Notions Revisited or Improved!

When I travel and teach, I receive multiple requests from applique enthusiasts for a sandpaper board.  Sue Daley delivers!  The sandpaper stops the fabric from slipping when tracing templates and is mounted to a sturdy board so it is the perfect work surface.


We once again carry Klutz Gloves in a medium and large size.  Wear these gloves when rotary cutting to protect your fingers from those sharp blades!



The new kid on the block is this new endurance blade by Olfa.  I can’t wait to try one!  For just a few dollars more, this blade is supposed to last twice as long as the current blades on the market!  Let’s face it everyone, we NEVER replace our blade as often as we should so this puppy is a godsend!

Best of Fons & Porter

Leisure Arts has combined the best of the best to bring you your favorite projects that have appeared in their ever popular magazine!

I fell in love with the cover quilt.  (A group of friends go to the beach every summer and I instantly wanted to make one for each of them.  I even wanted to run up and go through my stash to pick out the fun fabrics!)  That is the reaction that every publisher wants when someone sees their book!  And the 27 quilts inside did not disappoint – four more went on my to do list instantly.  Only then did I realize that these quilts were supposed to be for kids!!!  Well, I guess there is a kid in all of us because this is the nicest collection of quilts I have seen in a long time.  And at about $1.00 a pattern – one of the best buys on the market.

Item #LA5619  Retail $26.95

This is the Hints from Heloise book for the quilter!  It includes over 225 sewing tips that appeared in their popular magazine.  But, it doesn’t stop there….There are also “Sew Easy Lessons” – illustrated instructions on how to’s such as how to add piping to a border; how to miter corners, and how to paper piece.  There are also a baker’s dozen of patterns that feature these techniques.  What a great read!!!

Item #LA5616  Retail $26.95

Tis the season for every quilter to make Christmas gifts – and this book has over 55 projects that can be done in time for the holidays!  Visit our website and view a relatively new feature – a video that shows some of the projects inside.  Since you can’t judge a book by its cover:  //

Item #LA5615  Retail $24.95

Quilters LOVE stars and this book has them all!  Whether you want to piece them into a sashing or border – or make them the centerpiece of your entire quilt, this book is for you.  And, again at just $1.00 a pattern, this book is a bargain!!!

Item #LA5620  Retail $26.95

All of these books meet my rule of four requirement – I only buy a book if there are at least four quilts that I love.  In these cases, that requirement is blown out of the water!  These will be the books that you refer to again and again…