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Tried and True by Jo Morton contains thirteen classic quilts in her signature reproduction fabrics.

Tried & True

The quilts are stunning and the photography will make you want to redecorate your house! They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and in this case, that is so true so just enjoy….

Martingale - Tried & True (Print version + eBook bundle)
Martingale - Tried & True (Print version + eBook bundle)
Martingale - Tried & True (Print version + eBook bundle)
Martingale - Tried & True (Print version + eBook bundle)
Martingale - Tried & True (Print version + eBook bundle)
Martingale - Tried & True (Print version + eBook bundle)Martingale - Tried & True (Print version + eBook bundle)

Don’t you want to move right in? Since that is not an option, you can make them to match your decor. The book is due to arrive this month, so order it now!

Jo Morton – Full Size

We just got the info on Jo Morton’s new book this week. It isn’t due to arrive until the beginning of June but order it now so you don’t forget!

If the cover is any indication, you will love it! This is what the publishers say:

Elegant, timeless, traditional, and beautiful–that’s the magic Jo Morton brings to the quilts she creates. This latest collection of patterns captures Jo working in a larger scale, with quilts for displaying, draping, and cuddling too. Find fresh twists on quilt-block favorites, from Wild Goose Chase and Kansas Troubles to the humble Nine Patch. Packed with smart tips for choosing fabrics, piecing by hand, pressing for success, sewing triangles, and much more, quilters will love visiting Jo’s captivating world, where vintage is always in style.

I can’t wait to see what’s inside!

Mini Quilts are Hot Part Four

After writing three articles on mini quilts, the promotional materials for a new Jo Morton book arrived!  Frankly, it won’t be out until May – but it needs to be on your radar as you are planning classes and events for this year.
The cover is the only image I have, so I blew it up as big as possible.  This collection of some of her favorite patterns are a delight to stitch.  Jo shared tips and tricks that will make you not only stitch them – but stitch them well!
Decorating your home with mini quilts addt a touch of charm and love in unexpected places and ways.  I’ll share more photos when they are available, but for now, her reputation speaks for itself!

Simple Friendships – Jo Morton and Kim Diehl

I blogged about this book – sight unseen because I knew it was going to be a top seller.  And now that photos are available, I am SURE it is going to be number one when it is released in February. Simple Friendships #B1351T.


This book includes 14 different patterns designed by two of the top creative geniuses in our field!  What is not to love?  You can see the influence of each designer in these quilts.

Pg79_WarmRegards   Pg93_JamesRiverCrossing










I love the combination of piecing and applique and instantly loved the idea of showcasing a single applique block in a wall hanging surrounded by miniature pieced quarter-square triangles.  The scrappy look is so appealing!  Use these quilts as a launchpad for your own designs.

Guaranteed Winners

I normally don’t encourage you to buy books sight unseen but these women are legendary – and, based on their reputations, you want to order now so you are guaranteed to get the first shipment!  And, I mean this literally because no pics have yet been released!  Some are not due out until February but I am ordering my copies NOW!

Kim Diehl and Jo Morton are joining forces to create 14 spectacular quilts all based on classic blocks.  These women are sensational alone so I can’t wait to see what happens in this collaboration!  Simple Friendships is aptly named!

Carrie Nelson of Miss Rosie’s Quilt Company is releasing twelve of her favorite quilt patterns in one collection!  Miss Rosie’s Farmhouse Favorites is sure to be a compendium of exceptional scrap quilts.  She has such a talent for combining literally hundreds of fabrics into stunning quilts – studying her projects is comparable to getting your masters in color and design!

You already know who will want these so order accordingly!

Jo’s Little Favorites

You all ready know who will want this newest release by Jo Morton so make sure you order enough!  This book of minis is due to arrive the first week of February and would make a great class series – kitted of course!

Item #B1357T  Retail $24.99

These 13 classic quilt designs include tips to make piecing in miniature a breeze.  The photography is worth the price of the book!  Each quilt is displayed in vignettes that would add charm to any decor.

Most of the quilts are smaller than 36″ square so you can stitch these versions of her classic patterns in no time at all.  Here is just a sampling…



Which one will you make first????

New Books Hit the Top 20 – Part Two

The cream has risen to the top.  These are books that have now consistently appeared in the top 20 since their releases.  These top sellers should be in your shop as well.

Barbara Brackman is first and foremost an historian.  Her expertise is world renowned so I am thrilled that she came out with this Civil War Sampler book.  It is one of those books that belongs on everyone’s book shelf.  There are 50 archival blocks that can be created in two different sizes.  The stories and photography are a spectacular bonus!

Item #10874  Retail $29.95

Lynette Jensen has released a Block Party book that features twelve months worth of projects and recipes.  There is a reason that her works are considered classics!  Classic quilts from a classy lady!

Item #BK440  Retail $ 29.95

Jo Morton has a huge following and this book is a must have for everyone of them!  She shares 10 pieced and applique projects in her very recognizable style.

Item #PHBK22  Retail $25.00

Cheryl Phillips has released the 20th anniversary edition of her book – Quilts Without Corners.  I can’t believe that it has been 20 years since Cheryl changed the shape of quilting!  This book includes the 10 degree mini template as well as the extension.  There are two new patterns as well.  Cheryl knows how to celebrate a milestone in style!!!

Item #QWCPLAT01  Retail $22.98

Two of our favorite Brits – Pam and Nicky Lintott have released their latest jelly roll book that pays homage to antique quilts.  I just heard this week that they will have a booth at Spring Market in Portland!  Stop by and meet them – you will be glad you did!

Item #V7941  Retail $24.99

Who could resist????

My Favorite “New” Books

We have added several new books since Market.  Here are my favorite picks.  They are sure to be top sellers!  Jo Morton is a perennial favorite and her books are always best sellers.  This one is due in this week and includes 10 different pieced and appliqued projects.  We hope to get this one in just in time for Christmas!

Item #PHBK22  Retail $25.00

This and That has released two books – one on bags and the other includes some adorable embroideries.  At $12.00 a book, who could resist???

Item #BK229  Retail $12.00

Item #BK230  Retail $12.00

Judy Niemeyer has created another masterpiece that is sure to be on every quilter’s bucket list.  Her fabric choices are awesome!

Item #JNQ104P  Retail $28.00

The legendary Eleanor Burns shares recipes as well as quilt blocks with kitcheny names in her new book – Quilts from El’s Kitchen.

Item #QD1086  Retail $27.95

You   probably already know which customers will want these books.  Some are available now, others are arriving every day so order them now so your customers won’t be disappointed!