Dear Jane – In Wool

For those of you who are not familiar with the Jane A. Stickle quilt, it was originally made during the Civil War – 1863 and is signed by the maker.  Not only is it signed, she also stated that the quilt contains 5,602 pieces!  The center is pieced from 169 – four and a half inch finished blocks.  The border is created from 56 pieced triangles for a total of 225 different blocks.


Brenda Papadakis has drawn the blocks and included them all in her Dear Jane book – a quilt which is on the bucket list for many experienced quilters!  Now, Jackie Apessos of Lake View Primitives is creating beautiful kits out of hand-dyed wool.  There are individual kits for each row, the borders, corners, and even a completer kit.  Each kit includes an ample supply of wool and floss needed to complete the blocks or triangles.



lvp771lvp772lvp773 lvp774 lvp775lvp773lvp777 lvp778 lvp779 lvp780 lvp781 lvp782 lvp783lvp784 lvp785 lvp786 lvp787 lvp788 lvp789






































































Why not start creating your heirloom quality quilt today?



New Patterns by Buttermilk Basin

Stacy West is introducing several new patterns this month.  And based on past performance, these designs will fly off the shelves!  Her vintage truck went to pick up the Christmas tree and became a top selling pattern.  Now it is at the pumpkin patch!











Don’t you love the scalloped trim on these towels?  Whether you display them as towels or add the appliques on both ends to make a table runner, they will become the focal point of your kitchen!  The Fall versions of her successful Joy and Wool are due in this month.







bmb1153 bmb1218




Look at these vintage campers celebrating Halloween:














Get your samples ready now so you will be ready for your next shop event  .

Tis the Season for Vintage Trucks

Tracy West of Buttermilk Basin has definitely struck a chord with her latest patterns that feature vintage trucks!  SIX of them are now in the top 100 patterns after this Market.

BMB1359   BMB1320



These patterns are the first in a series of block of the month designs.  Visit our website to see the entire series.

BMB1327 BMB1346












Bottom line?  These wool and embellished designs are sure to make everyone smile so why not kit them today?

Deck the Halls Part Three

These wool characters by Cottonwood Creations are perfect little gifts – and although they can be used as pin cushions, they make darling ornaments or add a touch of whimsy to a wreath or windowsill.

What great favors for a holiday get together!  Or add them as a package tag.  The hardest part is going to be deciding which one to make first!


CWC620 CWC622 CWC625 CWC626 CWC632























Many of you have a tradition of buying a new ornament each year.  Why not start a new tradition and MAKE one each year?  These would be great mini projects to create after that incredible Thanksgiving dinner!

Wool Banners – the Perfect Kit at the Register

I LOVE these 6″ x 12″ banners by Woolkeeper.  What a great series to kit!  They are all the same size so they use the same Ackfeld Frame.  They are all made out of wool so they are the perfect hand project for those cold winter days in front of a fire!

KPR613   KPR323

KPR387   KPR279

KPR485   KPR778

KPR647   KPR718

KPR683   KPR779

KPR571   KPR837

KPR500   KPR094



Choose your favorites and start kitting!  Don’t forget to order the stands.  Every customer will want one!

Bertie’s Summer has Arrived

As I am writing this, it is the first day of summer and the perfect time to begin Bertie’s Summer block of the month.  This four part series features Bonnie Sullivan’s summer line of Woolie Flannels.




As of today, ALL of the patterns are in stock – which is a miracle considering the popularity of everything by Bonnie!  These are so cute, no one will be able to resist.






Why not display the patterns with your entire collection of Woolie Flannels and Prescencia threads.  This is a great display just in time for Row by Row and Shop Hop season!



Critters have Invaded the Quilt Shop!

Summertime – and the kitting is easy…..because In the Patches has created quality crafts for kids.  These projects include everything you need – the wool (yes real wool), the dowel rod, and even the glue stick.  Sit down with your favorite child and start a tradition today!  There are fifteen critters to choose from:

Rille Rabbit (WKP16001) and Stella Bee (WKP16002)

Olivia Owl (WKP16003) and Kaylee Bug (WKP16004)WKP16003_1 WKP16004_1

Khloe Fox (WKP16005) and Ella Elephant (WKP16006)WKP16005_1   WKP16006_1

Dax Puppy (WKP16007) and Macie Monkey (WKP16008) WKP16007_1 WKP16008_1

Chip Fish (WKP16009) and EJ Monster (WKP16010) – he is so scarry we can’t even show you the picture!

WKP16009_1   WKP16010

Ava Cat (#WKP16011 and Lily Pig (#WKP16012)


Liam Lion (#WKP16013) and Benjamin Bear (#WKP16014)

WKP16013_1 WKP16014_1

Fred Frog (#WKP16015)

These kits are due in any day.  Why not make this a weekly project – and then combine the individual blocks into a quilt when they are complete?  Now that’s a craft that keeps on giving….

Wee Woolie Ewe’s

These charming Wee Woolie designs are arriving any day – and would be the perfect little something for that favorite Valentine.

Item #TP881  Retail $4.00

Love Ewe would also be adorable for those of you who decorate a tree for every season.  They could be ornaments for Christmas at well – but that is another post!

Item #TP882  Retail $8.00

“If friends were flowers, I’d pick ewe” would be the perfect addition to an Easter basket.

Item #TP883  Retail $4.00

“One for ewe, one for me” has that whimsical charm that will make everyone smile.  Why not make a series of these for Christmas ornaments or Christmas cards.  Start now because you KNOW everyone will want one.  Frankly, they will probably all be gone for Valentine’s Day and Easter!

Handwork by the Fire

Bonnie Sullivan has done ti again!  She has created a wonderful Block of the Month series called Tuxedo’s Tales.


Whether you choose to display them framed on a foyer table each month or sew them into a quilt, the end result will be charming!


Item #ATN1521  Retail $5.00


Item #ATN1522  Retail $5.00


Item #ATN1523  Retail $5.00


Item #ATN1524  Retail $5.00


Item #ATN1525  Retail $5.00


Item #ATN1526  Retail $5.00


Item #ATN1527  Retail $5.00


Item #ATN1528  Retail $5.00


Item #ATN1529  Retail $5.00


Item #ATN1530  Retail $5.00

Item #ATN1531  Retail $5.00


Item #ATN1532  Retail $5.00

Simple button embellishments add the awe factor.
Item #ATNTTEES5  Retail $12.14

Bonnie fusible of choice is Soft Fuse.  This particular bundle includes twelve 18 inch by 3 yard pieces – enough for all of the appliques.

Item #SFP-3YDH  Retail $20.00

And of course Bonnie has created a thread set as well.

Item #P812TUXTALES  Retail $10.45

And it was all created with her Maywood fabric line – available in two shipments.  (Item #MASTUTCA-1 and #MASTUTCA-2).  Why not start your next heirloom today??

Bonnie Sullivan Has Found a Chick

When Bonnie Sullivan has a block of the month program going, you just have to look at the top selling patterns!  ALL of them are in the top 25 – and they are all in stock!

Whether you choose to do “Here a Chick, There a Chick” with a light or dark background, your customers will love it.










Six month programs are sew much fun!

atn1611 atn1612 atn1613 atn1614


















atn1615 atn1616










And, once again, there is a pearl cotton assortment available to match the fabrics.














What a great Spring project!