Atkinson Designs Has a Point!

There is a reason that Terry Atkinson is a legend in our industry! She dots all of her “i’s” and crosses all of her “t’s”. When she releases a pattern, you know she has looked at it from every angle and doesn’t release it until she has a winner. 


















Case in point: Hat Trick Runners. The runner takes only three fat quarters and an accent fabric. Kitting is so easy! Make the individual 60 degree triangles with the Creative Grids 60 degree ruler and choose the layout you like best. Talk about a great class! Who will be able to make just one – especially when they are inspired by their classmates.

























Sugar Sand Beach is so clean and crisp – and is made with 2 1/2″ strips. The instructions include four different sizes so you don’t have to do the math. There are also fabric requirements for fat quarters if that works better for you. This quilt is made with the Creative Grids Spiderweb ruler.








Don’t you love the names? These patterns will be arriving soon so add them to your class schedule.

The Newest Must Haves from Atkinson Designs

You might as well schedule the class right now because who could resist these Hippie Zips?  And who could make just one??  We have everything you need -hooks, line and
zippers to create these Market releases!










Bacon and Biscuits – a perfect name for an apron – is pieced and fully lined by turning it inside out through the arm openings.  The binding over the raw edges is extended to fit around the neck and create the ties.  Simply brilliant and oh so easy!  Both of these patterns feature her Creative Grids Round Up Tool.










Although Terry is the queen of fast and fun, her roots are in quilting.  Her newest quilt pattern – Birthday Presents – is striking in its simplicity!







Visit our website to see everything by Atkinson Designs.  Her designs are truly classic!

The Newest from Atkinson Designs

Terry has single-handedly changed every quilter’s perception of zippers.  She has made their installation so simple that everyone can install them successfully the very first time.


In her latest pattern – Bubbly Bags – zippers add that awe factor when they are used as the handles in these great gift bags.  And since each bag only uses two fabrics, they can be made to carry that gift the day of the party!  Don’t you love it when the “wrapping” is part of the gift???  And, what a great way to use up scraps!




ATK-791She also released three new colors of 22 inch zippers.

Terry is such a great merchandiser!  It occurred to me that her zippers in the appropriate colors would look great in any holiday display!

Why not pull zippers that match the Christmas fabrics that just arrived and display them with this pattern?  What a great quick class.  You know they can’t make just one!

“Round Up” these Projects in an Afternoon

The latest Creative Grids “Round Up” tool designed by Terry Atkinson is so popular that two of our favorite designers have used it in their own projects.  


Item #CGRATK1  Retail $22.45

This place mat designed by Margaret Travis is so fast and simple that you won’t make just one…or two…or four….

Berries and Leaves Place Mat


Item #CLPMTR014

This table runner by Deb Heatherly  is a simple version of an old fashioned Cathedral Window pattern — and so much easier!



Item #CLPDHE007      

Or combine this tool with the Strippy Stars Tool for a spectacular effect…

Blooming Stars Runner






Item #CLPDHE008



Item #CGRDH2  Retail $17.95

Display these with Terry’s patterns to create a complete display.  All, can be completed in an afternoon…










Item #CLPTAK002

Orange Peel Table Runner

So striking – and a great way to show off some machine quilting!










Item #CLPTAK001

Krista’s Kitchen Hot Pads

I used this pattern as a Make It/Take It in a class last month.  Ten women went home and made 56 more for gifts!  Now that is a great pattern!










Item #ATK183  Retail $9.50

Terry’s Table Placemats

Can’t you picture these on a table with your favorite Fiestaware?  Mixing and matching is even more fun.


Item #ATK184  Retail $9.50


The colors in these baby quilts are the perfect choice for the new generations of babies!


Item #ATK185  Retail $9.50

Why not let your customers enjoy creating a project in an afternoon!

Zip It!

Terry Atkinson and Joan Hawley have made zippers the new fashion statement – and the must see at Market.  Joan figured out a way to remove the start and stop from zippers – and then add the pull AFTER it is sewn into your project!  No more trying to sew around them!  This One-Zip technique works with polyester, all-purpose zippers by Atkinson Designs, Coats & Clark, Talon, and YKK.   (It does not work with invisible, metal, sport weight, or Sullivan brand zippers.)



Item #LGD137  Retail $13.50

This lanyard-style key fob pattern includes the hardware to complete two wrist size versions.  Clip to a pouch for an instant wristlet! Use the One-Zip technique to cut the zipper, sew one side of the zipper in straight and flat, bend to make loop, then use Joan’s trick to easily add one or more zipper pulls.  If you would like to make a true lanyard, do what Terry does – use two 22″ zippers sewn to create a 44″ length.

