Digitized Prints

Nostalgia is the name of the game with these gorgeous digitized prints from David Textiles. Each of these prints measures 36 inches so there are 15 panels per bolt. Add a pieced border to make a great throw in a matter of hours! A picture is worth a thousand words, so in this case, the pictures speak for themselves!

These nature prints are stunning as well. The crisp clean colors make them come to life.

Need some inspiration? Check out the possibilities in these two panel books. The panels and books would make a great display.

These panels are a Checker exclusive so place your orders by June 30, 2019.

Creative Grids Girls Program

Deb Heatherly will be offering a Take and Teach at this Market explaining her popular Grids Girl program which has two new offerings!




All About the Grids is a darling 47-inch square quilt gives you an opportunity to teach a different ruler every month – and share the additional books and patterns that support the tools!  This quilt features the Creative Grids®Cat’s Cradle; Strippy Star; Turbo 4-Patch; Ultimate Flying Geese; 6″ Log Cabin and 8″ Square on Square.
















Grid-dle Me is a 48-inch square that features the Creative Grids® Cat’s Cradle, Turbo 4-Patch, and Ultimate Flying Geese Tool featured above PLUS two sizes of the Pineapple Trim Tool and a 6″ Curvy Log Cabin. Deb has created a whole new way to use the Pineapple Tools that will have your students wanting more!














Both could be taught in a series of three or six classes or are the perfect projects for a retreat! The patterns will be arriving this month. The rulers are available now!

Crazy Trees

I love this!  In fact, I love this so much that I am teaching it this weekend!





This is a Karla Alexander design – and is SO her! A little wacky, a little wonky, and a whole lot of fun! This combines every aspect of a great pattern:



  • It looks hard but is so easy and so forgiving – anyone can do it!
  • It takes just eight 10 inch squares and eight 11″ x 14″ rectangles of background so it is easy to kit.
  • It makes a great demo.
  • AND, it is a Cut Loose Press™ pattern so it is affordable. Crazy Christmas Trees #CLPKAL009

It uses her ruler. Creative Grids® Spider Web Quilt Ruler #CGRKA6





Saturday I am making this in Fall colors – but kitting it for Christmas as well. After all, who can stop at just one! An added bonus? This runner is 17 1/2″ x 40 1/2″ so if I make four of these, I have a great throw!

The Pineapple Mini has arrived!

Minis are all the rage – and they have never been easier!  The Creative Grids® Pineapple Trim Tool Mini makes pineapples in 4, 5, and 6 inch sizes.










This one inch center with half inch pineapple strips is the perfect companion to the popular four and six inch log cabin trim tools that were the hit of market.


This Cut Loose Press™ pattern – South Beach Pineapple Treats is the perfect choice for a traditional pineapple setting with  that extra spice added with perfect fabric choices.  It creates the illusion of circles.


Swirly Pearly Buttons looks similar to a Snail’s Trail with a lot less work – and once again, it is color placement!  This one reminds me of those all day suckers I used to beg for at the fair!


Petite Pineapple Garden features the more traditional black fabric that sets off these happy colors to a tea!


Or, you may want to choose this pillow or place mat for a perfect class project that they could actually finish in an afternoon class!


Simply stop after six rounds for a four inch size; add two more for the five inch version; or complete all ten for the six inch version.  As an added bonus, these strips are cut 1 1/4″ wide – half the width of the popular 2 1/2″ x 12 1/2″ ruler.  Therefore you can use that white center line to cut jelly rolls in half and start sewing a multitude of blocks in no time!






Don’t forget the original for those who want a larger size.  It makes 6″; 8″ and 10″ sizes.



The Bendy Bag – The Newest Member of the Lazy Girl Family

The Lazy Girl Bendy Bag is the #1 tote bag this week in the Checker 100 for a reason.


Item #LGD134  Retail $9.00

The clean lines and simple angles are visibly showcased in clear bright solid fabrics with contrasting zippers and accents.  It is easier than it looks.  Sew the zipper in straight, then bend the bag and stitch to create this funky shape.  The 3″ x 6″ x 6″ size makes it the perfect choice for storing cords, sewing supplies, or make-up.  The three inch width guarantees that the bag stands up whether open or closed – and the curved zipper opens wide to reveal all of the treasures inside.  Use the zipper “scraps” to create a pull tab – what could be cuter???  Of course, she chose an Atkinson 14″ zipper so there are a multitude of colors to choose from.  After all, when the zipper is part of the statement, you only want the best!

