Featherweight Lovers will LOVE this!

As I travel around the country, I see more and more Featherweight Clubs. Everyone in the club will want these!

Sew Steady now makes a table just for Featherweights. This classic table measures  18 x 23 inches. The black acrylic table is made exclusively for the Black Singer Featherweight 221k Machine. It even includes a gold printed 16-inch metric ruler and rounded front edge.

This featherweight 221 manual tells the history of the sewing machine, how to date your machine, and how to troubleshoot simple mechanical issues.

And then there is this gorgeous embroidery pattern by Crabapple Hill. What featherweight owner wouldn’t love this???

Embroidery – the perfect summer project

Why not “kit” an embroidery project?  It is the perfect take along for road trips or warm summer nights out on the deck.  My choice?  Sundress.  The pattern includes 15 different dresses – the perfect wall hanging for any bedroom.


Item #CAH286  Retail $27.00

Or, with the arrival of the new Christmas fabrics, why not start the embroidery now so it will be done in time for the holidays.

CAH414 (1)

Item #CAH414  Retail $27.00

Merry Little Christmas combines beautiful pieced quilt blocks with an exquisite embroidery design.  The scalloped inner border adds just the right touch of softness to balance the half-square triangles.

Her latest patterns will be out at the end of this month.  Pre-order them now because who could resist the charm of Snow Parade.


Item #CAH439  Retail $27.00

Or the whimsey of Merry Christmas Stocking…


Item #CAH438  Retail $10.00

Follow the links to see what embroidery flosses Meg chose and kit them as well along with the background fabric.  And don’t forget to display embroidery needles and hoops as well!

Crabapple Hill Branching Out

Meg Hawkey is one of my favorite designers.  She continues to grow and explore new mediums and takes us on this journey so gently that we don’t even realize that we are learning!  This series of needle art companions does just that.

Button Bon-Bon Pincushion

This pin cushion works up very quickly so it is a great gift for all of your quilting friends.  The opening of the gathered base is covered with an embroidered covered button.  Add gathered ribbon flowers for the perfect touch of whimsy.


Item #CAH820  Retail $10.00

Janette Needlebook and Pin Cushion

This needle book introduces wool with simple embroidery stitches.  The touch of beading with a button accent is simple but striking.


Item #CAH821  Retail $10.00

Blushing Needle Keeps

Once again, Meg has combined wool with simple embroidery so these needle keeps can be completed in no time.  Why not teach a class and share different needles – and what they are used for?


Item #CAH823  Retail $10.00

Sunflower Stitchery Folder

This beautiful folder opens to 30″ x 11 1/2″ so it is big enough to hold your entire stitchery project  Make it out of a favorite print or create an heirloom by adding the embroidery and crayon shading.


Item #CAH822  Retail $10.00


Poppy Bag Project

This bag has plenty of pockets to hold everything you need to stitch on the go.  Talk about personality???  This bag has it all from the polka dot trim to the eyelet opening.



Item #CAH824  Retail $10.00


Why not incorporate these true works of art into your every day needle art experience?  And, then, share them with a friend!

Happy Halloween from Crab Apple Hill

Meg Hawkey of Crab Apple Hill loves Halloween – and it shows!  Her newest patterns – due to arrive any day – honors the holiday in style!

This mini quilt featuring Top Hat Jack can hang on a wall or decorate any table.  Use it as a mug rug – you supply the hot spiced cider and pumpkin pie.  The yo-yos add a three dimensional element and the awe factor that we all love.  Accenting the embroidery with coloring brings Jack to life.


Item #CAH335  Retail $10.00

When Witches Fly showcases a seasonal poem embroidered and accented with coloring sure to make you smile.  The miniature nine-patch border creates the perfect frame.


Item #CAH336  Retail $10.00

Harry Potter fans will feel like they are visiting Diagon Alley. Raven’s Claw Mercantile must be the first stop for every witch.


Item #CAH337  Retail $10.00

This Sugar Skull was stitched in white on chalkboard fabric.  The high contrast accents every stitch.


Item #CAH338  Retail $10.00

Any witch would be proud to cast a spell with these whimsical wands.  Stored in an antique crock, these embroidered wands, accented with coloring, will be the perfect addition to a holiday display.


Item #CAH339  Retail $10.00

Why not celebrate the holiday by offering a class in this simple coloring technique?  Your students will still have plenty of time to finish it in time for Halloween.

Deck the Halls with Crab Apple Hill

I love everything that Meg Hawkey of Crab Apple Hill designs!  These heirloom quality projects have introduced embroidery to a new generation – and given the rest of us breathtaking designs with an eye for detail.

