You Lucky Dog

“You Lucky Dog” is the latest Block of the Month by Bonnie Sullivan that features her top quality Woolie Flannels.









The individual blocks are simply darling and each could be stand alone projects.  And once again, there is a thread set to match!













































There are eleven blocks in the series – which leaves the twelfth month to put it all together. The demand for these patterns is so great that we can not keep them in stock – Bonnie can not print them fast enough!  Who says you have to start with #1?  Blocks five through eleven are in stock now, so why not buck the trend and reverse the order?

Want to get your sample done quickly?  The entire quilt with pre-cut appliques is due to ship next month!

Bertie is Flying High this Fall

Let’s face it!  Quilters have embraced Bonnie Sullivan and her folk art style that makes us smile.  Just in time for Fall, she will be releasing her newest addition – Bertie’s Autumn flannel fabric collection and a pattern series for a charming wall hanging.



This fabric collection includes her signature wool designs such as heathers and herringbones as well as some charming polka dots.



The wall hanging is the perfect choice for a mini block of the month and is available in a four pattern series.


Item #ATH1506  Retail $8.00


Item #ATH1507  Retail $8.00


Item #ATH1508  Retail $8.00


Item #ATH1509  Retail $8.00

Bonnie has kitted the pearl cottons and buttons she used to embellish it.


Item #ATNBABEES4  Retail $3.62


Item #P81608BERTAU  Retail $13.96

Why not do you and your customers a favor by having everything in stock when the fabrics arrives?  Order them today for August/September delivery!

My Favorite Block of the Month

Bertie’s Year by Bonnie Sullivan tracks Bertie’s adventures throughout the year.  In case you haven’t guessed, Bertie is a charming bird that can fly anywhere and sees everything.  These blocks measure 13″ x 17″ and can stand alone or be sewn into a quilt.





























The item numbers for these patterns are #ATN1321 – #ATN1332 and retail for $8.00.

The backgrounds and pieced borders are all created with her wonderful Maywood Woolie Flannels.  The flannels showcased in this series are available in a case assortment:









What a great way to add a perfect selection of quality flannels to your inventory!

Bonnie picked Valdani pearl cottons for all of her embroidery.  These sets are available in 8 and 12 weight collections.









Bonnie recommends Soft and Fuse for the appliques – which can be done in flannel or wool.





Item #SFP-3YDH

If you choose wool instead of flannel, we have both In the Patches and Weeks Dye Works.

The fabric is due in March – not all block of the months need to start in January…and this would be a great one to start this Spring.  The background blocks are simple piecing – which can easily be completed in a class.  The appliques are handwork – great projects for vacation and traveling!  Why not get your program organized today?