But to create a quality bag, you must have quality tools and notions.  Proper pressing can make the difference between a designer look – and a “Mom” made.

Joan recommends her pressing tool line created with the folks at Clover:

This 2×4 Mighty Mini Board makes it easy to press all of those nooks and crannies that give the bag its unique shape.


Item #7800CV  Retail $46.95

This Iron Safe protects the fabric while pressing so scorching is no longer a concern.  A pressing cloth is a thing of the past…


Item #7804CV  Retail $27.95

The Iron Finger is heat resistant so you can get up close and personal with your iron without burning anything!


Item #7802CV  Retail $15.75

A quality product starts from the inside out, however.  And this bag is no exception.  Dreamy Fusible Fleece provides the body needed when a stand-up job is required!


Item #SLG106

You won’t be able to make just one!

A Fall & Winter Event for the Independent


Post Card Party DescriptionA Fall & Winter Event for the Independent.
Postcard Party is an excellent sales idea created by Independent Shop Owner, Janet Lutz of Calico Girls Quilt Shop and Deborah Gabel of Zebra Patterns. Registration and Post Card Kits will be available September 21st at www.rowbyrowexperience.com. The Post Card Kits are complete with fabric backing, Bosal interfacing, and instruction sheet. Visit www.checkerdist.com for supporting notions, Creative Grids® rulers, Cut Loose Press™ patterns, and fabrics.


For an overview of the program, click ‘WATCH VIDEO’ above or visit www.checkeryou.com.  Login with your Checker ID and password. Select the SCHOOLHOUSES tab and the 2014 Post Card Party is the first video listed.

Meet the Sidekick

Hexies and 60 degree angles are definitely the hottest trend in quilting for 2013.

The Sidekick cuts 60 degree; diamonds, and half triangles with just one tool.   And this newest companion to Julie Herman’s Hex n More (Item #JBQ201)  has launched two patterns in the top 20.
Item #JBQ202  Retail $17.95

Rock Candy is a charming table topper that measures 20 1/2″ from side to side; 23″ from point to point and is the perfect center piece for any table.









Item #JBQ135  Retail $6.50

Night Sky showcases 60 degree diamond stars and is striking in these color choices.  The pattern includes instructions for baby to king size.








Item #JBQ137  Retail $10.00

Julie has also designed a block of the month program that utilizes both rulers.  It is not due until January so why not start with the projects above too familiarize your customers with the tools.  Then they will be waiting in line to sign up for this one…..







Item #JBQ139  Retail $29.95










Postcards and Purses and Projects, Oh My!

Cut Loose Press patterns are Checker exclusives and available to quilt shops to showcase notions.  Since they are Checker exclusives, they will never be sold in any chains.  They are personalized for each shop; printed on protected paper so they can not be copied; and are reasonably priced.  What is not to love about this program????  And that is why we have sold thousands of these patterns since the first of the year!

But these patterns are not just quilts!  There are lots of other projects which make great Take and Teach classes because they can be completed in a class setting – no quilting and binding required.

This tray, for instance, is reversible and has a 10″ square base.  What a great “wrapping” for a quilter!  Cut up scraps into 10″ squares and fill up this tray.  Tie a bow on it and this will be the top bid for any guild auction.  Or what secret sister wouldn’t want one of these as a gift???  Oh, and the non-quilters in your life will love it as well!

Item #CLPKPO001

The stability of the project is maintained by using Inn-spire Plus, a product that your customers may not be familiar with – which means it would be a great class!

Item #IC4350  Retail $19.99

This water bottle cover is one of my favorites!  I want to have a supply of these on hand.  What a great gift for a friend who needs a little TLC!  Take them a quart of chicken soup and a hot water bottle – what a kind gesture! Or add a pocket and tuck in a bottle of Midal for the young lady in your life.

