Digitized Prints

Nostalgia is the name of the game with these gorgeous digitized prints from David Textiles. Each of these prints measures 36 inches so there are 15 panels per bolt. Add a pieced border to make a great throw in a matter of hours! A picture is worth a thousand words, so in this case, the pictures speak for themselves!

These nature prints are stunning as well. The crisp clean colors make them come to life.

Need some inspiration? Check out the possibilities in these two panel books. The panels and books would make a great display.

These panels are a Checker exclusive so place your orders by June 30, 2019.

Challenge your Customers

11117The key to owning a successful shop is catering to the needs of ALL of your customers.  That means you have to offer programs and classes for beginners; those who love handwork; AND those who love to think outside of the box.  You probably already know which customers would love a challenge.  These are the students who always have to tweak a pattern.  They need to make every design their own.

Pat Pease and Wendy Hill to the rescue.  Their new book – Creative Quilt Challenges offers seven challenges that would each be the basis of a great class. Item #11117  Retail $29.95

These women teamed up to create some amazing quilts by following the challenges in the book.  Learn tips and tricks from each challenge that will make everyone better quilters.

Check out these samples of the quilts they created.  Can you guess what the challenge was???

Why not start a group in your shop today?  The completed works would be a great exhibit at your next quilt show!