Since you are basically getting two zippers for the price of one, additional zipper pulls are available.  There are at least 30 per pack of assorted colors.  Combine your favorite colors for an additional design element.


Item #ATK520  Retail $8.99

Additional hardware is available in two different sizes.  The hardware to make four additional fobs is just $10.00 (Item #LGD711).  Or, buy the party pack which includes the hardware for 25 for $45.00.  (Item #LGD712).

To close the metal clasp with just one press, use these special pliers that have a padded clamp so it doesn’t leave an impression.


Item #LGD713  Retail $25.00

Sweetpea Pods measures just 3″ x 6″ is just the right size to hold your treasures – the perfect gift wrap this season.  Two zips and two 10 inch squares make two pods.


Item #LGD135  Retail $10.00

The Becca Bag is larger and the perfect bag for gals on the go.  Once again use the One-Zip technique to create this bag in a matter of minutes!


Item #LGD136  Retail $11.00

Don’t forget to stock the glue for the fobs (Item #E6000) and the Fusible Fleece (Item #SLG106) as well.

The Atkinson Designs zippers that work beautifully for this technique are available in an assortment of six each of ten colors.  The display includes hang tags and plastic clips.

Item #ATK790Z

This is the perfect demo for your holiday event!  Fobio is a perfect make it/take it.  Who can stop at just one???

Terry Atkinson joins the Creative Grids Design Team!

Exciting news!  Terry has created her first Creative Grids tool!  This super simple tool will become your go to for a multitude of uses!


Item #CGRATK1  Retail $22.45

Watch this video to see the true genius of this tool:  //

This  will become a staple in your sewing room!  No need to try to cut around a plate every again!  Check out your options:

In this Cut Loose Press Drunkard’s Path Table Runner, Terry cuts quarter-circles and fuses them to squares to create an intricate pattern that no one would like to piece!  Using Terry’s technique?  It is an afternoon project!  The quarter circles seem to float and give the illusion of stained glass – in sea glass colors.


Item #CLPTAK002

Using the petal shapes on the tool, Terry created a fast and simple Cut Loose Press Orange Peel pattern in a matter of minutes – and repeated the curves on the outer edges.  Once again, the shapes float on the background for a clean, crisp look.  Simply stunning!CLPTAK001

Item #CLPTAK001

Krista’s Kitchen Hot Pads are perfect hostess gifts that can use up your stash and personalized to match anyone’s kitchen.  These eight inch hot pads are chenilled with the Olfa chenille cutter (Item #CHN-1) for added thickness – and protection.


Item #ATK183  Retail $9.50

Terry’s Table includes three different styles of place mats – and once again the curved edges make binding a piece of cake!  There is plenty of room to personalize them for your favorite hostess or holiday!


Item #ATK184  Retail $9.50

Triplets – A Trio of Baby Quilts, is a perfect way to experience the potential of this tool.  These quilts will become your go-to quilt as soon as you hear the news….


Item #ATK185  Retail $9.50

All of these projects can be done in an afternoon – plenty of time for the gift giving season!  The template and CLP are in stock now.  The patterns are arriving this week so place your orders now.

The Savviest Designer Enters the Kitchen – Part Three

I LOVED this pattern – and wrote about it back in May.  And THEN I watched the video on our website:  //  If this doesn’t make you run out and buy a chenille cutter (CHN-1), NOTHING will!


Item #ATK180  Retail $9.50

These are perfect shower gifts, luncheon gifts, boutique items – you name it because they can be mass produced in no time.  And, lets face it, they are so darned cute, you won’t be able to stop at just one!

You can cut the curves with the Creative Grids Curved Corner Cutter (Item #CGRCCC).  Insul-bright (Item #6320WN) makes them user friendly.

Why not make a shop sample with a matching apron?  What a great shower gift!


Item #ATK176  Retail $9.50

And, in typical Atkinson style, the pattern comes in three sizes – Adult, child, and toddler.  The off-center fold over top with a button accent gives this apron its style.  It is fulling lined so it sews up quickly and has body.  And don’t you love the pockets???

This is the perfect gardening, cooking AND cleaning apron!  The pattern includes a round chenille hot pad.  Once again, these are great class projects – and a great way to introduce children to sewing.  Why not offer a mother/daughter, grandmother/granddaughter class?  Who wouldn’t love to make matching aprons – just in time for Christmas baking!

This Savvy Designer gets us Organized – Part Two

Terry Atkinson loves playing with new products and gadgets – and provides patterns that introduce these new products to us – no intimidation allowed!

