Pucker Up Bag

I love the name and the style of this all purpose bag designed by Natalie Rawlinson of Bodobo Bags.

The handles are inserted through grommets for a professional finish. They pleat the top to enclose whatever is inside when traveling. But, when open, the handles are out of the way and the bag opens all of the way to easily see what is inside.

The instructions include two different sizes and options for multiple inside pockets and even a zippered pocket if you so desire! And, yes, we have you covered because Checker carries the 1″ grommets in a champagne, nickel and black. Why not add this to your class schedule? The pattern is due to arrive next month so place your orders now.

Valentine Pouch

I already want to make these for everyone I know!

Be Mine Heart Zipper Pouch

When my kids were growing up, I would write them a love letter every year for Valentine’s Day. We would do a scavenger hunt complete with hokey poems…Roses are red, Daddy is blue; go to the place where he takes a poo…you get the picture!. Emily Dickenson, I am not, but when you raise four boys and a girl, you have to consider your audience!

I had already decided to bring back that tradition for my kids and grandkids this year. Because of the pandemic, I will send poems and letters to the parents and pass on the tradition. But wouldn’t these bags be great envelopes for the letters as well as a few treats?

Check out these features:

BAG DIMENSIONS: 8in Tall x 7in Wide x 3in Deep – 9.5in at the top when closed.

Bag can be made using one mini charm pack (42 – 2.5in) squares.
Pattern includes instructions for two different ways to attach the zipper.
Added Bonus option for a smaller bag.

Valentine’s Day is on a Monday this year so why not hold a class on the Saturday before. If you have embroidery machines, an initial or monogram in the center of that heart would add the awe factor!

These patterns are due to arrive next week so order them now!
No exposed seams.