Catch the Wave!

The Wave ruler by Creative Grids®, designed by Judy Niemeyer, adds movement to any quilt. In December, Windy Day will be available which features several patterns that use the Wave.









Some of the patterns use Charm Element packs and some don’t. Traditional four-patches and nine-patches are also pieced – and then waved – to create brand new designs.

I just used this tool to curve the outer edge of a baby quilt/table topper and can’t wait to share that with you as well!  Stay tuned….

Paper-Piecing for Beginners









I have always loved Judy Niemeyer designs but didn’t have the time to make many of her larger projects.  That is why I am loving these smaller ones that showcase one technique and, in some cases, can be done in an afternoon.

My Two Baby Sisters showcases two six inch blocks and a twelve-inch block which use the exact same technique to create this eight pointed star.  What a great class!  Who doesn’t want to learn how to make these blocks without fussing with inset and Y-seams? Additional papers are available because you know these will become go-to gifts.

This Poinsettia design makes piecing circles simple – and at 30″, is the perfect centerpiece for a round table.  Once again, additional papers are available.









Fractured Star in an 80″ square.  In Judell’s words:  The Fractured Star was designed as a beginner pattern to introduce quilters paper piecing. The project is fast, uses only 1 foundation block, employs simple cutting techniques, and is an affordable and fun way to jump into your first paper piecing project. It is meant to make those new to the process find confidence, understanding, and success.

I can’t say it any better than that so why even try???









These patterns are due to arrive in August so consider them for your Fall series of classes!

Red, White and Black Takes Center Stage

Quiltworx is releasing three new patterns this month – all showcased in red, white and blacks:


This fabric line – designed by Judy and Judell for Timeless Treasures – has around twenty different prints.  Why not buy all of them?  These are the most difficult fabrics to find in batiks so shops can never have enough!  There are also several pre-cuts to choose from.  See the entire line at:


These newest medallion quilts are stunning!  Frankly, it is hard to come up with adequate descriptions for her quilts!  And in these colorations?  Wow!













The circular designs soften all of the angles.  Don’t you love the border treatments?  Just one of these masterpieces will be the centerpiece of any room!  Why not order yours today???


Red, White and Black Never Looked So Good

This newest pattern by Quiltworx says it all:


This queen size quilt is stunning – and I am only using that word because I can’t think of a word that would truly do it justice!  What a dramatic three color quilt.  And, I have it on good authority, that the fabrics used in this quilt are premiering at Quilt Market and will be available at Checker on Saturday…

The book – Redesigned – showcases several of their patterns shown in this new colorway.  (Patterns available separately.)


The red and white quilt craze has been wildly popular since the Red and White exhibit in New York, but finding true reds to make these quilts has NOT been easy.  And, batik red, whites, and blacks?  Non-existent so you know the book, pattern, and soon to be released fabric line are instant winners!

Remove the Intimidation Factor With Smaller Projects

There are few legends in our industry – but Judy Niemeyer is definitely at the top of that list!  She has an instantly recognizable style that is famous all over the world.  Over the last few years she has introduced several patterns for table toppers – smaller projects that are great for class projects.

For those of you who have a Double Wedding Ring quilt on your bucket list, try this Wedding Star Table Topper.  It is a great companion to a bed sized version but will give you the confidence you need to tackle the bed quilt!

JNQ00211P1   JNQ00211R1

These Broken Daisy Place Mats can be finished in an afternoon and offer an opportunity to learn additional techniques – combining blocks on the curve.


Wrapped Ribbon is a great introduction to the Mariner’s Compass style…


These smaller projects remove the intimidation factor.  “I can’t do that” or “I don’t paper-piece” are no longer valid excuses!  This is a great way to introduce your students to Judy’s techniques and organizational methods that make all of these projects possible – one step at a time!


Spring Market was Blooming with Quilts!

I LOVE these new patterns by Quiltworx.  Each pattern provides the opportunity to teach Judy’s classic techniques by creating a smaller project that can be completed in one sitting!

JNQ00215P1The Impatiens pattern (#JNQ00215P1) provides enough papers to make (4) five-petal flowers that are 18″ in diameter. This floral series is the first time that they have included the quilting designs on newsprint with the pattern so you can trace it right onto your finished petals.
Don’t let the shape intimidate you.  The pattern includes a link to a video featuring Judy showing you how to bind these beauties!
The pattern includes (4) Stitch-N-Peel Flower Centers  – it can’t get any easier than this!

The Dogwood (#
JNQ00215P2) and African Violets (#JNQ00215P3) provide enough papers to make (4) four-petal flowers as well. They also include patterns for machine quilting and the floral centers. Remove the intimidation factor by watching Judy bind the flowers.  All three patterns are fat quarter and yardage friendly so they are easy to kit.
JNQ00215P2   JNQ00215P3
Why not let your customers choose their own gardens by ordering all three?  They will be arriving this month – just in time for summer classes!

Diamond Wedding Ring Quilts are Creating a Buzz

Judy Niemeyer just posted some pics of a new Diamond Wedding Quilt she was working on – which led to several photos of finished quilts.  Her color choices are striking!

