Yoko Saito’s Houses

The title says it all! Yoko Saito loves houses in every shape and size. Some are pieced, some are appliqued – but all of them are stunning and will make you smile.

The book includes twenty projects, all featuring her whimsical style in all kinds of ways. Here is just a sampling:

Why not use this as inspiration to design your own village? Shouldn’t one have your quilt shops name on it???

Yoko Saito’s Imaginary Garden

I love to applique and a quilt like this has been on my bucket list for a long time.

This quilt is a true work of art, and yes, it is mainly aimed at applique enthusiasts as this wild herbarium is composed of dozens of different flowers, cut from a subtle palette of grey and taupes, appliqued directly on a background.

The pattern “Imaginary Garden” was a huge success when it was first published as a three-part series in Quiltmania magazine. As a result of its popularity, it is now available in booklet form!

Image result for imaginary garden by yoko saito

Check out the detail! The little touches of embroidery enhance every flower.






This booklet is actually a library of many of her designs that she uses to embellish purses and small quilts as well. Just think of the freedom! Add any design, any embroidery, anywhere until the entire background surface is covered! This is a true labor of love.

Everything Yoko Saito

Yoko Saito is one of my favorite designers. I love the muted fabrics that enhance the nuances of her designs! Checker now has the largest collection of books, patterns AND Lecien Fabrics that I have ever seen.  We have just added more to the website and the actual merchandise will be arriving soon.

This Mystery Quilt has hit the top 10 – and it isn’t due to arrive until next month! This is a compilation of patterns that appeared in past Quiltmania magazines.









Check out our website to see the entire collection of everything “Saito”. It has never been easier to create a vignette of her style in your shop. This is a perfect addition to your online store since they have not yet become mainstream!

And now there are also individual patterns which are more affordable and in some cases, a sampling that will entice your customers to do even more!























I don’t know the details yet so, watch your email. Yoko will be doing a book signing in our booth at Houston Quilt Market! I can’t wait to see her!

Japanese Style – Part One

When three books in the top 50 are by Japanese designers, you know that their sense of color and style has become main stream worldwide!

Yoko Saito’s “Scrap Valley” and “Traditional Block Patterns” will be in stock later this month.


You know you love them already!  The muted fabrics allow the actual patterns to take center stage.  Scrap Valley includes multiple projects big and small:
























This book is simply beautiful from cover to cover!  The photography is exquisite!

Yoko’s block book includes 64 different blocks combined in different projects and settings.  Could the quilt made from these blocks be this generation’s Dear Jane?  I can’t wait to find out!

Yoko Saito’s Designs Bag with Style

I love everything this renowned quilter does!  The quality of her work – and her eye for detail make everything she touches a work of art.

Her current book is quickly working its way into the top 10.




Item #14QM07  Retail $27.99

Her choice of fabrics adds a depth and texture to this Tailgate Tote – you provide the wine and cheese….


The Sun Burst Tote has the flair of the American Southwest…



This Confetti Purse is an instant classic!



Here is a sneak peak of her upcoming book.  It features even more projects (21).




Item #YSBFEU0414  Retail $34.95

My absolute favorite….the shape, the pieced background, the applique…a classic!


A simple cosmetic bag becomes a work of art…



A computer bag – the flap displays a mini quilt to perfection….


A pocket for everything….


A carry all featuring one block.

The classic shapes and styles of these bags lend themselves to any medium.  Why not use them as a starting point?  The applique bags would be beautiful in silk with wool.  Batiks would be exotic.  Embroidery – endearing….Personalize them with your own style…

Taupes are Tops on our List

Yoko Saito is a Japanese designer who has THREE books in the top 50!  Her followers grow with every book she releases.  She owns a shop in Japan and is an expert teacher and artist, specializing in embroidery and those beautiful taupes that we love…

Her book of 120 original embroidery designs includes individual patterns for people, animals and flowers.  I also love the borders and random patterns….


Item #YSOED-1113  Retail $42.95

The book is organized by category…



All of these designs can be incorporated into your own special project or you can make one of the projects in the book.  She makes even the smallest projects into heirlooms.  Her eye for detail is exquisite!


Her book, Japanese Taupe Color Theory, teaches the novice how to incorporate these colors into a project that will have a depth and subtlety that is striking!


Item #YSTCT-1113  Retail $37.95

The cover shows a glimpse of a bag – look at the entire project!  It literally takes my breath away!


The book includes other projects that are great lessons in color:












But the detail in the smaller projects turns simple every day items into works of art!


YSJTCT-1113-7 YSJTCT-1113-8















And, lets not forget her wool book….










Item #YSW0813  Retail $32.95




Make a display by including all of her books and pull similar fabrics.  Woolie Flannels by Maywood, Whimsicals by Terri Degenkalb and hand dyed wools may fit into your display.  You may be surprised that you already have inventory that can be showcased in a vignette.

Your customers who are interested in this, LOVE it so why not start a club?