Rope Basket Kits

Prepping a class has never been easier with these Rope Basket Kits from The Mountain Thread Company. Each kit includes the required cotton rope, a pattern with lots of helpful tips, a heavy duty sewing machine needle, and a link to unlock bonus material on their website.

These are a sewing machine projects. Your sewing machine will need a zigzag stitch and be able to handle sewing something like jeans. 50wt high quality thread is also highly recommended. Sewists should be confident in steps like changing the machine needle, adjusting stitch length and width, and pivoting.

Sew a set of bowls with the Nesting Bowls DIY Rope Basket Kit The convenient stacking of the three nesting bowls makes a beautiful presentation both for gifts and storage. Make your own functional, serviceable bowls and see the possibilities in the craft room, the office, the gift bag, or the toy room. The graduated sizes of the nesting bowls are approximately 4” across the top, 5” across the top, and 6” across the top. Make it even more unique by using up fabric scraps from old projects! This is a sewing machine project.

With the Round Organizer Bowl DIY Rope Basket Kit, you can make one basket for organizing the spaces that need it most! The finished basket is roomy enough for keys, phone, and other pocket treasures – but also works for organizing a tabletop, desk space, craft room, bedside table, shelf, child’s room, spare room, and more. You can vary the dimensions of the project, but the standard round organizer measures about 6-8” across and 3-4” tall.

Sew your very own set of rope coasters and a matching rope storage bowl for them with this Set of Coasters and Basket Rope Basket Kit. These coasters are unique, durable, washable, beautiful – and, best of all – made by you! The kit makes four 4-inch coasters and a 5-inch storage bowl to hold them.

The Set of Five Trinket Bowls Rope Basket Kit sets you up to sew FIVE adorable tiny trinket bowls to customize as you wish. The finished baskets would be the perfect size to hold change, coins, or small jewelry. Expect some variation, but each basket would measure around 3” across and about 1” tall.

The Oval Organizer DIY Rope Basket Kit sets you up to sew one of our most popular designs: the Oval Organizer Basket! This size of basket will make its own uses – collecting keys, holding phones or remote controls, organizing a desktop, or gifting a friend. The finished basket would measure around 5×11” and 3” deep.

Craft THREE rope bowls to customize as you wish with the Set of Three Bowls DIY Rope Basket Kit The finished baskets are the perfect size to hold a watch & other jewelry, some candies, or crafty bits. Each basket would measure 4-5” across and 1” tall.

It’s time now to add HANDLES to your projects with the Basket with Handles DIY Rope Basket Kit. Make a new bread basket, a key corral, or the loveliest craft room storage. Use the introduction of the handle technique as a springboard for future projects with portability in mind. The round basket measures approximately 8-9” across the top and 2-2.5” tall (actual finished dimensions may vary).

These kits are due to arrive next month so place your orders now and add a class to your schedule! Additional rope is available on our website. After all, who can stop at just one???

Celebrate with Tamarinis

Birthdays deserve special recognition. Share the joy with this fun little mini quilt. Easy paper piecing and happy shapes make this a project that will make everyone’s special day just a bit more wonderful. Project is shown in Benartex’s Chalk Textures line. The mini quilt finishes at 12″ x 14″.

Celebrate coordinates with the other “party pack” minis: Congrats, Happy, Celebrate and Party.

These patterns are all due later this month, just in time for summer graduations and parties.

New Scissor Sets by Famore – a Checker Exclusive

Pick between two dynamic color options of the Famore Embroidery Kit.

This kit contains a comprehensive set designed to elevate your hand or machine embroidery. The set includes mini duckbill applique scissors, mini double curved scissors, straight micro tip scissors, micro serrated curved EZ snips, and angled precision tweezers.

This set is also available in black and white.

Famore’s Floral Pattern Sewing Kit combines functionality with style.

This kit includes 8-inch fabric shears, 6-inch straight trimming scissors, surgical style seam ripper, and an opposable curved tweezer set.(A twist on a traditional tweezer. You squeeze to open this tool allowing you to thread needles with ease. You can grab and hold threads without applying constant pressure.)

These sets would make great gifts and are due to arrive in May so place your orders now.

