Valentine Embellishments

These craft embellishment item from Buttons Galore are part of their Sprinkletz collection. These tiny polymer clay embellishments are shaped like hearts and other Valentine embellishments and are perfect for adding a touch of fun to your projects.

Each piece measures approximately 5mm, making them ideal for decorating cards, scrapbook pages, or other paper crafts. With approximately 600 pieces per pack, you’ll have plenty to choose from. These little embellishments can be glued onto almost any surface or used as shaker filler. Sprinkletz make great Slime ingredients. With 12 grams per pack, or about 1.5 tablespoons, you’ll have plenty to work with.

 Sparkletz are a perfectly coordinated combination of iridescent gemstones, crystal clear flat back drops, pearls, confetti, dyed to match faceted rhinestones and sequins.

Sparkletz are frequently use as filler for shaker craft projects and to embellish almost any diy craft project. They are great for use on scrapbook pages, papercrafts, kids crafts, creative memories, clothing, cell phones, nail art and many other arts and craft creations. With a generous 10 grams in each pack, you will have plenty of Sparkletz for your diy projects. “

These buttons are part of the Romance Collection of craft & sewing novelty buttons. These buttons are great for embellishing clothing, cell phone, shoes, quilts, picture frames, scrapbook pages, needleart and much more. Hand dyed and packaged in the USA, these buttons will help make your diy project special and unique. Occasionally we may have to substitute a button with a similar button of equal value.

All of these items would make a great counter display and are due to arrive later this month, just in time for Valentine’s Day.

Embellishment Kits from Buttons Galore

These embellishment kits are the perfect counter display! Each kit includes lots of sequins, beads, and random embellishments to add that awe factor to any holiday project.

You’re a Mean One.


Santa’s Treats

Happy Feet

October 31st

These are just a sampling of the 25 packages that will be available at the end of the month. To see the entire collection, visit: Buttons Galore.

Crazy Quilting with a Little Help from Your Friends

There is a definite surge in embroidery patterns and quilts.  For those of you who have enjoyed handwork and appreciate the relaxation of simple redwork, why not advance to the next level?

This wall hanging by Sue Spargo is the perfect beginning project.  After all, there is no wrong way to decorate a cup!









Buttons Galore have combined a few of your favorite things in color combinations that you will love.  What a great way to embellish your cuppa….






























Be sure to include embroidery guides, pearl cottons, and embroidery floss in your display.









Once your customers learn how relaxing handwork can be, they may want to start a true Crazy Quilt.  This book is due to arrive later this summer so why not get your customers started now?

Register Bling Part One

Every quilter loves a button box so they won’t be able to resist these charmers from Buttons Galore!  Each acrylic box includes an assortment of coordinated beads, buttons and sequins – and the names will make you smile!

Deck the Halls and Safari Sunrise

bgll501 bgll502







Sea Glass and Rose Garden

bgll503 bgll504






And, every child’s favorite?  Rainbow Unicorn!









These are great gifts for your Secret Sis, that future quilter in your life, or why not treat yourself?  At around $5.00, who could resist?  Display them by the register.  Girls just want to have fun…..

Why not Button Up those Sales?

Buttons Galore is releasing new button packs in charming color combinations that are the perfect addition to any display.  You already put fabric, books, and patterns together to celebrate the seasons so why not add the awe factor???

Just look at these Fall packs.  Don’t they put you in the mood immediately???

Very Scarry and Trick or Treat


Fall Festival


These Winter packets will match any project that needs that extra touch.  Don’t you just want to dress a snowman???

Tis the Season and Winter Wonderland

BGBB93  BGBB94 (1)

Winter Flurries








Buttons Galore has a wide selection – pick out assortments that will go with your new fabric lines.

Why not display them at the register as well?  They are that perfect little gift for that secret sis.  But grandmothers won’t be able to resist buying a pack for their grandchildren.  Who doesn’t love the memories of playing in the button box???