New from Taylor Seville

These new flat head pins are 2-1/4″ long and have a comfort grip flat head that makes picking up and maintaining a grip on the pin, easy. These are strong and sharp pins that are ideal for multiple layers of fabric.

The Comfort Grip Flat Head Magic Pins are also heat resistant, so if you iron over them, they will not be ruined. The pins come in a designer storage case that closes, so you won’t lose any pins.

They are available in a 50 and 100 piece pack.

Both are due to arrive in April so place your orders now.

Great Little Giveaways

The folks at Magic Pins have put together a sample size of two of their most popular pins.

Magic Pin Sample Card

The Magic Pins Sample Card Contains 6 each of 2 styles of Magic Pins, the 2-1/4′ Extra long Quilting pins and the 1-3/4″ Quilting Pins. Packaged on a blister card these are PERFECT for Saturday Samplers, Shop Hop Give Aways etc…These will be availabe in March, but order as soon as possible so our buyers know how many to otder.

These will be available in March – just in time for your Spring and Summer events. Since everyone will be ordering large quantities, I suggest you place your orders now so our buyer knows what to expect!