Square on Square – the hit at Road to California

I demonstrated the Creative Grids® Square on Square rulers at the Road to California show and they loved them!
Item #CGRJAW8  Retail $19.95

Why does everyone LOVE this tool?  For the same reason, they love the entire line of Jean Ann Wright’s trim tools.  All of these tools solve the problems quilters face when piecing blocks that start with a center square.  These blocks tend to become skewed because of cutting inconsistencies; variations in seam allowances; and distortions while pressing.

The triangles are cut slightly larger and trimmed to size AFTER cutting, sewing and pressing – and the end result is spectacular!

Check out this new Spinning Snails pattern by Lynn Roddy Brown.  Yes – this is the first tool designed to create the Snail’s Trail block.  It is simply the color placement of the triangles.  And don’t you love the scrappy look and the rail fence border???CLPLRB001
Item #CLPLRB002

Sunflower Trails creates movement by piecing the Snail’s Trails blocks out of just three colors.
Item #CLPDKR014

Jean Ann Wright’s blue version makes me want to go to the beach!
Item #CLPJAW041

But this tool is named Square on Square for a reason!  Don’t forget that the traditional blocks make striking quilts as well.
Item #CLPJAW039

Look what happens when you piece a block and center it in a square on square.CLPJAW040
Item #CLPJAW040

The additional bells and whistles make this a must have:
1.  The cutting instructions are printed right on the tool. (The outside edge of the block is always on the straight of grain.)
2.  Create a 4″ block by stopping after two triangles or complete an 8″ block by adding four rounds of triangles.
3.  Use the squares on the ruler to piece or fussy cut a 2″ or 4″ finished square.

These added features expand the design potential exponentially!  Why not give it a try?  It also comes in a six-inch version.  (Item #CGRJAW7).  Whichever size you choose, you will be happy with the result!


Jean Ann Wright’s Square on Square 6 Inch Trim Tool

I have been a fan of everything Jean Ann since I used the first Log Cabin Trim Tool – and thousands of you have had the same experience.  They all follow one basic concept:  Cut the pieces slightly larger and trim them to size.

This latest addition – the Square on Square 6″ Trim Tool – incorporates that proven concept as each round of setting triangles are added.


Item #CGRJAW7  Retail $17.95

Start with a square ( or pieced) and add triangles to each side – then trim.  Add another round of triangles to create a 3 1/2″ square.  We call this size the “A’ bonus block.  I love working in miniature so I was instantly hooked – and had to design around this size alone!

Four-Patch Squared showcases these A blocks with a pieced four-patch in the middle.  And guess what!  You can piece four-patches; quarter-square triangles; or pinwheels and square them up to the perfect size by using the center trim tool printed on the corner of the ruler.  I used this feature to trim the four-patches used in the cornerstones as well.  You know when you can create miniatures this perfect, adding two more rounds is a piece of cake!


Item #CLPPHA005

In Lots of Dots, Debby Kratovil starts with a 3 1/2″ square and adds two “B” rounds to create a perfect 6″ finished square.  This is the perfect opportunity to showcase a conversational fabric for an I Spy quilt or fussy cut your favorite fabric.


Item #CLPDKR013

Jean Ann uses color placement to create this Little Widget design:


Item #CLPJAW046

In Team Colors, Jean Ann starts with a nine-patch measuring 3 1/2″ and adds two sets of triangles to create a perfect six inch finished block.  Then she sets half-square triangles on point – and appliques a circle to create a very masculine quilt which would be perfect in YOUR team colors!


Item #CLPJAW037

In Fussy Cut Squared, I centered an 3 1/2″ embroidery block by Bird Brain Designs into the center of a 6″ finished block.  The corner posts are four-patches trimmed to the perfect size before adding two rounds of triangles.



Item #CLPPHA006

In La Petite Fleur Jean Ann combines six inch log cabins with the Square on Square Trim Tool.  These log cabins were created with the CGRJAW1 – two rounds were added so that it measures the same size as the six inch trim tool.


Item #CLPJAW038

See why I love this tool???  The versatility is amazing.  And you haven’t seen anything yet!  Check out the alternate size:  the eight inch version to see how to create a Snails’ Trail block with this tool.  The design potential is endless.  Everything is in stock, so why not start creating your own masterpieces today???

