Poorhouse Quilt Designs Explores Stripes

Kristine Poor highlights striped prints in this table décor duo! Use beautiful floral stripes for a traditional look or cut different stripes from a desert stripe as shown on the front cover. Kitting is easy with just 4 fabrics. Placemats finish at 13″ x 19″; table runner finishes at 13″ x 42″. Create a class using stripes – first class focuses on cutting stripes; second class finishes with assembly and quilting ideas. Walking foot quilting is a great option for this project.

Shine the spotlight on beautiful stripe prints to provide the “Wow” factor in this tote! Not all stripes are the same – varying the width of the stripe will change the look of the tote. This is another great opportunity to explore stripes in a class. Easy zipper top closure is included. Finishes at 16″ x 10″ x4″ deep.

This cute apron looks great in the garden or in the kitchen! Make bonus potholders from leftover fabric from apron. Includes video for making apron using large panels – a fun seaonal sample for your shop! Apron finishes at 33″ long; potholders are 8″ square.

The patterns are due to arrive 9/1/23 so place your orders now.

Add that Awe Factor

I love this collaboration between Nancy Halvorsen and Just Another Button Company. Together they have brought something truly special to the world of quilting. It’s an exquisite button collection that pairs seamlessly with Nancy’s book series, adding a whimsical charm that makes every project simply irresistible. These buttons are the perfect embellishments for the Block of the Month quilt series. Complete each block to stitch together a masterpiece that embodies both creativity and collaboration. Don’t miss out on the chance to transform your quilting experience with these unique touches!

Midnight Manor Combo:

The button kit includes all the buttons you need to complete all three projects in the book.

Harvest Acres Combo:

Buttons for both projects:

Schoolhouse Haven Combo:

Buttons for both projects:

Mistletoe Crossing Combo:

Button pack for all four projects:

Frost Hill Combo:

These buttons will complete all five projects:

Loveland Cottage Combo:

These buttons will complete all of the projects in the booklet:

The booklets are in stock now. The button packs will be in next month so place your orders now!