New Aprons from Gingiber

Stacie Bloomfield is releasing four new apron designs this Spring.Baking tasty treats for your loved ones while wrapped in one of our new Gingiber aprons is the perfect way to spend the day! These cotton/linen blend aprons include a large pocket with an adjustable waist tie back and feature our most popular Gingiber patterns.

These new designs are sure to make you smile. They are due to arrive next month so place your orders now.

Add a Decorative Touch

Ship in style! Packing tape that features everyone’s favorite: the timeless and classic log cabin quilt pattern. The tape by Built Quilt Distribution measures 1.88 inches wide x 110 yards in length. Fits standard packing tape guns and can be used to tape up boxes for shipment and other boxing needs. The colorway even coordinates with standard box colors!

Need some gift items that would be perfect for retreats and secret sis presents as well? Check out these options:

These hardcover, spiral bound notebooks feature a dazzling Double X quilt pattern, available in pink or blue. Handy in size, it measures 4 x 6 inches with 80 lined pages. Each page is complete with undated date headers. Take it with you everywhere and start writing it all down!

This set includes five happy-go-lucky pencil pouches, each featuring a different color & quilt pattern. The pouches measure 8.27 in x 5.31 in, which makes them convenient for containing smaller items that you don’t want flying about. These really help when you’re on the go. 100% cotton with zipper closures. The following quilt block patterns are featured: Cut Glass, Four Clowns, Double Pyramid, Double X, and Joe’s Coat.

Soft, thread-bound notebooks set featuring five vibrant quilt patterns and color schemes. Handy in size, each notebook measures 4 x 6″ and contains 32 lined pages. Take them with you everywhere to jot down thoughts, notes, and ideas.

Spruce up your note taking and doodling with our Quilt Jazz memo pads. This one features a brilliant blue Joe’s Coat quilt-patterned border (also available in pink).

All of these items are due to arrive in February so place your orders now.

Mug Rugs for All Seasons

As functional as they are beautiful, the mug rugs from Shabby Fabrics can be used as coasters and decoration, with each design featuring specific stitches, gorgeous threads, and simple appliqué. Designed with the beginner in mind, these are fast and fun projects to look forward to each month! Finished project measures 6” in diameter.

Why not kit these and offer a relaxed get together each month? No sewing machines required! Or add that awe factor by machine embroidering a special event (shop hop, retreat, etc.) on the backing? These are due to arrive next month so place your orders now.

Stocking Stuffers

Love these graphic mirrors. one side is a normal mirror, and the other side is magnifying. Great to use with quilt blocks also. The mirrors measure 2 x 3 inches and are great little gifts. Each assortment of 12 features an assortment of designs.

These are due to be in stock later this month so place your orders now.

The Newest Embroidery Buddies

Two different buddies in three different colorways – all ready for your machine embroidery touches! Toffee is a sweet 16″ doggy with an exquisitely soft coat, droopy ears, a lovely low pile, embroiderable belly and a cute little snout. He’s available in Toffee, Pink and Blue, so there’s a puppy for everyone.

These extra special buddies have embroiderable ears with lots of room for special messages and soft, low-pile plush fabric is so easy to embroider. This adorable elephant is floppy and soft, 14″ seated, has deep thoughtful eyes and adorable tusks! Elephant ear buddy has no self-contained stuffing pods, the hidden zipper on the ears makes hooping and embroidery easy on any embroidery machine.

All are due to arrive early next month so place your orders now.

Unlock Your Sewing Superpowers with June Tailors Insulated Lunchbox Sewing Kits!

This stylish insulated lunchbox sews up quickly. With finished dimensions of 10 x 6 x 7 inches, this large bag can easily hold lunch for two. Each kit includes insulated stabilizer printed with sewing pattern, Zippity-Do-Done™ pre-sewn zipper in one of six different colors, webbing for handles, plastic interior base for added bag stability and detailed instructions. The only difference between the kits is the color of the zipper.

Kit with black zipper:

Kit with red zipper:

Kit with white zipper:

Kit with light gray zipper:

Kit with navy zipper:

Kit with camel zipper:

These zippers have a folded casing on each side so you simply tuck the edge of the project into the fold and sew! What a great way to finish a project! Everything is in stock so place your orders now.