The Perfect Partnership – Creative Grids and Cut Loose Press

With over 100 rulers in our tool box, designers are finding just what they need to create spectacular quilts.  These are just a few of the new Cut Loose Press patterns that feature Creative Grids that have been released this summer.

Who doesn’t LOVE the Jean Ann Wright trim tools?  Fascination is created with the eight inch Curvy Log Cabin Trim Tool.


Item #CLPCAM008


Item #CGRJAW5  Retail $20.95

Roundabout is striking in batiks – and the pieced border added to just two sides gives it a modern look.


Item #CLPCAM007


Item #CGRJAW6  Retail $17.95

Sunny Shadows gives a different look to a traditional log cabin block.  Laura Blanchard starts with a half-square triangle – and then snowballs some of the corners to create a striking quilt!


Item #CLPMBL001


Item #CGRJAW1  Retail $19.45

Color placement of the strips in this Pineapple Slice quilt creates a secondary pattern that floats…


Item #CLPJAW035


Item #CGRJAW3  Retail $23.45

This hexie quilt is absolutely quirky – from the angled edges to the turned striped units – what is not to love!


Item #CLPKLU004


Item #CGRJAW4  Retail $24.95

Why not start creating you own works of art today???

Log Cabin Curves – Double the Pleasure, Double the Fun

I love log cabins – and curvy log cabins?  The design potential just increased exponentially!  all of those patterns created with Drunkard’s Path type curves can now be replicated WITHOUT cutting or sewing a curve!

This newest book by Jean Ann Wright shows you how to create these designs with six inch or eight inch blocks.


Item #L113305  Retail $18.95

These curvy log cabins are created by adding two narrow logs to two adjoining sides – and wide logs to the other two sides.  When using the Creative Grids rulers designed by the author, these blocks are a piece of cake!

Eight Inch Finished Curvy Log Cabin

CGRJAW5 - CDwebsite

Item #CGRJAW5  Retail $20.95

If you want to create the same projects – in a smaller size – use the six inch version.


Item #CGRJAW6  Retail $17.95

The book includes cutting instructions if you want to make them the old-fashioned way – but when Jean Ann has invented a better mousetrap, why would you????

Look at the circles that are created when you place the blocks so the wide, dark logs are placed together.


Or combine blocks made with narrow darks with some made with wide darks to create curved diamonds.



This table runner showcases backgrounds that create a perfect place to showcase an applique or beautiful quilting.


Or create helixes for your favorite scientist…


This table runner reminds me of swans or flamingos.  What do you see?


The book includes eight different patterns that serve as a stepping stone to your own creativity.  With the right Creative Grids tools, these blocks are fast, fun, and easy!

Turn Nine Blocks into the Best of a Circle of Nine

The sister team of Janet Houts and Jean Ann Wright have combined 14 of their most popular Circle of Nine quilt projects into one book.


Item #L11331  Retail $24.95

This is really a technique book.  Once you learn the fundamentals, you can design a multitude of unique and beautiful quilts using any of your favorite blocks.  Several possibilities for the spacer blocks are included.  Look at these quilts – no two quilts are the same!


KMBT_C284-20130508151134 L11331_5 L11331_6 L11331_7 L11331_8










































Turn nine blocks into a table topper, throw, or bed-sized quilt – just by adjusting the size of the blocks.  Truly amazing!

Super Size isn’t just for Fast Food

The Curvy Log Cabin Trim Tools have become the stash busters that everyone loves.  But, did you know that Jean Ann has Super Sized or Down Sized Cut Loose Press patterns that support those templates?  There are now yardage requirements to make the same project in a different size just by switching the template size.

These patterns were originally written for the six inch finished CGRJAW6 (Retail $17.95) and now include the  yardage requirements for the eight inch size CGRJAW5 (Retail $20.95.

Rainbow Swirls


Item #CLPJAW032

Citrus & Berry


Item #CLPJAW033

Fly Away


Item #CLPJAW029

Wiggly Worms


Item #CLPJAW028

Ice Cream Cones


Item #CLPJAW031

Or, downsize these Cut Loose Press originally written for the eight inch template…

Sun, Surf & Seaweed


Item #CLPJAW026



Item #CLPJAW021

Texas Two Step


Item #CLPJAW022



Item #CLPJAW024

Why not get more bang for your buck today?








