Sue Spargo Every Day

I am a huge fan of Sue Spargo. She has such an amazing, quirky and recognizable style. Last year her calendar was a top seller and many of you framed the images – they were that good!

Her 2019 calendar is due to be released next month – just in time for traveling quilters and shop hops! Order them now so you will get them as soon as they arrive. If the cover is any indication, these will sell out fast

Crazy Quilting with a Little Help from Your Friends

There is a definite surge in embroidery patterns and quilts.  For those of you who have enjoyed handwork and appreciate the relaxation of simple redwork, why not advance to the next level?

This wall hanging by Sue Spargo is the perfect beginning project.  After all, there is no wrong way to decorate a cup!









Buttons Galore have combined a few of your favorite things in color combinations that you will love.  What a great way to embellish your cuppa….






























Be sure to include embroidery guides, pearl cottons, and embroidery floss in your display.









Once your customers learn how relaxing handwork can be, they may want to start a true Crazy Quilt.  This book is due to arrive later this summer so why not get your customers started now?

Get Organized with Calendars and Planners

Brighten up your space with this Cozy Cottage calendar that includes vignettes from Lori Holt’s home – decorated with quilts and colorful projects from all of her books.  The pattern for the darling Cover quilt is included in two different sizes: a 36″ wall hanging or a 16″ pillow.


Item #ISE-706  Retail $24.95

Sue Spargo’s embroidery is a true work of art – and is showcased in exquisite photograpy.  Eye candy on each and every page….


Item #C146  Retail $22.99

The Piecemaker’s calendar is always a collector’s item and includes the appliques patterns for all of the butterflies shown.


Item #C2016  Retail $19.00

Don’t forget to include these two year pocket planners – which will keep your customers organized through 2017.


Item #HPP76  Retail $4.95


Item #JPP174  Retail $4.95


Item #PP126  Retail $4.95


Item #RPP159  Retail $4.95


Item #WPP179  Retail $4.95

Or enjoy a block a day with these perpetual calendars…


Item #C123  Retail $22.95


Item #C135  Retail $22.95

These are all great gifts – and the pocket planners are great gifts for Open House events!

Wool Block of the Month by Sue Spargo

Speaking of bright, cheerful wool projects, guess what book just hit the top 100?  Sue Spargo, In Full Bloom.  Sue has designed this quilt as a block of the month.  Why not start this in the Fall so your customers will have a hand stitching project ready for the holiday season?

Once again her quirky style is center stage as she showcases the birds and flowers that enhance her personal landscape.


Item #SS74  Retail $28.00

Look at the detail in every block!



This is an heirloom in the making and will become the centerpiece of any decor!  To see all of Sue’s books and patterns, visit our website.

Embroidery as an Art Form – Part Two

Now that you have been inspired by Sue Spargo’s 2016 calendar (Item #C146), you may want to pre-order her new coffee table book by Martingale.  This book is chock full of pictures that are sure to spark your creativity!


Item #B1353T  Retail $34.99

Just look at the details in these quirky critters.







What a great gift!  Combine it with her Creative Stitching book and some In the Patch pennies?  You have created a memory!

After all, once you are inspired, you want to learn how to create these works of art yourself!  This spiral bound book lays flat and shows the stitches and how to combine them in imaginative and creative ways.


Item #SS67  Retail $32.00

The next step?  Learn how to create textures in Creative Texturing.


Item #SS72  Retail $32.00

Be sure to display the books with wools, needles, and needle threaders.  Why not start a wool club in your shop?

Embroidery as an Art Form – Part One

Sue Spargo is one of my favorite people.  Her dedication to handwork raises her pieces to museum quality works of art.  Her color choices are extraordinary.  Add the texture of the embroidery stitches combined with the wool and she creates eye candy for the soul!

She currently has two  books and a calendar on the top 100 list on the Checker website – and these pics will show you why!

Her calendar is so popular that we sold out the first week – and our buyer called immediately to get more.  They should arrive this week so place your orders now!  Seriously, you KNOW it is all about the pictures because who buys calendars in July???


Item #C146  Retail $22.99













I love this take on penny rugs.  Why not display the Wool Pennies by In the Patches near the books and calendars?  200 one and one and a half inch wool pennies for just $15.95.  Who could resist???  They come in several choices such as lights & brights, dark, and blended.


Item #5397  Retail $15.95 (Darks)

Item #5396  Retail $15.95 (Lights and Brights)

Item #4796  Retail $15.95 (Blended)

To see all of the In the Patch Designs wool choices, visit our website at:  //

Beautiful Gifts – Part One

Many of you are gearing up for shop hops and tourists this summer.  There comes a point when you can’t make another sample or cut another kit – but you can increase sales by adding some gift items!  They are ready to sell as soon as you open the Checker package!  I can’t wait for these to arrive in the warehouse.  I saw them at Market – and they are QUALITY, packaged well, and affordable!

Many of your favorite designers have shared their quilt images so they could be turned into book marks (or large paper clips); buttons and magnets.

Sue Spargo Circle Play Quilt Dots

I LOVE these book marks!


Item #SS-CP3BKM  Retail $15.00

Timna Tarr


Item #TT2-3BKM  Retail $15.00

Ellen Medlock


Item #EMS-ED3BKM  Retail $15.00


This magnet set is a pack of nine – but there are many six packs available as well….

Sue Spargo


Item #SS-CPMAGS  Retail $18.00

Most of these one inch discs come in your choice of magnets or pins…



Item #QW-ST6MAGS  Retail $12.00    Item #QW-ST6PINS  Retail $6.00


Bitchy Stitcher


Item #BS6PINS  Retail $6.00  Item #BS6MAGS  Retail $12.00

Perkins Dry Goods….


Item #PDG-ST6MAGS  Retail $12.00 Item PDG-ST6PINS  Retail $6.00

Check out our website to see the complete line of Quilt Dots.  Place your orders now so you will receive them as soon as they arrive:  //












New Books for All Generations

There are several new books that have recently been released – or arriving shortly.  Here are some of my favorites….

When I travel and teach, many quilters are hesitant about color – and choosing fabrics for their quilts.  “Colorific” has excellent lessons that are easy to read and easy to translate into your current projects.

Item #10853  Retail $23.95

The projects and quilts feature the colors that are popular NOW – like poison green!  These quilts are striking – and in color combinations that I would not have necessarily considered.  Look how the poison green makes the black and red pop in this quilt!

Each block in this quilt is its own study in color.

The blue pieced border adds the jazz to this quilt.  This is NOT your usual book on color – and may help you put together kits in a whole new way!

Heather Pederson loves to work with angles and has followed up the success of her book based on 60 degree angles with a book on 45 degree angles!

Item #ANK306  Retail $17.00

Cut diamonds, trees, kaleidoscopes, tumblers all with 45 degree angles!  Fast, fun and easy!

Brenda Henning continues her Strip Therapy series with #11.

Item #BPP610  Retail $20.00

Look at these quilts – made with 2 1/2″ strips – but each has a more modern touch!

Sue Spargo’s quilts are simply amazing – and the way she embellishes her wool appliques is spectacular.  She has a new book that showcases her own style which adds dramatic texture to all of her work.  This book is a must for any quilting library.  She shares 50 of her favorite stitches – and since I only know about five, I have a LOT to learn!

Item #SS67  Retail $32.00

Have these newest additions available for summer sales, demonstrations, and shop hops.  Your customers will be glad that you did!