Pillow Case Kits

What a brilliant idea! I love Susybee fabrics. They always have a shop owner in mind – smaller collections that are affordable. Now they have taken many of these collections and created pillow case kits!

Each kit includes 3/4 yards of the main fabric – printed so it works perfectly as a pillow; 1/4 yard of a contrasting band fabric; and a strip of fabric for a decorative falange. The best part??? Each kit comes with directions to make a pillow case with French seams using the “burrito” method AND there is a video tutorial as well!

What a great mother/daughter class – and a great first project for any beginner. Once your customers know how easy this technique is, they will make them to match ALL of their quilts!

Oh Sew Easy Baby Quilts – Part Two

These children’s panels are all darling! Some include border prints. Others include growth charts. Who can resist any of them?

As a grandmother of five, I would love for everyone to have a Christmas quilt but that wasn’t realistic until now! Meet Norton’s First Christmas:

Item #SB20168-560

And, check out our website to see all of the companions: //www.checkerdist.com/products/fabrics?l=9297

Or, if you prefer snowmen, meet Lewe’s First Snow Day:

Item #SB20173-740

And, see the companions: //www.checkerdist.com/products/fabrics?l=9298

There are lots more choices that aren’t seasonal – and will sell year round. Meet Zig the Flying Ace Dog….

Item #SB20001-730

And the companions: //www.checkerdist.com/products/fabrics?l=9290

Or Norton the Mouse & Knightley the Elephant….

Item #SB20081-710

This one includes a border print:

Item #SB20085-710

Now you can decorate an entire nursery – drapes and bedskirts or borders….//www.checkerdist.com/products/fabrics?l=9291

Orange Zoe the Giraffe…

Item #SB20054-430

This one includes an adorable growth chart….

Item #SB20059-430

I told you they were irresistible! See the entire line: //www.checkerdist.com/products/fabrics?l=9289

And there are more…..on to Part Three…..

Oh Sew Easy Baby Quilts – Part One

I can’t remember the last time I have been so excited about fabrics at Market! Susybee is one example of a great fabric line that is guaranteed sales for shops! These lines are brilliant – small affordable lines with darling prints for children!!! Everyone needs a supply of fast and easy baby quilts – and you can’t get any cuter or more inexpensive than this.

They are all adorable and make perfect kits. Let me introduce a typical example – Paul and Sheldon….

Who can resist frogs, turtles, and fish???

Item #SB20032-850

Coordinates include an allover print that would be a perfect backing – and make the quilt reversible.

Item #SB20033-850

These squares are framed by coordinating prints so they can be trimmed to any size you need. We all know that panels are difficult because what is supposed to be a square isn’t once it is removed from the loom! These designers have solved that problem!

Item #SB20034-740

And, look at the coordinates??? How cute are they???

Item #SB20038-740

Item #SB20040-850

Item #SB20039-740

Six bolts of fabric if you order the entire line! Design a simple quilt and pick and choose if you prefer. We even have CLP patterns to support them! Change up the panel and include the pattern in the kit! This one has three fabrics – and can literally be made in an afternoon! Panels are consistent in size, so these patterns work for ANY panel!

Item #CLPISE002

Or use all three coordinates in this version…

Item #CLPISE001

Substitute the gridded print for a different look…same pattern….

These quilts are adorable enough to become a child’s security blanket – but so simple to make that you won’t cringe when you see them in the sandbox! Since there is no waste to the fabric, your customers will pick them up like candy! They are due to arrive next month – so order them now!!!