Strip Piecing Templates make Quick Work of Scrap Quilts

Jean Ann Wright is the queen of strip piecing templates and has created an entire line for Creative Grids.  Although the technique is the same for each template, the design possibilities are endless.

At Market, Jean Ann visited with us and filmed a video sharing hints and tricks she shares in her classes.


All of these tools are based on the same premise.  Each round of strips is trimmed before the next round is added so minor differences in seam allowances are adjusted as the block is built, round by round.  No more wonky blocks – and they all end up to be the exact same size!

It all started with the original Log Cabin Trim Tool that makes an eight inch finished block.


Item #CGRJAW1  Retail $19.45

There are a multitude of Cut Loose Press patterns to support it.  “Country Retreat Log Cabin” is one of Jean Ann’s latest patterns that showcases the block beautifully.


Item #CLPJAW030

After its release, we were instantly bombarded with requests for the same tool in different sizes so we combined a six and twelve inch size in one tool:


Item #CGRJAW2  Retail $24.95

Other designers recognized the potential of these tools and started designing with them as well.  Courthouse Lanterns by Gudrun Erla of GE Designs puts a whole new spin on a courthouse steps block.


Item #CLPGER005

If this technique worked for log cabins, why not Pineapple blocks?  Jean Ann figured that out too…


Item #CGRJAW3  Retail $23.45

“Tropical Fruit” is a bright cheerful quilt that shows how the placement of lights and darks can create a striking quilt.


Item #CLPJAW008

With the popularity of hexies, Jean Ann saw potential to use them in a whole new way!


Item #CGRJAW4  Retail $24.95

Whether you choose to make log cabin hexies, half hexies, or cutting two, four, six, or eight inch hexies – this tool does it all!


Item #CLPJAW019

How do you create motion in a traditional log cabin block?  Add wide strips to two sides and narrow to the other sides.  What happens when you combine four of these blocks?  You create pieced circles, of course!  And since the tool makes eight inch blocks, they can be combined with the CGRJAW1!


Item #CGRJAW5  Retail $20.95

“Circle Time” by Cam Kilman is a darling baby quilt or table topper and showcases the curves that are so easily achieved with this tool…


Item #CLPCAM003

Once again, we immediately heard from all of you that they wanted a smaller version of this template so they could create 12″ circles by combining four blocks – and we listened!


Item #CGRJAW6  Retail $17.95

“Rainbow Swirls” is a quilt with curves all in the right places!


Item #CLPJAW032

To view all of the Cut Loose Press patterns, click on the ruler links – you’ll be glad you did!







Creative Grids on the Way

Good news!  Two of the new rulers that were released at Market will arrive once again this week,  The response  to these new releases has been nothing short of amazing and we have reordered multiple times to keep up with the demand.

Gudrun Erla of GE Designs created the Stripology ruler to launch a whole new program for shops.  She not only has books and patterns to support it, she also has a shop guide with suggestions for classes.


Item #CGRGE1  Retail $54.95

The Book:


Item #GE508  Retail $16.00

The Shop Guide:


Item #GE509  Cost $8.00

The Patterns:


Item #GE167  Retail $10.00


Item #GE166  Retail $10.00

And, a Cut Loose Press pattern for good measure:


Item #CLPGER007

Kathy Brown of Teacher’s Pet released the Strip Smart Mini to rave reviews.  This ruler may be mini – but it is mighty!  Make all of the quilts in her popular Strip Smart books in a smaller size.  But that is just the tip of the iceberg.  When the wheels start turning in the head of this Louisiana gal, you know there is more to come!


Item #CGRY2  Retail $14.95

She has a book and CLP pattern to get you started as well…but once you have it in your hot little hands, you will start designing your own versions.  I know I did!

The Book:


Item #TP9000  Retail $15.00

The Cut Loose Press Pattern:


Item #CLPKBR007

We got in the second order of Jean Ann Wright’s Curvy Log Cabin last week.