Diamond Wedding Ring - Judy Niemeyer (2)

These quilts look totally different in different colorways.  I love the striped, diagonal border.

unnamed (2)


The appliqued flowers enhance the circular motion of the quilt.unnamed (1)


The original uses the appliques to accentuate the square.JNQ183P

Item #JNQ183P  Retail $30.00

Add these pre-cut appliques…


Item #IAM-JNQ-02  Retail $31.50

Look how the quilting turns this quilt into a work of art!

unnamed (3)

These intricate shapes can be cut quickly with the Creative Grids Diamond Templates.


Item #CGRDIA  Retail $28.95

Make a simpler version of this quilt with this Cut Loose Press pattern.  What a striking table topper!


Item #CLPQLT009

This version requires Pack #14 of the Charm Elements.


Item #JNQ194P  Retail $10.00

View the video to see a demonstration by Judy – always a treat!  Whether you make one ring or seven, the end results are breathtaking!

These Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend!

Judy Niemeyer has outdone herself with this Diamond Wedding Ring.  Six rings intersect to create this stunning quilt.  This 2015 version is an update of the original Diamond Wedding Ring published in 2001. The pattern incorporates many of Judy’s updated techniques including strip piecing, floating points, Smart Corners, and a revised assembly process that avoids Y-seams!  (To view a video of Judy, click on the template set or pattern item # which will take you to the Checker website.  Then click on the product video icon.)

JNQ183P (1)

Item #JNQ183P  Retail $30.00

There are a lot of pieces to this quilt so Judy developed a set of templates with Creative Grids to make short work of this step…and every piece features our exclusive gripper!

Item #CGRDIA  Retail $28.95

This quilt is beautiful whether you add the appliques or not – but we’ve got you covered too!  These appliques are available in pre-cut kits.  To add the appliques to all four corners, you need two Alpine Meadows; two Desert Blossoms; two Lily Patch; and one Tropical Gardens.


Item #IAM-JNQ-02  Retail $31.50


Item #IDB-JNQ-02  Retail $23.50


Item #ILP-JNQ-02  Retail $29.00


Item #ITG-JNQ-02  Retail $33.50

Or, add the appliques to two sides….


No matter which version you prefer, this quilt is an heirloom in the making!

Geese Migrations – In Stock Soon

Everyone is anxiously awaiting the release of the first book by Quiltworx – and saying that Judy and Judel nailed it is an understatement!


Book:  Item #JNQ150P  Retail $34.95
Foundation Papers:  Item #CJNQ001P  Retail $32.00

As a coffee table book, the photography is perfection!

geese migrations 4


But, let’s face it, we are quilters – and dream of making every project in the book!  The concept is simple.  Quiltworx designed several 6″ paper-pieced foundations – including stars and flying geese.  Then, they asked their certified shops to design a project using them.  The result?  27 breathtaking quilts designed by shop owners and 2 by Judy and Judel.

The book includes layouts, yardage requirements and general paper-piecing instructions for all 29 projects.  Then Quiltworx created foundation packages for each one.  These are already in stock – the book is at the printers and will be available before Market!

Here are more sneak peaks:

Swirling Geese 


Item #CJNQ027P  Retail $14.00

Cabin Comforts


Item #CJNQ008P  Retail $34.00

Circling the Sun


Item #CJNQ007P  Retail $14.00


Southern Comfort


Item #CJNQ026P  Retail $30.00

These six inch foundations are the perfect way to introduce customers to Judy’s techniques.  She doesn’t just paper-piece.  She has devised methods to make her quilts easy to attain – even for beginners.  But, as a shop owner, you have to make your customers BELIEVE that they can do it.

Visit our website to see all of the foundation projects:  //

Since this book is not going to be re-printed, we want to make sure we order enough copies to meet your needs.  Please pre-order so our buyer can fill your order immediately!

Tea Time with Judy Niemeyer

I saw a sneak peak of these at Spring Market and it was love at first site!  These free form leaves are the perfect project for ANYONE on your Christmas list.  They would be at home in any decor – country to modern, and any style in between!

These projects are the perfect beginning class to introduce your students to Judy’s newest techniques.  Yes, there is a technique.  These projects are created wit curved paper-piecing, and in some cases, use Foundation Piecing Applique.  Judy organizes and pre-cuts these odd angles in a brilliant way that makes her projects a piece of cake for anyone.  And, since these are smaller projects, they are the perfect choice for a day class.  It is up to you to remove the intimidation factor – and show them just how easy it is.

These Tea Time Placemats accent the curve of a round table but would be wonderful accents anywhere – including a buffet setting.


Item #JNQ155P  Retail $20.00

The Tea Leaf Table Runner measures 13″ x 44″.  Place one or a grouping on a table or coffee table to add a touch of color and soften the geometric lines of a rectangular table.


Item #JNQ154P  Retail $26.00

Or begin stitching this One Leaf Series – quite simply art for any wall.  A series of these framed could be the highlight of any room.  But at this generous size – 20″ x 40″ – it can stand alone.


Item #JNQ156P  Retail $19.00

This free-form leaf project was inspired by a school project by one of her grandchildren.  “Four” includes enough foundations to make eight leaves.  Since they are finished individually, you can make as many as you wish and group them anywhere – even on a piece of barn siding!  Or scatter them randomly around a room to add a touch of color everywhere!


Item  #JNQ157P  Retail $29.00

These patterns are due to arrive next month so you may want to create your sample in Autumn colors….