A New Technique and a Great Demo

Missie Carpenter of Traditional Primitives has taken a starch technique to a whole new level with amazing results!  Let’s check out some of her patterns – and once I have your attention, THEN we’ll talk about her method.

Look at these hexies – and as a border treatment?  Awesome!











You can use the same technique to make circles and diamonds – and the accuracy is stunning.












Or simply commit and make an heirloom quality quilt!















Missie also has several patterns that showcase wool and needle punching.  You can see that touches of those could add texture to any of these projects.

Watch the video listed with these patterns at www.checkerdist.com to see how simple it is to get these stunning results!  All you need is a starch pen; an iron; a pressing pad and some freezer paper.
















And then check out all of her patterns….you’ll be glad you did!


4 thoughts on “A New Technique and a Great Demo

  1. Looks neat, would love to see the video mentioned in this post on the checker website. I looked around and can’t find it.

    Feedback: It would be helpful to have a link to the video as I’ve given up searching for today.

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