Item #CLPDJD001

In the photo, one is made in flannel – the other is feminized with Texture Magic and bows.  A class is a great way to show your customers how to use Texture Magic.  It also incorporates Dreamy Fusible – a fusible batting.  Once again, a great Take and Teach….

Item #SLG106

Item #TM18

This cell phone wallet is on my list for Easter baskets.  Stick some gift cards in it and you are good to go!

Item #CLPSMA001

It showcases vinyl….

Item #20176  Retail $11.95

and D rings….

Item #88138DNKL  Retail $1.35

This ditty bag is darling!  The circles are cut with a Creative Grids ruler and the base is formed with a Bosal coaster!  How clever is that????

Item #CLPMTR003

Item #437B-6CR  Retail $5.99

Item #CGRMT1  Retail $16.99….

Karen Eckmeier has designed some post cards which are a perfect opportunity for your customers to play….

Item #CLPKEC002

Item #CLPKEC001

This is a great opportunity to show them how to use the Applique Pressing Sheet.

Item #BTD206  Retail $14.99

Check out these patterns – and the entire CLP line by typing in CLP in the Search field of our website:  //www.checkerdist.com/products/search?keywords=clp&relatedto=.  There is also a CLP logo on the home page with two links.  One takes you to the CLP page.  The other shows the most recent patterns.  Shop to your heart’s content!

Simple Patterns with Learning Opportunities

Cut Loose Press prints affordable patterns that all have one thing in common – they showcase specific notions and products so that you can feature them in demos and classes.  Your customers can then take the tool home and make something with it that they will absolutely love.  For shop owners, these patterns have the additional bonus of being printed on paper that isn’t readable when copied, are printed with the shop contact information on them, are never sold in chains, and since they are printed on demand – are guaranteed to always be in stock!

This revolutionary program is now running like a fine tuned machine!  Think about it – nothing like this program has ever been possible…..until now!  This is a perfect example of using the latest technology to everyone’s advantage – and the response has been amazing!

Many of your favorite designers are submitting patterns every day.  Here is an example of the latest offerings…

Karla Alexander created Against the Rails to feature her Straight Out of Line ruler by Creative Grids.  I love the touches of red that make this simple quilt a show stopper.  To watch Karla demonstrate the ruler, visit our website at:  //www.checkerdist.com/products/CGRKA3

Item #CLPKAL001

Item #CGRKA3  Retail $18.95

Kathy Schmitz is a featured artist at Quiltcon in Austin next month.  For this design, Kathy uses a 2 ply – 12 weight Sulky thread to do her embroidery (Item #712-1005).  It is reasonably priced and comes on a spool so it doesn’t have to be wound from skeins.  Aren’t you curious???  Satisfy your curiosity for a suggested retail of $1.69.  Now that’s a no-brainer!

Item #CLPKSC001

This embroidery design showcases the frixion pens.  They are a great way to mark embroidery designs since the markings are removed when pressed!  Since Kathy is known for her blackwork, she uses a black pen so it matches the embroidery thread.

Item #FX7BLK  Retail $2.63

And, this embroidery design fits in a standard 5″ x 7″ frame!

Kathy Seal designed Sherbert Punch with the Creative Grids CGRT90.  Kathy sewed strips together to create the alternate blocks in this quilt….

Item #CLPKSE004

This new addition to the CGR line is 8 1/2″ high – which means you can sew together strip sets to measure up to 8 1/2″ and cut them into quarter-square triangles.  When sewn these strip pieced units will measure 16 1/2″!  Again, there are videos on our website to teach you how to demo the tool:  //www.checkerdist.com/products/CGRT90

Item #CGRT90  Retail $18.95

Larene Smith created this heart wall hanging or small baby quilt just in time for Valentine’s Day!

Item #CLPSM001

This quilt features the Lil Twister, which is featured on Checker You.

Item #LILTWISTER  Retail $9.85

Our favorite Swirly Girls created this banner that is fat quarter friendly to showcase their new buttons by Dill.  The center of these buttons feature nine holes so they can be embroidered with any letters or designs.  What a sweet baby gift!