Item #CGRJAW6  Retail $17.95

And, yes, there is plenty of Cut Loose Press pattern support for this ruler as well!

Wiggly Worms


Item #CLPJAW028

Fly Away with Me


Item #CLPJAW029

Ice Cream Cones


Item #CLPJAW031

Rainbow Swirls


Item #CLPJAW032

Citrus and Berries


Item #CLPJAW033

Sunshine Butterflies


Item #CLPDKR012

Package the rulers and companions together for great Christmas presents.  Order them NOW – you know they are selling fast.

Join us at Market for these Fantastic Take and Teach Sessions

Kathy Brown




You asked. We listened. Join us for these mini-classes taught by our Creative Grids® design team and Phyllis Meiring of In the Patch Designs. Learn how to teach, demonstrate, and market – as well as up-sell to increase sales with companion patterns & notions.

Saturday, October 25 8:00-9:30 a.m.
#324. Last Minute Christmas Class
Karen Montgomery of The Quilt Company shows how to combine Creative Grids® “Scrap Crazy 6” blocks and Christmas fabric. Schedule the perfect demo or class for your shop. Sell machines? Use this project to demonstrate the stitches on every quilter’s favorite Christmas present! Sewing machine and kits provided. Bring basic sewing supplies.

#325. Maximize Profits with Creative Grids
Jean Ann Wright shares how one simple technique can be the basis for a multitude of different blocks. Demonstrate one and sell them all! Learn the technique by making blocks with her latest ruler being released at this Market. Maximize profits with demos, patterns & fabric. Sewing machine and kits provided. Bring basic sewing supplies including a marking pen.

Sunday, October 26 8:00-9:30 a.m.
#422 Minis Are Hot!
Your favorite “Teacher’s Pet,” Kathy Brown, continues the Strip Smart craze by showing how to make gorgeous minis the easy way with her brand-new Creative Grids® ruler. Learn how to create complicated quilts with simple techniques in just a few hours.

#423. Welcome to Stripology Class!
Meet the newest member of the Creative Grids® design team – Gudrun Erla of GE Designs. Learn how to use her brand new Creative Grids® ruler to create a class or demo series. Work on class or demo samples for fantastic strip quilts from her new self-published book and Cut Loose Press™ pattern. Sewing machine provided.

#424. Wool Projects That Will Increase Your Sales
Phyllis Meiring of In the Patch Designs will show you how to create a wool program for your store. Thanks to her pre-cuts, it is very affordable. Learn how to create micro-kits with Cut Loose Press™ patterns for fast and reasonably priced wool projects. Bring basic sewing supplies.

Monday, October 27 8:00-9:30 a.m.
#515. Play Before You Pay
Rita Fishel will show you how to demonstrate the latest members of the Creative Grids® family. Use storyboards as a silent salesman in your shop. Learn how to increase sales by showcasing notions and companion patterns along the way.

#516. The Complete Package – Notions, Patterns, Kits
Spend the morning with Penny Haren and learn how to use Cut Loose Press™ patterns to their best advantage: how to kit, how to demo, how to display and how to increase sales!

Enroll today at www.quilts.com

Put this on the top of your to-do list today!  Space is limited.

Jelly Roll Jambalaya

With a name like that, who can resist???  This book includes nine quilts and two smaller projects that are the perfect choices for a series of classes….

JRJ Cover_Layout 1








Item #L11312  Retail $14.95

These projects are absolutely amazing – but it is not just another project book.  Each project includes a mini lesson on a new technique.  Why not start a series of classes.  Choose four techniques incorporated into four projects.

Have students come once a month for two to three hours.  They will be able to finish a quilt each quarter – that’s four quilts a year!  Let your customers make a monthly “appointment” to do something they love!  An added bonus?  They will be able to finish the entire quilt in class!  If you provide the machines – all the better!

Schedule the classes so they can stop on their way home from work.  Their families will think they stopped at the grocery store – not some well deserved R & R with friends!

All you have to do is choose one of these beauties…












































…and choose a technique – Y-seams, seminole patchwork, tesselations…and at $14.95 who can resist???

Jelly Roll Jambalaya








Jelly Roll Jambalaya

The hardest part is going to be choosing where to start!