All-Star Quilts of Valor

The 27 quilt designers showcased in this newest book by Shiffer Publishing know the ways that quilts can honor and even heal. They created these new patterns specifically for Quilts of Valor to honor the organization’s commitment “to cover our veterans and service members with comforting and healing Quilts of Valor.”

Featuring clear, easy instructions and patterns, here is everything needed for quilters of any level, community groups, and family members to make a beautiful patriotic quilt for the special service members in their own lives, or to donate to honor a worthy Quilts of Valor recipient. The 25 quilt patterns are varied and inspiring, and you can mix and match patriotic colors and fabrics to make your own personal version of each, including “V Is for Victory” by Georgia Bonesteel, “Shine On” by Victoria Findlay Wolfe, “From Sea to Shining Sea” by Marianne Fons, “Stars and Stripes” by Mark Lipinski, “Thumbnail” by Paula Nadlestern, and so many more.

This book is due to arrive in October so place your orders now.

Quilts of Valor – an Inspiration

What an inspirational story!

In their own words: When the Quilts of Valor Foundation was founded in 2003, its mission was to cover our nation’s military touched by war—that is, to cover them with quilts and honor their service. A volunteer team donate their time and materials to make a quilt collaboratively. Since its beginning, this all-volunteer organization with close to 8,000 members nationwide has awarded more than 200,000 Quilts of Valor. This book explains the history of military quilts since our nation’s beginning, and features a Quilt of Valor to represent each of our 50 states. Also included are 16 quilt patterns to choose from, to inspire you to make your own Quilt of Valor. The organization’s Under Our Wings project, which brings young people into Quilts of Valor and encourages them to learn to sew, is featured, too.

Quilters are truly amazing! Pat yourselves on the back – and order a copy for everyone one of those volunteers who participate!

Little Red Hen has entered our Coop!

We are thrilled to announce that Checker now carries The Little Red Hen patterns and books.  I love the eclectic feel of their products – a little bit of this, a little bit of that – and it is all fun!

Just in time for holiday season, why not add Christmas in the Coop and Snowmen in the Coop to your holiday display?


Miniatures are hot!  Why not create a vignette of books, patterns, rulers, and other tools that will inspire and guarantee success.

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With the popularity of Quilts of Valor, this patriotic book should be front and center right along all of that red, white and blue fabric.  It doesn’t have to be a “patriotic” line.  Bring new life to the red, white, blue and gold fabric that is already sitting on your shelves.


Or, entice your customers into the Little Red Hen family with a book that is a top seller year round!


This is just a taste of what they have to offer.  Visit our website to see the entire collection!