Plum Easy Bauble and Bling Ornaments

Deborah Miller created a craze with her Folded Star technique and has modified it to create stunning ornaments. What a fun, easy method!

The pattern includes a 12 page booklet with instructions for three different styles – all using a printed interfacing foundation so placement is easy! The r:ibbon can be 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 inches wide, The pattern includes two interfacing templates. A six pack can be purchased separately.

What a fun family project! Everything is expected to arrive later this month!

Now Everyone Can Piece Curves Successfully

I saw Bethany Miller demonstrate this technique at QuiltCon and was instantly impressed!  I couldn’t wait to demo it at my next class and it was a huge hit!  Here are two different pics for the pattern.  I personally saw the quilt on the right a loved it in all solids!











These blocks are perfect for layer cakes.  The concept?  Use the template to trace the exact shapes on a heavyweight freezer paper such as the CutRite brand.











This paper is thick so it can be used multiple times without damaging the shape.  Guesstimate the seam allowance – I used a rotary cutter – and follow her simple instructions to machine sew perfect blocks in literally a matter of minutes!

Then the blocks are all trimmed to 7 1/2″ – which explains why the CGR7 has suddenly become so popular!










This is the best demo I have seen in a long time!  Bethany Miller is young, enthusiastic, and thinks outside of the box.  Please help me get her name out there so she gets the credit for developing a technique that will have everyone sewing perfect curves.  I am telling you, it is THAT good!  Be sure to have the pattern, template, freezer paper, and ruler available because they will want it all!

Thanks for the Memories – Open House in Pictures – Part Three

The vendors went above and beyond to make our customers feel welcome.  They are the heart of the event…

Kathleen and Pat are the ladies behind the scenes that make Cut Loose Press a reality…


Terry – the creator of Terial Magic shared all of the uses for this “super starch” that totally washes out – amazing….


Debra from Zebra Patterns shared many of her block of the month programs – as well as the new shop program, Post Card Party….


Janet Lutz – the shop owner who developed and launched the Row by Row Experience – single-handedly made shops profitable this summer…








Jessi from Lumi shared her sun activated dyes – the first dyes that are truly user friendly….



I spent way too much time in the Mettler booth talking to Phil Newton – who is an expert on thread….


Susan Cleveland of Pieces be with You accents her pieces with exquisite piping and shared the technique with our customers….


Lanette Edens demonstrated a host of notions as well as the Gypsy Quilter products….


Diane and Dotti of Graphic Impressions hosted a Toy Shop for those impulse sales at the register…




Deborah and Adam of Plum Easy shared their pin cushion and hot pad patterns that are always int he top 20, along with walnut shells….




Stephanie Prescott of Quilter’s Dream has an amazing sense of color – and it shines through in her fabrics and patterns….


Everything is bigger in Texas – except Kay Whitt of Serendipity!  This diminuative lady has a dramatic sense of style and showed shop owners how to incorporate garment sewing into their business…








F & W Media shared the details of a new magazine program geared for shops….










Learning opportunities were everywhere!

The Perfect Take and Teach Project

Deborah Miller of PlumEasy has created two of the best Make and Take It demonstrations in years.  These simple projects are a great way to use up scraps and create hostess gifts in just a matter of minutes.

The Folded Star Hot Pad comes in two versions – round and square.  Just press, place, and stitch in the ditch!  The pattern includes an interfacing foundation.


Item #PEP101  Retail $11.00


Item #PEP102  Retail $11.00

Additional packages of interfacing are available because who can make just one???

PEP201 (1)

Three Pack – Item #PEP201  Retail $5.50

Twelve Pack – Item #PEP202  Retail $16.00

But if that isn’t enough, why not buy the stencil?  Then you can trace it.  They even have a foundation paper that is transparent.


Item #PEP205  Retail $25.00

PEP204 (1)

Item #PEP204  Retail $13.00

They have thought of everything.  If your shop would like to kit these projects, this packet tells you how to do that as well...Item #PEP101-LIT.

For those of you who like one, you will LOVE this table runner that incorporates three hot pads.


Item #PEP105  Retail $22.00

Watch the video on our website to see how Deborah uses curved tweezers to machine quilt the folded star points in place:  //


Item #507SP  Retail $7.45

Using the same technique, what quilter wouldn’t love a pin cushion?  And, once again, additional foundations are available.










Item #PEP104  Retail $11.00








Item #PEP203  Retail $5.50

Each pincushion requires two cups of ground nut shells.  They are available in unscented or lavender.


Item #PEP301  Retail $3.00


Item #PEP302  Retail $4.50

Deborah Miller will be at the Checker Open House in August – a wholesale show where shop owners come to learn new techniques.  Come and learn from the creator herself – you will be glad you did!

The perfect Make and Take It Gifts for the Season

Plum Easy Patterns has created the perfect little gift to give to every hostess on your list!
Item #PEP101  Retail $10.50
These hot pads are sewn on a printed interfacing foundation.  And, at 8″, they are a perfect size for the holiday table.








Item #PEP102  Retail $11.00
The patterns include full color instructions and a foundation.  But your customers are never going to be able to make just one!  They are just too fun and easy – and a great way to use up scraps!  So, additional printed interfacings are available in packages of 3 or even 12…








Item #PEP201 – 3 Pack – Retail $5.50
Item #PEP202 – 12 Pack – Retail $16.00

These are great kits – and Plum Easy has made it even easier.  They have provided complete kitting instructions – Item #PEP104-LIT – for $2.65.  This kit includes a link to artwork so your kits will look totally professional.

When crushed walnuts (Item #PEP301; PEP302 if you want lavender scent) turn up in the top 20, you know that there is a great pattern to support it!  In this case, it is the Plum Easy Pattern using their techniques to make darling pin cushions.










Item #PEP104  Retail $10.50

Once again, there are additional interfacings available in three packs – Item #PEP203 – Retail $5.50 and, kit cutting instructions – Item #PEP301 – $2.70.

These are so popular that we can’t keep them in stock – which means you won’t be able to either!  So order them now because the kitting guides and unscented crushed shells are do in this week.  Everything else is already here…..