Bias Tape Makers

I love to make bias tape! And now there is a set of four – one-quarter inch to one inch – that are reasonably priced! Bias Tape Maker Set 4pk from Mundial # DQBST

These babies have a groove on the back that aids in feeding the fabric through the tool. This is a great demo! If you have never shown these to your customers, here are some tips:

You can now make bias tape out of any fabric to match your project AND it will be made out of the same top quality fabric you are used to!

Cut the fabric into the recommended width. Then cut the end at an angle. You do not have to cut the strips on the bias unless you are curving it in your finished design. If you are going to make curvy shapes, that is what the 45-degree lines on your mat and rulers are for – another great demo!

I spray the strip with Mary Ellen’s spray starch before inserting the angled end through the tube. As soon as the fabric emerges from the narrow end of the tube, pin it to your wool mat or ironing board cover. I use a T-pin.

Then pull the bias tape maker, keeping the tip of the iron on the narrow end of the tool so it doesn’t “splay” as it comes out of the tool. The spray starch ensures that you have crisp folds that stay in place.

Now everyone is making bias tape because they can’t get elastic for masks so it doesn’t have to be cut on the bias. These have a great retail – and will be available in May – so order them now!

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