Item #CLPSGD002

Visit our website to see the entire collection of buttons:  //www.checkerdist.com/products/notions?c=32904&u=41739

Sometimes we need a quilt that is quick, easy and fun – and is the type of quilt that your customers will make again and again.  American Hopscotch is such a quilt.  Feature it in your next Quilts of Valor day.

Item #CLPRFI005

This quilt is cut with the CGY1 ruler.  With so many quilts featuring pre-cuts – and those sizes, why confuse beginners with all of the other markings???

Item #CGRY1  Retail $25.95

These patterns have become very popular and new ones are being added each week.  Therefore, we have added a new feature to our home page.  On the left hand side, you can push a button to go directly to the Cut Loose Press section of the website or click a button that will take you to the ones that have been added in the last 30 days.  Check back often!

Cut Loose Press is LIVE

Cut Loose Press is alive and well – and blew the socks off of everyone at Quilt Market!!!  Our baby has launched to rave reviews and we couldn’t be happier!

This is how it works.  Top designers create quick and easy patterns that showcase a notion and up to three additional products.  These patterns are reasonably priced at just $3.99 Retail and come printed with your store name and information.  They are also printed on secure paper which turns black if copied – the glories of modern technology.  You must order a minimum of 12 – but can order any number over that, 13, 14, 15, etc.  And since they are printed on demand, they are always in stock!

Take a look at the possibilities….


Creative Grids Log Cabin Trim Tool (CGRJAW1) and Log Cabin Trim Tool Two (CGRJAW2)

I am really excited because many of you have been waiting for support patterns for the Creative Grids Log Cabin ruler.  The designer of that ruler, Jean Ann Wright, has created three patterns that support the 8″ finished version – the CGRJAW1.

Half Log Cabin

Item #CLPJAW0001  Retail $3.99

Autumn Table Runner

Item #CLPJAW002  Retail $3.99

Courthouse Steps

Item #CLPJAW003  Retail $3.99

Licketty Split Log Cabin

Item #CLPJAW004  Retail $3.99

This one supports the Log Cabin Trim Tool Two – CGRJAW2.

Item #CLPJAW005  Retail $3.99

Visit the Creative Grids or Checker Distributors websites to watch videos demonstrating how the rulers are used.

The Log Cabin Trim Tool:  //www.creativegridsusa.com/products.cfm?item_num=CGRJAW1&ref=c

The Log Cabin Trim Tool Two:  //www.creativegridsusa.com/products.cfm?item_num=CGRJAW2&ref=c

Then, make sample blocks of all three sizes of all three varieties:  Half Log Cabin; Courthouse Steps; and a traditional Log Cabin.  Your customers will want to see the blocks in actual size and these blocks can be the basis for your demo.  Use them to show your customers how the squares on the ruler move down the block as each round of logs are added.  The light bulb goes off immediately.

You don’t have to actually make the quilts – the patterns are enough.  You may want to kit them, however.  They will be so excited they will want to go home and start right away!

Creative Grids Double Strip 90 Ruler (CGRDBS90)

Kathy Seal has written three patterns based on the Creative Grids Double Strip 90 degree ruler (Item #CGRDBS90).

Item #CGRDBS90  Retail $26.95

All of these patterns use the same technique – 4 1/2″ strip sets are sewn together into tubes – and then cut into squares.   Why not demo this technique and offer the patterns as companions?

Mirrored Tiles

Item #CLPKSE0001  Retail $3.99

Hot Cross Stars

Item #CLPKSE0002  Retail $3.99

Tropical Blues

Item #CLPKSE0003  Retail $3.99

How could squares cut the exact same way, look totally different???  Your customers will be amazed at well.

This ruler is consistently in the top 20 – along with the book that supports it:  Strip Smart Quilts.

Item #B1097T  Retail $24.99

Why not make a sample of blocks created with these 90 degree units that are included in the book?  Once they have committed to the ruler, they will want all of the patterns and book that support it.  And, if they already have the ruler, the additional patterns will appeal to them!

But there are a multitude of other patterns that support it as well…visit:  //www.checkerdist.com/products/search?keywords=cgrdbs90&relatedto=

to see the all of the companions.

See how Cut Loose Press can be the beginnings of your next demonstration???