Counter Displays

Many of us focus our time and energy on fabrics and classes.  But we forget about those impulse buys which sell themselves right at the register.  Always have a great selection of these items on hand – they make great secret sis gifts and stocking stuffers as well.  Many of these selections aren’t just for quilters…


Kiss-Off stain remover is a nontoxic product that will find a home in every customer’s purse.  Just apply a little water and rub the stain with Kiss Off and rinse.  This product removes lipstick, blood, and even oil paint!  The display includes 24 tubes.  Check our website for pricing.

Item #136D

Best Press

This is a CHECKER EXCLUSIVE COMBINATION!! This 16 ounce assortment includes 1 bottle of Lavendar Fields, Caribbean Beach, Linen Fresh and Peaches & Cream, plus 2 bottles of Scent Free.   This is quilter’s perfume!  Let them try a new scent!

Item #60057CD  Retail $7.95

This is my favorite new assortment!  Who can resist these little snails???  They won’t be available until August – just in time for stocking stuffers.  The assortment includes 36 – 12 of each color.  Check the website for pricing.

Item #253SNAILDB

This is my all time favorite notion – so it always surprises me when people don’t know about it!  Have one open at the register with a needle and spool of thread – they sell themselves…

Item #4057CV  Retail $15.50

Your customers fell in love with the standard size Seam Fix.  Now they can buy this mini version – and have one with every project.  There are 60 per jar – check the website for pricing.  Once again, these are expected to arrive in August – just in time for stocking stuffers.

Item #SFM60D

Tooltron is releasing a Flag of the World series of scissors.  Wouldn’t these be great gifts for a Quilt of Valor group???  We also carry a United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and the United States.  Each display contains 12 pair.  See the website for pricing….

Item #TT00878UAST

To see the complete selection, visit:  //

Your Favorite Notions in Some New Sizes

Wonder Clips have become the quilter’s favorite “multi-purpose clip” for a reason.  We keep finding more and more uses for them – from binding clips to hair clips!  And, these do not put holes in the fabric so they are perfect when working with the popular vinyls that are on the market.

The new 100 pack is the most economical at just 60 cents a piece….

Item #3159CV  Retail $59.95

They are still available in the original 10 pack at approxiimately 70 cents a piece….

Item #3155CV  Retail $6.95

Or the in-between 50 pack size at 66 cents….you do the math!

Item #3156CV  Retail $32.95

And, don’t forget the larger size for those bigger jobs….

Item #3157CV  Retail $24.95

Meet the Bitty Bag – the baby sister of the Midi and Mondo Bags.  These bags are so popular because they are a great beginner project!  Iron the squares on to the gridded interfacing and then fold and sew!  The interfacing adds just the right amount of stability to the bag.

The Bitty Bag Fun Pack includes the pattern and interfacing for just $15.95.  This bag, made by Carolyn Griffin, gives you a visual for sizing…

Item #  Retail $15.95

But who can make just one????  Additional bolts of the interfacing panels are also available in 50 (Item #QS60054) or 25 panel (Item #QS65064) bolts.  Or, buy the pattern separately (Item #QS50039).

This purse is a great introductory class to prepare your students for the other two sizes.  The Mondo Bag is the original which is a great beach bag this time of year…

Item #QS10037  Retail $15.95

You can also purchase a bolt of 50 panels (Item #QS60039) or the instructions separately (Item #QS50037).

And, don’t forget the in-between size – the Midi Bag!

Item #QS10038  Retail $15.95

Buy a bolt of 50 panels (Item #QS60040) or the pattern (Item #QS50038) separately.  These are great classes for summer classes so stock up now!

Bobbin Savers have become a staple in every sewing room.  Meet the new size that is appropriate for M bobbins!

Item #GBSV  Retail $9.95

Try these other sizes of your favorite tools – you and your customers will love them!  They loved the originals, so these are sure to be a winner!

Wonder Clips on Steroids

When a new product hits the door and everyone cheers, you know it is going to be big – and not just because it is a bigger size!  The Jumbo Wonder Clips are in the building!  These beauties are 2 1/4″ long and include 7 different markings for seam allowances.  The base is flat so your sewing machine can run right next to the clip.  There  are 24 to a pack – plenty for whatever you need.

Item #3157CV  Retail $24.95

It isn’t often that I can tell you that these are guaranteed sales – but with the original 10 and 50 packs both in the top 20, this is a no brainer!

10 Pack

Item #3155CV  Retail $6.95

50 Pack

Item #3156CV  Retail $32.95

I love to “kit” blocks as I cut them.  These new longer clips are perfect!  I cut out all of the pieces for a specific block and then just clip them together – everything in one place and no risk of rusty pins!  The longer size is also perfect for hems, marking curtains, tote bags, etc.  Sometimes bigger is better!