Deck the Halls is one of her latest creations.  The eye for detail continues into the border.  In Meg’s own words….










Item #CAH2544  Retail $54.00 (A complete set of the patterns)

The top and bottom borders spell out the old favorite Christmas carol on tag garlands…










Item #CAH2536  Retail $6.75

the large, center block depicts a snow covered tree decorated with a glittering village and bottle brush trees full of ornaments.










Item #CAH2542  Retail $6.75

The surrounding blocks feature vintage style decorations, a village inside an apothecary jar….



Item #CAH2540  Retail $6.75

and a Christmas village scene under a glass cloche.










Item #CAH2538  Retail $6.75

You could choose to change the colors to brighter Christmas colors for a more traditional look if you’d like. Such a sweet, happy quilt! Any one of the blocks would be darling stitched as a pillow, wall hanging, or framed piece. The tag garlands could be shortened and words moved around to create really cute banner pillows too! The possibilities are endless!

Snow Globes features 12 different snow globes set in a simple quilt design – but since every block is the same size, why not make your shop sample unique by designing your own???










Item #CAH2535  Retail $72.00

The scenes in the snow globes are intricate and a nostalgic reminder of Christmases past.  But don’t miss the detailing on the bases…

Holly Jolly









Item #CAH2526  Retail $6.00

Church on the Hill









Item #CAH2522  Retail $6.00

Santa Claus



Item #CAH2528  Retail $6.00

They are all this detailed – and this cute!  To see all of Meg’s designs, visit out website:  //www.checkerdist.com/search/all?link=1?&vendor_num=C720


A Gingerbread Village on Crab Apple Hill

Crayon tinted embroidery has become Meg’s passion.  And, this gingerbread house block of the month is the perfect project to showcase this technique.  So grab your box of Crayola’s and go to town.  Remember when we were in school and drooled over the box of 64?  Now they have a box of 152 so let your inner child play!

Block #1 – Peppermint Arch House


Item #CAH2512  Retail $6.75

Block #2 – Snowman with Cocoa


Item #CAH2513  Retail $6.75 

Block #3 – Holly Garden House


Item #CAH2514  Retail $6.75

Block #4 – Church


Item #CAH2515  Retail $6.75

Block #5 – Town Square Gaqebo


Item #CAH2516  Retail $6.75

Block #6 – Candy Cane Quilt Shop


Item #CAH2517  Retail $6.75

Block #7 – Sugar Hill Inn


Item #CAH2518  Retail $6.75

Block #8 – Ribbon Candy House


Item #CAH2519  Retail $6.75

Block #9 – Main Street Shops










Item #CAH2520  Retail $6.75

These blocks showcase her Snowflake line from Lecien:


This quilt measures 68 3/4″ square so it is a perfect wall hanging size.  These patterns are also available as a set – Item #CAH2521 – Retail $60.75.

Most of them are in stock – and the rest are on order – so order them now so you will be able to start your shop sample as soon as possible!


Quilt size 68-3/4in Square. Block 12-3/4in. What could be better than Victorian Gingerbread? Crayon tinting adds so much depth and life to the oh so simple embroidery, with just enough sparkle to make it extra fun. Uses Snowflakes by Meg Hawkey from Lecien.

New Patterns from your Favorite Designers

When a favorite designer puts out a new pattern, it is like an author releasing a new book!  You just can’t wait to see what they have been up to.  And in these cases, you won’t be disappointed!

Meg Hawkey of Crab Apple Hill has four new embroidery patterns that combine her coloring technique with exquisite drawings.  The Stitch Sampler is a wonderful way to teach your students her top 15 embroidery stitches.  Their final efforts are suitable for framing.

Item #CAH273  Retail $10.00

Item #CAH276  Retail $10.00

Item #CAH276  Retail $10.00

Item #CAH279  Retail $10.00

Judy Niemeyer is releasing her new Feathered Star design – simply brilliant!  I have seen this quilt in person – and it is breathtaking!!!

Item #JNQ108P  Retail $75.00

Auntie’s Two has been busy as well.  Why not teach their techniques now?  Their bag patterns were in the top 20 all last summer so if you aren’t using their methods, your customers are missing out!

I love this hassock which is formed around a Bosal form which comes in two sizes.  The 12″ x 14″ size is Item #1412B; the 18″ x 15″ is Item #1815B.

Item #AT261  Retail $9.00

Or your customer’s can make the perfect quilter’s fruit basket…

Item #AT262  Retail $9.00

Or this bedroll is the perfect choice when you want to curl up with a good book!

