Cindi McCracken has Big Dreams

Cindi has such an eye for creating awe inspiring designs with Hoffman panels – and these latest patterns, due to arrive next month – are no exception! Just look at these – and then start planning classes because everyone will want one!

Ring of Posies

She creates kaleidoscope effects that are mind boggling. I love all of her stuff – and it keeps getting better and better!

Cindi McCracken Shines

I love the way Cindi’s mind works. Just look how she cut apart just four Hoffman panels and created a stunning quilt! Talk about letting the fabric speak for itself! And, since there is very little waste of fabric, it is very affordable.

Mountain Stream creates an ombre effect which gives the illusion of the sun shining on the water.

Along the Lake adds a graphic element with black highlights.

And, Hashtag is just plain fun!

All of these patterns are due to arrive the end of June so order them now.

Traditional with a Modern Twist

I love everything by Cindi McCracken!  She takes traditional blocks and adds a modern twist that combines crisp, clean lines and fabulous color choices.

Stars at the Lake combines the charm of a traditional churn dash block with a simple paper-pieced block – the perfect opportunity to expose your customers to paper-piecing without intimidating them!  Broken Dishes is paper-pieced from strips so it is very impressive without any of the frustration.










Any Which Way is striking in batiks and Fading Light can be made in a week-end.  Both would be great additions to your “masculine” quilt pattern collection.

cmd86 cmd88









Cindi uses the new Stripology Squared ruler to cut her strips and recommends it in some of her patterns.  Why not host a class and “race” with a student who is known to be fast?  You use the Stripology Squared and they can cut with a traditional ruler.  Once they see what a time saver it is, the tool will sell itself!



All of these patterns are due to arrive this month so order them now!

Simple Paper-Piecing Makes Striking Quilts

I love everything Cindi McCracken does.  Her quilts feature geometric designs that seem to move.  When I am looking for a masculine quilt, she is my first choice – but they translate just as well for any gender or decor.



Item #CMD70  Retail $17.00

Split Up


Item #CMD65  Retail $17.00

Shooting Stars


Item #CMD69  Retail $17.00

All of these patterns are paper-pieced and the foundations are included in the patterns.  Cindi has worked with Judy Niemeyer for years and has learned paper-piecing from the best.  These simple but dramatic designs are the perfect introduction to this technique.  Why not order them today?  They could be the gateway to a customer base that embraces everything paper-pieced, and that is a very good thing!

To see all of her patterns, visit our website at:  //

Gifts any Quilter would love…

Cindi McCracken has created gift cards from her favorite Judy Niemeyer quilts – and they are spectacular!  Each box includes two of four different designs.  Simply beautiful!

Feathered Star


Item #CMD103  Retail $12.00







Item #CMD104  Retail $12.00

Mariner’s Compass

Item #CMD105  Retail $12.00

Wedding Ring


Item #CMD106  Retail $12.00

A written note is such a treat in this techie age.  Why not send someone special a memory today?

These pens feature beautiful quilt designs…


Item #20233  Retail $17.95


Item #20234  Retail $17.95

Great gifts are a perfect display opportunity!


Cindi McCracken Shines

Many of you know Cindi because she works with Judy Niemeyer – and does a wonderful job.  But in the last few years, she has made a name for herself by designing fun, creative quilts with her own style.

As they say, pictures are worth a thousand words so……

Frog Dance


Item #CMD47  Retail $9.00

Falling Flowers


Item #CMD42  Retail $9.00

Jewel Box


Item #CMD43  Retail $9.00

Autumn Breeze


Item #CMD44  Retail $9.00

Leftover Biscuits


Item #CMD46  Retail $9.00

Around the Block










Item #CMD47  Retail $9.00

The covers are so professional and inviting.  The photography rocks.  And, her color sense is amazing.  Some of them are in stock now – others will be arriving this month.  Order now to create a great display!