New No-Tool Snaps

The tool-less fasteners from Bohin can be set in place without any tools. This box of 80 pieces, in multiple colors are quick and easy to install. They are made of a high quality plastic (50% recycled) certified Oeko Tex and Smart Plastic. This includes white, black, beige, navy blue, green, yellow, orange, fuchsia, royal blue and purple Рa complete assortment!

They also come in individual color packs like this:

These come in packages of 8. Full disclosure, I have not tried these yet but have them on order. I can’t wait to try them! Some are in stock now. Check our website for availability.

A Few of My Favorite Notions

This is a sampling of the new notions that were shown at Quilt Market. These Tulip Pin Cushions from Tacony have suction cups so they can be attached right to your sewing machine!

These cute little fans from Graphic Impressions are rechargeable with the included USB – and are perfect for those hot flash moments or cooling off at the beach!

These pendent thread cutters from Bohin are cute AND practical – approved for flying.