Item #AT263  Retail $9.00

You probably already know which customers will want to be the first to try these, so order them now so you will be the first to get them when they arrive…..

Fall Projects You Will Love

Over the River and through the Woods has become a holiday tradition.  I have friends that pull it out and work on it in the Fall – and are nostalgic when it is finally done.  It has made it onto most of our bucket lists.

Item #CAH316  Retail $9.00

For all of you Meg Hawkey fans, we are currently waiting the arrival of her two newest patterns due in this week.  Dance by the Light of the Moon is sure to make you smile.

Item #CAH332  Retail $27.00

For those of you who want more instant gratification, check out these new pillows called Rattle & Roll….

Item #CAH333  Retail $9.00

Falling into Winter are great designs for all of the holidays.  How beautiful!  And don’t your customers love two for one???

Item #BC191  Retail $12.95

Check out these Cute as a Button Bracelets!  What great gifts.  Your friends won’t believe that you made them!

Item #CAH1012  Retail $8.00

I LOVE this pattern because once again, your customers get two for one.  It looks great in Fall colors or Christmas fabrics.  Once your customers have fun making one, they will want to make the other.  This is a great class!  Why not cut the 2 1/2″ strips from your short bolts and clean up some inventory at the same time.

Item #CQD01062  Retail $9.00

This table topper finishes to 18″ and works up very quickly…

Item #TAT222  Retail $4.50

Fall Frolic is a favorite!  I love to combine wool and piecing – and Tara Lynn Darr has mastered it!  The textures demand to be touched.

Item #SEU428  Retail $28.00

Now that we carry In the Patch Designs, this is easy to kit.  Check out the collection at:  www.checkerdist.com/products/search?v=B397

Halloween is Just Around the Corner

We had our first taste of a nip in the air in the Midwest this week which means Fall is right around the corner.  Now is the time to spruce up your Halloween and Thanksgiving displays or you are going to miss those sales!  Your customers are just getting in the spirit.  School has started and they are ready to create.

This does not have to be a big deal.  In less than an hour, you can put together a great display.  Showcase any Fall lines that you purchased.  Walk through your shop and pull out all of the Fall colors and incorporate these into the display.  Last year, you probably sold the focal fabric of those Fall lines but may still have some coordinates or tone on tones that will give a boost to the current line.  Now is the time to let those earth tones shine!!!

If you need more of the focal fabrics, why not order a Flatfold assortment?  These five yard cuts are reasonably priced and are great for fat quarter assortments.  To see the entire selection, visit our website at:  www.checkerdist.com/products/fabrics?l=3473

Don’t stop at fabric.  Look at books and patterns as well – and supplement as needed.  This is the easiest part.  The covers often have seasonal vignettes that add to the charm of the display.  Meg Hawkey is known for designing heirloom quality holiday projects that I love!  You don’t have to make an entire sample.  Have the current project you are working on in a hoop as part of the display.  Seeing the quality of her designs is enough!

Many of you are involved in secret sister programs or do a project with relatives during the holidays.  This one is perfect – a pincushion and needle case that is luscious in wool.  Why not choose from our great selection of wools from In the Patches – www.checkerdist.com/products/search?f_v=B397&page=1&limit=100&sort=score What an easy project to kit!

Item #CAH813  Retail $8.00

This spell book reminds me of Harry Potter and makes me want to go for a family hike to find the perfect branch to decorate.  This small project can be the centerpiece of the entire display – and the basis of a great class!

Item #CAH329  Retail $10.00

Or this hat can be the center of a table top display.  This will certainly attract your customer’s attention!  What a great way to teach your customers embroidery stitches!

Item #CAH314  Retail $8.00

Harvest Hopscotch is the perfect choice for your more traditional customers.  Combining simple piecing with embroidery is the best of both worlds.

Item #CAH331  Retail $12.00

Spellbound is the perfect project for all of us witches – or Harry Potter fans!

Item #CAH330  Retail $12.00

Speaking of witches, who wouldn’t love this boot filled with all of your holiday favorites.

Item #CAH320  Retail $9.00

If vintage is your style, Vintage Trick or Treat is just the ticket.

Item #CAH317  Retail $25.00

Calendula Patterdrips is sure to become a family heirloom!

Item #CAH319  Retail $25.00

To see the entire collection of CrabApple Hill patterns, visit our website at:  www.checkerdist.com/products/search?v=C720

And, don’t forget to include threads, flosses, embroidery needles; embroidery threaders; and hoops as a part of the display!  Your customers will thank you for it!