Double Wide Dresdens

What is a double wide? If you talk to the gals at Me and My Sisters, it’s NOT a trailer! They have taken the traditional 18-degree Dresden and doubled it to 36-degrees. Why? You only need half as many petals (10) to create the look of grandma’s quilts with the added bonus of creating a secondary star design in the middle!









Check out some of the 13 plus projects in this book, starting with their version of a hungry, hungry caterpillar.











































What a fun, easy demo! Why not order them in for your Holiday Open House?

Mini Quilts are Hot Part Two

Several of your favorite designers:  Pat Sloan, Carrie Nelson, Brigitte Heitland, Camille Roskelley, Me and My Sister Designs, Sherri McConnell, Sandy Gervais, Edyta Sitar, Lynne Hagmeier, Vanessa Christenson, Anne Sutton, Laurie Simpson, Jen Kingwell, Lisa Bongean, and Betsy Chutchian. contributed to this top-selling book:  Mini Marvels.  All of these designers have such a recognizable style that it is fun to guess who made each quilt – no peeking!

b1402t-1 pg11_beesknees pg20_littlelove pg24_dashing pg33_zenchic pg42_apinkchristmas pg48_spinner pg52_starsandstars































Once again, the photography showcases these beauties to their best advantage – and makes you want to start cutting up that stash immediately!

Don’t forget!  I know I mentioned this in Part One, but it bares repeating!If you are hanging them on a wall, you may want to consider using Soft and Stable for batting.  They will hang perfectly flat and add that professional touch!  It comes in several packaging options: Project Packs which include four 13 1/2 x 18 1/2 inch pieces (originally meant for place mats but perfect for minis), 1/2 yard cuts; 1 yard cuts; etc.  Why not display these packaged options next to a display of minis???

Creative Grids® has several rulers that may help you along your miniature journey.  They have put together a booklet entitled “Love Mini’s” which shows a wide variety of tools available to create small units. Help your customers find the right tool for their mini projects!   There is also a tri-fold available to help your customers keep track of the Creative Grids® products they already have… or want! Be sure you keep a supply next to your cash register or Creative Grids® display.  Newest rulers are listed in bold on the list – so be sure to replenish new brochures every spring and fall.







A Partnership made in Heaven

For the first time, Its Sew Emma is proud to present their first book with Me and My Sister Designs. Precut Primer contains twelve quick and easy quilts made from a variety of pre-cuts:  layer cakes; jelly rolls; fat quarters; fat eighths; charm squares; and mini charm packs.


Item #ISE907  Retail $14.95

Each quilt reflects the bubbly, bright personality of this sister team.  A picture is definitely worth a thousand words….and lots of pictures….priceless….

Mini quilts are all the rage – these are the perfect compliments to any room.



These quilts have to make you smile!  They are just plain happy!ISE907_2


The reds and blues in this colorway – and the prominent white background is reminiscent of 30’s quilts.



Either of these quilts would be right at home in any teen’s room.ISE907_5




These darker colors are stunning when combined.  Reds, blacks, moss greens, greys and golds may become your new color palette of choice!



This book should be displayed with every pre-cut display.  Why not have your customers grab your favorite pre-cuts and get started today?

5 and 10 is No Longer a Dime Store!

Barbara Groves and Mary Jacobson – the gals from Me and My Sister Designs – have created a host of quilts using 5 and 10 inch squares that can be made up in a matter of hours.  These are soft, happy quilts that are meant to be used every day.  Throw them in the washer and dryer, take them on picnics, even let the dogs and cats sleep on them – these quilts were meant to be used and loved!  After all, how can we pass on our love of quilts to our family if we never let them USE them!

Item #B975T  Retail $24.99

But, just because you can whip these quilts up in a matter of hours, doesn’t mean that they aren’t absolutely gorgeous!  Barbara and Mary have a fantastic color sense so they incorporate great design with beautiful fabrics so each quilt truly sings!


In “Swatches”, they set four-patches on point so they float.  The triangles are over-sized and the entire block is then trimmed down to 8 1/2″.  What could be easier – fudge factors built right in!  In this case however, the outside edges will be on the bias, so be sure to use spray starch to help combat the stretching that may occur!  You will love the results!

Four-Patch Pillowcase

Every quilt should be wrapped in a pillow case – there is no better way to present the gift!  And, when that pillow case is made out of matching fabrics – with a pieced cuff – it is irresistible!  The instructions for this pillow case are worth the price of the book.  The illustrations show you step by step how to construct it so there are no exposed seams – these ladies must have a clothing background!

S-C-H-Double O-L

Even though these gals are known for brights and pastels, they have incorporated some quilts in the book that are made out of more traditional fabrics like this one.  O.K.,  I know that’s a stretch – just look at the lime green border – but it does have some black in it!  And, that is about as traditional as you are going to get – and we wouldn’t want it any other way!

This is the best scrap quilt book I have seen in a long time!  You will be referring to this book again and again.  It will be your go-to guide every time you are asked to make a quilt in 24 hours or less – and you all know what I mean!  They will be signing copies of their new book at the Checker Booth at Quilt Market in Pittsburgh.  Barbara and Mary used to own a shop so they can tell you how to incorporate this book into your next class schedule.  Stop by and meet them – there is a reason their quilts are so happy.