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Eight out of the top 10 books on the Checker website are by Fabric Cafe. These books feature quilts that require 3 yards of fabric for a lap quilt. Need a bigger size? Two 3 yard bundles will make a twin; four will make a queen. The concept is that simple.

Donna Robertson’s latest book is due to arrive early next month – and is sure to be a hit.

Quick & Easy 3-Yard Quilts
Quick & Easy 3-Yard Quilts

The book contains eight patterns for a suggested retail of just $15.99 – that is less than $2.00 a pattern! No wonder these books are flying off the shelves.

These simple quilts appeal to everyone and are great beginner projects. But sometimes we all need instant gratification, something quick and easy. Wouldn’t the book and fabric be great bundles for holiday gifts? Place your orders now.

The Latest from Fabric Cafe

Fabric Cafe has six out of the top eight books so if you aren’t carrying them – you should! Two new books are due out soon.

Quilts in a Jiffy is the latest 3-Yard Quilts Pattern Book! It features eight brand-new original quilt designs that are easy and quick! Each pattern can be adapted for a lap, twin, or queen/king size quilt

Quilts in a Jiffy 3-Yard Quilts
Quilts in a Jiffy 3-Yard Quilts

Fat Quarter Quilting Fun features seven new quilt designs with instructions for 3 sizes.

Fat Quarter Quilting Fun
Fat Quarter Quilting Fun

Place your orders now so you get them as soon as they arrive!

3 Yard Quilts by Fabric Café

The concept behind this series is brilliant! Each book contains eight different patterns written for 3 sizes – Lap, Twin, and Queen/King. Three 1-yard cuts make a lap quilt kit. A twin uses 2 lap kits, and a queen/king uses 4 lap kits. Kitting has never been easier than that. Donna even has a video for you! See it here //[UNIQID]

Quick As A Wink 3-Yard Quilts
Easy Peasy  3-Yard Quilts
Modern Views with  3-Yard Quilts
Fast & Fun  3-Yard Quilts
Pretty Darn Quick 3-Yard Quilts
Easy Does It  3-Yard Quilts

Why not order ALL of them and set up a display? They are all due to arrive next month. What a great way to turn those mask makers into quilters!