Quilts under Foot

Back in the day, everyone had braided fabric rugs everywhere! Fast forward 50 years and with the popularity of hardwood floors, throw rugs are the new fashion statement.

This newest pattern by Shabby Fabrics features a Slice Rug. The flat side fits perfectly by the shower, the kitchen sink, or the front door. Choose your favorite 2-1/2 inch strips and one roll of Bosal 2-1/2 inch batting strips.

The pattern should be in stock next month so place your orders now!

Let it Snow so we can Sew….

As I am writing this, much of the country is preparing – or in the midst of – a winter storm that is a record breaker.  So what do quilters do when they are snowed in?  Light a fire, and let us sew, let us sew, let us sew!

The perfect project to celebrate Winter is this ten month block of the month by Shabby Fabrics.  That means you still have time to start this one – and be done in time for Winter 2015!










Item #SF48580  Retail $42.00

This quilt has lots of embellishments – 93 to be exact – and they all come in a kit to make your life so much easier!








Item #SF48582  Retail $28.00

The snowflakes can be cut by hand – but who would want to cut 15 by hand when they are available in a laser cut version?  These would be great embellishments for any quilt – not just this one!








Item #SF48583  Retail $24.00

Your customers will also need DMC floss in a variety of colors:  Item #117UA-310; #117UA-838; #117UA-3875; #117UA-561; #117UA-562; and 317W-E168 (a silver metallic).  She also recommends a Black Pigma Pen – Size 005 – Item #SDK00549.  So when quilters get snow days, turn up the fire and let the quilting begin!






Seeing Red in Your Future!

Tis the season and while this season is winding down, as a shop owner, you need to look to the future.  Valentine’s Day is right around the corner.  And, preparing for this holiday is easier than you think!

Hearts Intertwined is made from 10 inch fabric squares so not only is it attractive, it is easy to kit!


Item #PM592  Retail $8.50

You already have all of your red and green fabrics pulled for your Christmas displays.  Now it is time to split them for Valentine’s Day and St. Patrick’s Day!  Many of the fabrics in your Christmas lines are basic designs that can be incorporated into these next mini holidays.

This Patchwork Table Runner is a great way to use up those ends of bolts in kits.


Item #SF48524  Retail $9.50

Or, why not start a series of mini quilts that are kitted and picked up each month?  These darling additions include an Ackfeld Hanger that give them that awe factor.  Everyone has a spot for these littles…

PMM602 (1)

Item #PMM602  Retail $7.00








Item #27482    Retail $10.80 

To see the entire collection, visit our website:  \//www.checkerdist.com/products/patterns?c=33993&u=40003

Let’s face it, your customers want to celebrate the holiday but don’t have time to go all out so little projects that they can finish in an afternoon are just the ticket.

For those who want to send a special Valentine, Bareroots has just the ticket….


Item #BR130  Retail $5.50

Now, go pull your pinks!!!