School season is upon us so many of her organizational patterns have hit center stage!  Her latest – Stowables – includes several sizes – which also her popular zippers.


Item #ATK181  Retail $9.50

She gave each version a name – Doc; Sudsy; Snippy; Scrunchy; Sneezy; and Sassy. Don’t you love it???  They feature her zippers.  And, they are fat quarter friendly!

Bridget’s Bagettes includes three different sizes – and introduces quilters to the world of vinyl!


Item #ATK162  Retail $6.50

Classmate not only features vinyl, it also features Soft and Stable.  Shop owners and manufacturers love how Terry introduces new products to the world – and makes them mainstream!


Item #ATK164  Retail $9.50

Pockets to Go is the answer to everyone’s organizational issues – and once again she offers a choice of sizes.


Item #ATK160  Retail $9.50

Once again, Terry has showcased a product that many quilters have never used – Pel-Tex.

ALL of these projects are great class options.  Terry removes the intimidation factor every step of the way and shares helpful hints so your customers won’t even know that they have stepped outside of their comfort zone!

The Savviest Designer for our Generation – Part One

Terry Atkinson just broke her own record!  She has EIGHT patterns in the Checker top 100 – including Yellow Brick Road, which arguably has to be the top selling pattern of all time!  This pattern was originally copyrighted in 2000 – and 15 years later, is still in the top 20.  This has been the first quilt – and their gateway to a love of quilting – for an entire generation of quilters as well as the go to quilt for experienced quilters.


Item #ATK126  Retail $9.50

Lucky Stars  was the first pattern I ever saw that showcased “floating” star points.  I don’t know if Terry invented this technique – which has now become mainstream – but this pattern introduced it to ME!  And, patterns like this guarantee successful results for even beginning quilters. What is not to love?????


Item #ATK129  Retail $9.50

Why are her patterns so successful?  Many of them are fat quarter or pre-cut friendly and offer a variety of size options – which is why shop owners love her .   And her color choices are spot on!  Since her zippers have been released, she has been the queen of simple, easy projects that can be completed in an afternoon.  But, PLEASE visit our website at: // and re-visit her roots!  Her quilt patterns obviously stand up to the test of time so why not share them ALL with the next generation of quilters???


There is Still Time – Quick and Easy Gifts from Atkinson Designs

Terry Atkinson is a legend in our industry for a reason – nine out of the top 100 patterns today are her designs!  All of her patterns are easy to follow; usually come in a variety of sizes, and can be finished in an afternoon.  That means there is still time to get dozens of these done by Christmas.

Need a tree skirt or table topper?  Happy Holidays is the perfect choice!  It comes in three different sizes – 23″; 35″; or 47″.  What a great wedding gift!  Add some ornaments – or use one as a gift tag – to add the awe factor to the gift!


Item #ATK147  Retail $9.00

Why not make a set of aprons for your favorite bakers?  Include some fun baking supplies and add a cookie cutter for the gift tag…


Item #ATK176  Retail $9.50

Love to cook?  Make this casserole cover for a 9″ x 13″ or three quart dish.  Add some wooden spoons as a package tag – and of course the casserole dish.  Terry collects Fiesta.  Why not start your collection today???


Item #ATK163  Retail $9.00

The “Bucket Brigade” comes in four different sizes.  Make a set – or just one – and fill it with a kit or supplies.  Why not add a cute pair of scissors as a package tag?


Item #ATK170  Retail $9.50

Cash and Carry comes in two sizes and are the perfect cases for purse organizers.  Slip in a gift card for that perfect gift.  In this case, the purse can be the wrapping!  Or, teach a class for free if they buy a gift certificate to YOUR store!


Item #ATK148  Retail $8.00

The Zippy Strippy also comes in three sizes so choose the perfect size for your specific needs.  Fill it with make up, lotions, sewing gadgets…you get the picture….or fill it with a collection of your antique buttons for a gift that is simply priceless!  Use a card of buttons as the gift tag….


Item #ATK149  Retail $8.00

Classmate is a perfect carrying case for all of your sewing needs – but is perfect for jewelry as well.  Fill a few pockets to personalize it into the perfect gift.  Why not add a pin or earrings as a package tie?


Item #ATK164  Retail $9.00

Have a little girl on your gift list?  Why not make a slumber bag for her favorite doll?  And, once again, there are four sizes.  Add a doll or teddy bear to complete the package.


Item #ATK177  Retail $9.50

Why not start a Caring Cupboard series of classes?  Make a different project each month so your customers have a constant supply of gifts for every occasion.  Who can make just one????